Friday, December 28, 2007

LA Strengthens up their OF to put pressure on the Zotti League leading Sternwheelers


LA and Cleveland (Covington) have just announced a big trade to help both teams in the near future. Heading to Los Angeles is the reigning player of the month LF George Aguinaldo, CF Samuel Santos who is enjoying arguably his best season yet, and SP Andrew Weimer. GM Michael Weintraub was excited about the additions. "My OF was really falling apart with some under performers and now with the addition Aguinaldo who started the season in River City and Santos, Nate [Wooley] and the Sternwheelers don't stand a chance."

In return the Covington 'Cleveland' Steamers have added LA's 1st round draft pick in 2011 SP Cesar Almendarez , CF prospect Monte Goss, and 2B prospect Lorenzo Juhasz. In addition, the Steamers are going to get $2M in cash. Cleveland GM Jeremy Goldman was overheard complaining before this trade that the names on his team were way to easy to pronounce. After the trade he said, "now with a Juhasz, Almendarez and Goss no one will be pronouncing our player's names correctly. They sound more like ball players than Moore, Sanders, Mitchell and John that are in our system already."

Will this trade put LA over the top in Zotti League...Is front runner River Cities worried more than they were before? What moves will happen next? The rest of the season will tell...

Another Cross-Cascades Trade

Seattle Monarchs Director of Player Personnel Michael Shultz today announced a trade with the Walla Walla Federal Duck. Seattle sent long-time Monarch reserve infielder George Wilde and its sixth round pick in next year's draft to the Duck in exchange for outfielder Raymond Rosato.

"Daddy let me make this trade," six-year-old Michael explained, "because I told him that Mr. Rosato hit 61 home runs last year. Daddy got very excited about that. Of course, I didn't tell him that it was in A-ball at age 24, but I thought that might just upset him."

"I made the deal because I felt bad for those nice Duckies east of the mountains. They were playing that awful Leonard Allen at second base and Mr. Wilde has to be better than that. If nothing else, he'll steal lots of bases for them." Despite never having a starting gig, Wilde has stolen 112 bases in his career, getting thrown out only 21 times.

Rosato is expected to report to AAA Tacoma and immediately begin learning to play left field, as part of his exciting future as a fifth outfielder.

Cleveland Fire Sale...It is now or never!!!

Are you in need of that one or two players to put you over the help you win that title this year or next?????

Well, I have what you need!!!!!

The whole roster it up for trading...

All-Time HR leader Russell Powell
...the rumors of his demise are greatly over stated...10 HR and 40 RBI for a horrible team...he can do more for your good team.

All pitchers are up for trade including Duane Doyle and All-Star Closer Curtis Barksdale who is pitching as the kids say off the chains (2.14 ERA and 11 saves on a bad team).

I may even have a prospect of two that I can unload if the deal is right.

I am ready to deal before the deadline!!!!!

Contact me first before your opponents take advantage of the crazy deals about to go down.

Respectable Reliever Available for Cheap

Looking for a little help in the bullpen, but don't want to pay much for it? I'm offering 2.5-star reliever George Quinn for trade. He's put up stellar numbers in AAA for me the last two years and has earned his rating, but there's no spot for him in the crowded Monarchs bullpen. He is 2.5 stars in both the web ratings and in the game, so it's not just a mirage. He's also dirt cheap and would be on a minimum contract for three years. Quinn is available for a low to middling prospect or draft pick. Contact me if interested.

Sim 7 Done

I completed Sim 7 last night, but did not post who uploaded. I'll edit this post tomorrow night to include that.

Two quick points regarding last nights sim:

1. Jeremy brought to my attention that the TV contracts for his team expired back in 2004. Further investigation revealed that this was the case for *all* the expansion teams. I extended all the TV contracts for the expansion teams by another two years (to 2013).

2. Please keep in mind that the trading deadline (July 31) is coming up - so, if you want to make any deals, now is the time to do it.

Edit: Teams that uploaded:

River Cities
Los Angeles
New York
Walla Walla

Thursday, December 27, 2007

No sim last night.

Sorry, PTA meetings took longer than I thought and I didn't get back until late. I'll run the sim tonight.


Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Sim 6: Who uploaded?

River Cities
Los Angeles
New York

Thursday, December 13, 2007

Trade: River Cities and Walla Walla

Dateline: Marietta June 10, 2011

In a move predicted by this reporter as fallout from the Sternwheelers acquisition of Starting Pitcher Ed Scull today River Cities dealt Starting Pitching prospect Pedro Marez and MR Fletcher Mahurin to Walla Walla for RF prospect Santiago Salazar and Walla Walla's 1st round pick in next year's amateur draft.

Marez, drafted in the third round by River Cities in the 2007 draft, is a four star starting pitcher just breaking into the majors this year. He currently is the #5 starter for the River Cities squad and goes to a Walla Walla club who recently lost #3 starter Jeremy Brunton to injury.

"Well, I'm sorry to leave the banks of the Ohio", said Marez, reached at his home on Harmar Hill, "But I'm glad to be going to a team with a great young talent core and that has a shot at winning soon. With luck I'll be beating my old teammates in River Cities soon!"

Mahurin, a talented middle reliever who had yet to break into the majors said, "Well, at least I'll get a chance this way. I'm as developed as I'll ever be and I just never got the call. The team Scouting Director kept promising me he'd sent emails to Mr. Wooley saying that I was ready and should be called up but neither of us ever heard back. I bet he never even checks that email address. Probably some dumb old guy who has Prodigy or something."

River Cities owner Wooley responded, "I'm sorry that Fletch feels that way. I do have a laptop and all the accountrement. Heck, it even comes with a cupholder right there on the side. How sweet is that? Anyway, we needed to move someone out and Pedro was the right fit for Walla Walla. We wish him all the best there. And we always love to pick up prospects under 22 and picks. It's a fetish of mine."

Salazar, the 6th pick overall in this year's amateur draft, is a right fielder with the potential to be a powerful offensive force, even if, in this reporters opinion, he shouldn't be allowed to wear a glove and take the field.

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Sim 5: Who uploaded?

Los Angeles
River Cities
New York
Walla Walla

NY Players on the trading block

I'm still looking to make some moves...

Among the players I can move are SP McGreevy, SP Spellman (now at AAA), 1B/3B Palazzo, LF/SS Bingham, SS Raglin, 2B prospect Lorenzen.

Looking for a bat, bullpen help or prospects.

Drop me a note if you're interested!

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Seattle-Covington Trade

May 27, 2011: SEATTLE

Nearly going into withdrawal after several days without making a trade, Seattle Monarchs Owner/GM Mack Shultz today announced a deal with the Covington "Cleveland" Steamers. Seattle sent away prospects Jeff Flory and Clarence Horta in exchange for shortstop Lincoln Rossetti and first baseman Stanley Raabe.

"I had to do something," Shultz explained. "I had the shakes, real bad. So, I started contacting people, hoping that someone, anyone, would make a deal with me. Luckily, Jeremy answered."

Flory was a seventh-round pick this year who has shown flashes of ability as a closer for the A-ball Kent Kings. Horta was acquired in an off-season trade with Los Angeles and had killed the ball for the Kings, hitting .301 with a .888 OPS. "Man, I just signed a lease here too," grumbled Horta.

"We were looking to add a little depth to the roster and some pop off of the bench," explained Seattle manager John Willer. "Linc and this new guy, Raabe, may be able to help us there. God knows, Bill Johnson hasn't been doing the job."

Rossetti, carrying a hefty $9.4 million contract, has hit a miserable .208 this year. His trip out of town may have been foreshadowed when he suddenly was hit with a giant pay cut by the Commissioner, a shadowy figure known only as "The Man."

"The Man just came and cut me down," Rossetti complained last week in a ten minute rant to reporters that required this scribe to delete several words in order to make the quote fit a family-friendly newspaper. "What did I ever do to him? Nothin', that's what. I mean, my collection of Ferraris requires some upkeep. So, if he's gonna cut my salary, then maybe I'll cut my production. Know what I mean?"

Raabe is a mysterious figure who suddenly appeared out of nowhere for Covington's AAA affiliate a few weeks ago. The 34-year-old has refused to discuss details of his past. Rumors of connections to the criminal underworld persist, despite the lack of hard evidence. His teammates have taken to calling him "The Silencer," a name Raabe has not discouraged.

"What the heck is he doing," complained an anonymous Monarchs player about Shultz. "I mean, haven't we won enough games? Why disrupt the clubhouse chemistry? The man's a lunatic. We need to take away his blackberry, for God's sake."

Sunday, December 9, 2007

Sim 4: Who uploaded?

Hooray!! I finally got the sim done.

Here's who uploaded:

Los Angeles
River Cities
New York
Walla Walla

Friday, December 7, 2007

It's a Crazy Week

I'm sorry guys, but after two hours, I'm calling it a night. Don't send any more updates via FTP, since those have been imported. You can, however, send instructions by email. I'll continue with the sim on Saturday night.

Thursday, December 6, 2007

Cross-Country Blockbuster!

Dateline New York City:

New York and Seattle pull off a blockbuster trade today, as New York trades ace SP Ronald Placencia to Seattle, in exchange for three players - starter Isaac Diehl, middle reliever Harry Johnson and top prospect OF Mohammed Stelly.

Reached at a rest are on the New Jersey Turnpike after finalizing the trade, NY GM Paul Michael said "Well, I never thought I'd trade Placencia, after nurturing him since my team's inception, when he was my second ever draft pick. He's been great for us, and has all the potential in the world, but sometimes you have to move on."

"I've been after Mohammed Stelly for years now - he's as close to a can't miss prospect as there is. He'll be at home in center field in New York for years now, and getting him will let me move Kevin Rubio back over to left."

"Diehl's a young SP with success at the major league level, despite his struggles for Seattle so far this year. I'm sure he'll do his best to fill Placencia's spot in the rotation".

"Harry Johnson give me a young arm in middle releif, which is something new for me, I admit. I hope he gets along with the rest of my AARP crew in the bullpen".

"Plus, whenever you can pull off a trade for an Isaac and a Mohammed, how can you turn it down?"

The NY GM denied that he had any plans to go after Jesus Dones or Jesus Morales.

Saskatoon - Los Angeles trade

Saskatoon (CP)

The Los Angeles Scorpions inched closer to the Zotti League title today, as they picked up catcher/outfielder Carlos Barrera and closer Norman Fuentes from the Saskatoon Cossacks in exchange for catcher Ronald Sims and two prospects.

The Scorpions, who are one game back of River Cities, also sent their 1st round pick to Saskatoon in exchange for Saskatoon's 3rd round pick.

"It's been a great six seasons on the Canadian prairies," said Barrera, 31, a career .329 hitter and one of the few left-handed throwing catchers in the majors. "But let's face it: I was never going to star in a prime-time soap opera unless I moved a bit further south."

Both Barrera and Fuentes, who led the Adams League in saves in 2010, are slotted to become free agents after this year.

"I've got mixed feelings about leaving Saskatoon, the camaraderie, the after-game beer and nachos at Amigo's" said Fuentes. "I'm not going to rule out coming back next year just yet."

With the Seattle Monarchs off to a blistering 22-3 start that puts them eight games up on second-place Hickory, the writing was on the wall that it was time to think about rebuilding, said Cossacks' GM Trevor Pritchard.

"Our (darn) scout couldn't draft a (gosh darn) major-league caliber player if he was (having sexual intercourse with) Nostradamus," said an excitable Pritchard. "So we decided to go the trade route."

Sims, 24, is hitting .257 with one HR and will be part of a platoon behind the plate, said Pritchard. Saskatoon also picked up minor league outfielders Jose Diaz and Jonathan Boettcher in the swap.

Another Interstate 5 Trade

May 13, 2011: SEATTLE

Earlier this morning, Seattle sent Kevin Stephens and minor leaguer Justin "Hanky" Pankey to Los Angeles in exchange for relief prospect Sidney Martone and a fifth round pick in next year's draft. Hopefully the players involved in today's deal will be able to make it to their new homes, despite the flooding in Southwest Washington that has closed Interstate 5.

"Kevin's been a part of our team that has taken the last two Cecil Cups," said Owner/GM Mack Shultz. "He's never really gotten the chance to start for us on a regular basis though and we know that's frustrated him. Michael [Weintraub, the LA Scorpion's Owner/GM] told me that he expects to get Stephens in the rotation soon. That was good enough for me to agree to send Kevin over. He deserves this shot."

"I'm thrilled," said Stephens as he cleaned out his locker room on the off day. "I've watched people come up from the minors and take spots that I thought I'd get, and that bugged me. Nothing against Izzie [Frau] or Isaac [Diehl], but I thought I deserved those chances. But then, when they signed Albert Garcia this offseason, that was the last straw for me. Albert's a great guy and all, but he's like 700 years old. Just give me a chance. That's all I'm saying."

Pankey was a second round pick by the Monarchs in 2005, but hasn't yet lived up to his initial promise. He had posted a 2.45 ERA this year though out of the Kent Kings' bullpen.

Martone was released by Covington earlier this season during the brief reign of HAL 9000 as GM, an experiment in artificial intelligence that the league mercifully ended when wheeler-dealer Jeremy Goldman took control.

"We offered a contract to Martone when he was a free agent, but he took Michael's offer," explained Shultz. "He claimed it rained too much here. Well, he's in our system now, so he'd better just buy a damn umbrella and shut up."

Let's try again for tonight...

.... sorry I didn't get to the sim last night. As it turns out, that's for the best as one owner might have a last minute move to make anyway. So, we'll try again for tonight.


Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Where did the top SDMB OOTP players come from?

Jeremy asked me an interesting question: what percentage of the top players were high draft picks and which developed on a more non-traditional path? I had to confess that I didn’t know. But now, at least, I have some data.

Note: The data below only applies to players which the GAME, not the web site, rate as 4.5 - 5 GOLD stars. I didn’t think it was fair to include blue star prospects as they’re graded differently.

Interestingly, the data showed an inverse curve with higher edges than middle.

Round# of top players

Note: The seven players whose origin is ‘unknown’ are generally older players who, for whatever reason don’t have their introduction to the league recorded. If anyone has further data please write.

Note, also, that there’s actually MORE top players produced from rounds 4 and higher than in round 1. Odd, no? Though with the including of Rounds 1 and 2 together it’s clear that it’s more likely that a higher draft choice will produce a Hall of Fame caliber player it’s also true that such a play can come completely and unexpectedly out of nowhere. Those lower draft choices have value…but there’s a lot of chaff for all of the wheat.

And, for your continued edification, here’s a list of the players whom no one could predict would become top flight players. I’ve included their teams, names, Round chosen, and position.

TeamPlayerRound SelectedPosition
River CitiesWillie Egan49MR
River CitiesHarold Beeks4CL
River CitiesJohn Okane6SP
SaskatoonDemarcus Ramirez28SP
SeattleGregory Mudge191B
SeattleSamuel Contreras17CL
SeattleWillie Sewell29MR
Walla WallaChris Moss42LF

Note that many of them go back far enough to be in the initial league draft of 2002. But not all. And what it all means? You all tell me. But I thought it was interesting.

Los Angeles/Covington trade, part II

Mere hours after their initial deal, Los Angeles and Covington are pleased to announce a major blockbuster trade. Heading to Covington is prized SP prospect Anthony Koepp in exchange for rising 2B star Duane Gerhardt.

"We hate to lose a young arm like Tony's, but we're enamored of Duane's bat and glove," owner/GM Michael Weintraub stated. Thus far in 2011, Gerhardt is batting .359, with an OPS of .967. He also has 24 stolen bases. Koepp has made one major league appearance, and will report to Covington's minor league system.

"I'm disappointed to be leaving a potential winner like Los Angeles," Koepp said. "But, I'm glad to be wanted by Covington."

Also heading to Los Angeles is southpaw starter Andrew Crank, who recently shut out River Cities in his last start. Covington also received minor league catcher John Clawson and reliever Fidel Padilla, and Los Angeles's second round pick in next year's draft.

Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Trade: River Cities and Covington/Cleveland

Dateline: Marietta, Ohio

A late breaking trade was announced today by River Cities owner Nate Wooley. River Cities sends a package of players, prospects, picks, and payola to Covington/Cleveland in return for Starting Pitcher Ed Scull and LF Tony Demiras.

In return for Covington/Cleveland's two players River Cities is sending up I-77 these players: LF Greg Aguinaldo, A-ball Starting pitchers Isaac Moore and Andres Higa, AA Catcher Joan New, a 2012 2nd round pick, and three million dollars in cash.

"Anytime you get an opportunity to acquire a player of Scull's caliber it's worth paying a premium", said Sternwheelers owner Wooley. "Ed played in our minor league system for a year or so many years ago and I always knew it was a mistake to let him go. I'm glad we have a chance to set that right."

Reached in his cheap 2nd Street home in downtown Marietta, Aguinaldo said "Hey, I figured something like this was coming when I saw how stocked the OF was this year. At least I just have to head up I-77 to get to my new team. Maybe I can stop at the NFL Hall of Fame in Akron on the way."

The other players leaving the River Cities system were contacted earlier at the park in Beverly, Ohio about 10 miles from Marietta. They were last heard trying to find the change to pay for a cab to Cleveland.

A LOOGY for Los Angeles

The Los Angeles Scorpions announced a trade that will help bolster the team's bullpen, today acquiring left-handed reliever Nathan Lirette from Covington.

"I spoke to Nathan before pulling the trigger on this one," owner/GM Michael Weintraub announced to a hastily-gathered press conference at the Scorpion Pit this evening. "He understands that he's a one-out guy, and not a one-walk, or one-homerun guy. We have a big series coming up against River Cities, and they have a lot of lefty bashers. This is our guy to counter them."

Lirette has a 3.24 ERA for Covington this season. In exchange, AA reliever Bruce Hansford, a southpaw, heads to Covington. The Demons also received Los Angeles's 4th round pick in next season's amateur draft.

Weintraub declined to state whose spot on the roster Lirette will take. "We're in serious talks with several teams to complete deals before the River Cities series, so I can't promise anything."

Saturday, December 1, 2007

Cleveland (or Covington) looking to deal

In order to turn this team around we are looking to moves some of the very valuable veterans on the team. On the trading block are all players on the active roster especially:

1B Russell Powell
SS Lincoln Rossetti
CF Samuel Santos
SP Ed Scull

Others on the team can also be dealt in the right deal.

I am looking for young prospects and draft picks so lets start taking so you can take home the Cecil Cup this season and beyond. I am here to help you. Phone lines are open now (so is the e-mail and the instant messenger) so call quick before everyone that can help you win the Cup is gone!!!!! (There has already been interest in many of the players on the roster)

AIM: jsg3c
Yahoo! Messenger:

And Covington is moving to...

CLEVELAND!!!!!! The home of the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame is soon to be the home of the Cleveland Steamers. (The official move will not take place until the end of the year, but you can call my team the Steamers now if you want)

The people of Covington seem to be ambivalent about the move, when asked most reply, "We had a baseball team, I did not know that."

The people of Cleveland are much more excited about the move. One resident commented, "I thought it was horrible when they took the Browns away from us, it will be nice to finally get a replacement team."

The new owner and GM Jeremy Goldman was reached at his mansion outside of Atlanta and said, "It is a new day for the team in Covington. It has been a long road in making this team into what it is today, and now with this new direction in Cleveland, look for the franchise to make history in the near future."

It is time to look towards the future and turn this team around, and the start is with the new management and new location.

Friday, November 30, 2007

It's on like Donkey Kong

May 13-15, 2011: Los Angeles Scorpions at River Cities Sternwheelers: Two teams, one will leave with control of the Zotti League.

Are you ready, Nate? Because I sure am. Get ready to see the past, present, and future of Scorpion hegemony sweep through the River Cities like a flood.

Meet the new Covington players...

Major Leaguers:
2B James Grimes
C Nicholas Cornwall
SP Dominic Hall
1B Stanley Raabe
MR Duane Doyle

LF Charles Sallee
SP Glen Mitchell
MR Victor Valles
SP Michael Sanders

Sim 3: Who uploaded?

River Cities
Los Angeles
New York
Walla Walla

Thursday, November 29, 2007

Sorry, no sim last night

I had a family emergency to take care of and so, there was no sim last night. We'll try again for tonight... so you have an extra day to send me your changes.


Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Bill Johnson heads north

The Los Angeles Scorpions have announced the trade of backup 3B Bill Johnson to Seattle. "Bill is a good guy, but he hasn't helped us at all this year," owner/GM Michael Weintraub stated. "We're trying to win a championship here, not run a charity."

Johnson has struggled this year, after losing his job as the Scorpion's starting 3B late last season. "I don't know what's happened," the 36-year old switch hitter said. "I know I can still play."

Johnson only hit .125 this season, including 0-7 as a pinch hitter. Spencer Solomon was called up from AAA Arizona Bay to take Johnson's spot on the roster as the backup infielder.

Weintraub stated that the team's strong start wasn't good enough, and jettisoning both third basemen was hopefully the fire that needed to be lit under the team. Struggling prospect Christian Sitton was also optioned to Arizona Bay in the latest flurry of movements.

In return for Johnson, Los Angeles received low minors catcher Bo Harlow and Seattle's 11th round pick in the 2012 amateur draft.

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Cecil Cup Winner Moves to Danville

Cecil Cup star Peter Bird was shipped from Seattle to Danville today in exchange for a third round pick in next year's draft and career A-ball player Emilio Beauvais. Seattle Owner/GM Mack Shultz flew back from his island mansion to make the announcement personally.

"Peter has been a huge part of our team's success and was perhaps the key to winning our two championships," said Shultz. "In 2009, he shut down River Cities in Game 7 to win the title. In fact, he threw 14.2 shutout innings that year. Last year, even though he had been moved to the bullpen, he came in in a critical spot and hurled 2.2 perfect innings in relief. We literally couldn't have done it without him."

In the three years from 2008 to 2010, Bird posted a 42-20 record for the Monarchs. This year, however, Bird has seen limited duty, coming exclusively out of the Seattle bullpen. "As much as I loved my time in the Emerald City, I'm looking forward to getting more opportunities to pitch. In fact, Danville's owner has indicated that I may get to go back into the starting rotation. I'm excited and look forward to helping Danville dig out from its current sixth-place position," said Bird.

Beauvais probably could have been reached for comment, but no one cared to try.

Monday, November 26, 2007

I am your new Covington Owner

Hello there everyone,

My name is Jeremy Goldman, and I am the new owner of Covington.

I am ready to make this franchise something great and I am willing to do whatever it takes to make it great.

If you are interested in helping me out (and yourself) I am looking for prospects. My team is not good now, but with your help it will be in a few seasons.

My e-mail is:
My AIM is: jsg3c
My yahooIM is the same as the e-mail

Hope to hear from you soon.


PS I will be moving the team soon...need a fresh start!!!!

Thursday, November 22, 2007

Sim 2; Who uploaded?


Just some notes: some players made some claims on Covington players that the computer put on waivers. While I wasn't going to stop anyone from doing so officially as commissioner, I wasn't crazy about the further deconstruction of the team. As a result, I used my position not as commissioner, but as the team with the worst record (hey, the 2-11 start actually worked out for something) to put in a claim on some Covington players. However, anyone that I get (I got one player) will not be placed on my major league roster and will be given back to Covington once a new owner is found. (While I can't just give a player away, he'll be traded for a nobody prospect).

As it turns out, Nate put me in touch with one of the owners in his league and he has expressed interest in taking over the Covington team. I'll be emailing him later today and hopefully the "sale" can be closed in the next few days. Since the measures proposed passed a majority vote, I'll be implementing them before the next sim.

Lastly, on a personal note, I'm glad to see that my team went 8-4 this sim, to get us out of the cellar.

Next sim next Wednesday.

Have a happy Turkey Day everyone!


Monday, November 19, 2007

Covington -- final proposal

Of the six proposals put forward in the last round, it looks like the clear winners are proposals 1 (creating some average "now" players), 2 (creating some prospects) and 4 (cutting existing contracts). Of the eight people who expressed an opinion in the last thread, three chose this very combination, while all parts of it received over 50%, so I think this is the way to go.

When asked how many "now" players to create, the results ranged from 4 to 6. So, five is probably the best way to go.

When asked how many prospects to create, the range went from three to "four to nine." Since most people said four, that would probably be the best way to go.

When asked about cutting contracts, half responded to cut them in half and half by a third.

So, that being said, here's the proposal to be voted on. If it fails, I will listen to suggestions on re-crafting it.

In order to increase the attractiveness of the Covington franchise to new owners and to make it competitive again, we will enact the following:

1. The creation of five players at the major league level. These players will be, on average 2 star players. They will be created at random positions with the proviso that no two of the same non-pitching position will be created.

2. Four minor league prospects (about four-star) will be created. These will be created at random positions.

3. The annual salaries of the following players will be cut by 33%:

SS Lincoln Rosetti ($14.25m to $9.4m)
1B Russell Powell ($12.3m to $8.1m)
CF Samuel Santos ($7.5m to $5m)
SP Andrew Crank ($6.2m to $4.1m)
RF Nelson Broman ($4m to $2.7m)

The lengths of the contracts will not change.

4. The Brooklyn franchise will have it's 2-11 beginning wiped from the books. (OK, I'm kidding about this one).

So, that's it. Please let me know if you approve of the proposal and if the majority of you approve, we'll go ahead, implement it, and begin recruiting.

As usual, any and all comments and suggestions are welcome.


Friday, November 16, 2007

Sim Schedule

Sim 2 (and subsequent Sims) will be on Wednesday nights...

... until Lost starts in February.

Thursday, November 15, 2007

What The Hell Happened?

I thought my team was pretty good. Maybe I could catch Seattle, maybe not. But who would have guessed that after 13 games I'd be 2-11?? Can I blame it on injuries? Did Beau Manning blow out a lung? Did Miguel Cuesta suddenly burst a brain vessel? No, not quite.

It's like everyone just stopped playing well. Manning is hitting .191., Turek .228, Cuesta .204. Only Collazo, at .304, is hitting for a decent average.

And the rotation is no better! Did Setliff's arm fall off? He's 0-2, 10.39 and 2.77 WHIP! Delvalle is mired at 0-2, 6.55. Siple's been pitching OK, but apparently has no support.

Sigh. It's gonna be a long season.

Sim 1: Who uploaded?

Los Angeles
River Cities
Walla Walla
New York

Covington -- some proposals

OK, we've had some general discussion about what to do with Covington which produced some good ideas. Now, I'd like to take some of these ideas and make them more concrete. In other words, let's go from vague generalities to specifics.

So far, most of the suggestions that we have boil down into four suggestions. We can do only one, or some combination of them. The four major categories of suggestion are:

1. Give Covington some (five? six? eight?) newly-created major leaguers of middling skill (2 star? 2.5?)

1a. Give other teams that finished under .500 some of the same players, the number of which will be dependent on how far under .500 they finished.

2. Give Covington some (three? four? ten?) minor league prospects of the four and/or five star variety.

2a. Make a provision that allows each of the other existing teams to create one five star prospect when the team finishes in last place. This option can only be used once per team and not by Covington at all (since they're getting multiple prospects now).

3. An expansion-style draft where each team will end up losing one player from it's major league roster (how many players can each team protect?) Would this happen during the season? Is that fair to owners who have already planned their teams? After the season (and if so, how can we keep a Covington owner interested *this* season?)

4. Renegotiate some of Covington's contracts. Knock down the contracts of Rosetti, Powell, Santos & Crank by a certain percentage (25%? 33%? 50%)? (Side note: knock those contract down enough and they become very attractive as trade bait.)

So, what's your opinion on these proposals. I'd like to know how each of you feels these proposals should be implemented -- specifically. Consider it like a ballot -- cast your vote on each of the four ideas. From this, I'll put forth a proposal that we can vote on for final approval.

If you're not sure of what I mean, see the comments for this post, where I'll cast my vote.


2011 Seattle Monarchs Season Preview

The Seattle Monarchs eagerly look forward to the 2011 season, believing that they go in as the favorites to win the Cecil Cup and become the second team to win three straight titles. The following is a brief look at the team, its goals and aspirations for the season, and how the Mighty Monarchs were formed.

Starting Pitching:

The starting rotation is led by five-star studs Chad Nelligan (2009 trade from Hickory) and Christopher Hester (2004 3rd round pick). Nelligan is the defending Outstanding Pitcher of the Year with his second sub-2.00 ERA in the last three years and both Nelligan and Hester are coming off 23-6 seasons. The third starter is Isidro Frau (2008 trade from Danville), who has a combined 3.11 ERA over his two seasons. The fourth starter is the returning Albert Garcia (2011 free agent), who is 38 but has posted an ERA under 3.00 for seven consecutive years. The fifth starter will be Isaac Diehl (2009 trade from Covington), who went 14-4 with a 3.65 ERA last year. The spot starter will once again be Kevin Stephens (38th round pick in inaugural draft), who had a bad 2010 campaign but still sports a career 3.76 ERA.

The minor leagues feature several prospects destined for major league rotations. Joseph Macaluso (2007 2nd round pick), slated for the Monarchs' rotation before Garcia was signed, is expected to make his major league debut this year and will be the fifth starter in the majors if Garcia slips. Allen Reuter (2011 trade from Walla Walla) is the #19 prospect and is coming on fast. Roger Painter (2011 4th round pick) leads a group of three other top 100 prospects that includes Jaime Cruz (2011 2nd round pick) and Josue Folch (2010 3rd round pick). Hopefully, at least one of them will take a step forward.

Relief Pitching:

Seattle's relief corps, which was likely the strongest in the league last year, is in the a state of flux. Seattle lost mainstay Mark Deschamp in the offseason deal that brought in Reuter and, more recently, closer Samuel Contreras to a season-ending injury. But the Monarchs will simply reload, tapping into their minor league system for replacements.

At the back of the bullpen, Timothy Vallejo (2003 5th round pick) will return to closing duties. Vallejo, one of the best left-handed relievers in the game, had been the primary set-up man the last three years. He has amassed a 44-24 career record, with 83 saves and a 2.54 ERA. Willie Sewell (29th round pick in inaugural draft) becomes the primary set-up man, coming off an 8-3, 1.72 ERA campaign in 2010.

Beyond Vallejo and Sewell, the bullpen will feature a group of talented arms in a shifting array of roles. Peter Bird (2008 trade from Walla Walla) is the veteran of the group, having been moved from the starting rotation during the off season. Merlin Bohon (2005 trade from River Cities) and Wesley Elton (2006 4th round pick), both highly touted prospects, will break camp with the team and be given the opportunity to shine. Michael Toyoharu (2011 Rule 5 draft) is one of the top relief prospects and appeared to take significant steps forward during spring training.

In the minors, Harry Johnson (2009 4th round pick) has seen his ERA inflated during his brief career by unusually high BABIP but will be the first to join the majors should one of the existing arms falter. Seattle also features an array of young arms with potential, such as closer Jeff Flory (2011 7th round pick).


The infield starters are clearly set for the 2011 campaign. Three-time Outstanding Batter of the Year Gregory Mudge (19th round pick in inaugural draft) returns at first base, coming off his finest season. Three young stars join him in the infield. Two-time Slick Fielder Francis Amrmendariz (2008 1st round pick) holds down second base and hit a career high 14 home runs last season. Carmelo "The Gimp" Deleon (2009 trade from New York) returns at shortstop with his career .862 OPS. Eugene Alustiza (2008 1st round pick) is expected to break out as the best third baseman in the league this year, featuring a high batting average, incredible patience, and developing power at the tender age of 21.

The infield bench is a bit weaker than in prior years, due to the retirement of new manager John Willer and the offseason trade of Charles Novotny. Cristobal Santoyo (2010 Rule 5 draft pick) will back up Deleon at shortstop and George Wilde (AAA player created in 2004) will back up Alustiza and Armendariz.

Waiting in the wings is 5-star prospect George "Terminator" Labarre (2010 1st round pick), who is expected to spend the year in AAA Tacoma. Infielder Bill Bivens (2006 2nd round pick) will be in AA Olympia.

Solid catcher Waylon Blassingame (2008 trade from Danville) will be the usual starter, spotted by Alvin Medina (2011 trade from Hickory). Stud prospect Alberto "Nitro" Granado (2010 1st round pick) is developing quickly and is expected to spend the 2011 campaign in AAA Tacoma.


The Monarchs' outfield is overflowing with talent. The starters to begin the season will be Sean Arant (2009 trade from Los Angeles), who set a league record by scoring 140 runs last year; Armando "Rimfire" Cedeno (2008 trade from Danville), a 20-year-old career .326 hitter who will be getting his first opening day start; and David Kerry (2011 trade from Danville), who has a combined OPS of over .900 for the last three years. Arant will lead off and Kerry is expected to hit clean-up.

Backing up at all three outfield spots and first base is Lonnie Machen (45th round pick in inaugural draft), who is a career .319 hitter with a .383 OBP and is just one year removed from a .917 OPS in 2009. The fifth outfielder will be Freddie Villacorta (2003 3rd round pick), who has not yet been able to translate his AAA success to the majors.

In the minor leagues, superstar-in-waiting Mohammed "Bingo" Stelly (2009 trade from Covington) will at least start the year in AAA. How long he waits is anyone's guess, as he demonstrated significant improvement in Spring Training. The only other top 100 prospect roaming Seattle's minor league outfields is Bill Elder (2011 1st round pick).

The Monarchs should, barring further significant injuries, win over 105 games again this season and expect to await the Zotti League champion in the Cecil Cup.

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Seattle Fills Catching Void

SEATTLE (April 1, 2011)

On the eve of the start of the regular season, Seattle Monarchs Scouting Director Kevin Smith today announced a trade with the Hickory Huskers. Seattle sent promising relief pitching prospect Franklin Erickson to Hickory in exchange for reserve catcher Alvin Medina.

"I'm disappointed to be moving Erickson," Smith stated. "He was one of my better finds, getting a good relief prospect in the eighth round, and one that was slated to go straight to AAA Tacoma at that. But, Dad sent Stephen Herbert away to feed his outfielder fetish, so we had a hole we had to fill. I think Alvin will put up respectable numbers as a platoon partner for Waylon Blassingame. He also should be a good backup and caddy for Alberto 'Nitro' Granado once he reaches the majors."

With this deal, Seattle's roster appears set for the season, barring a last minute trade to bolster the relief corps. Look for the Monarchs' season preview tomorrow in your friendly local blog.

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Spring Training Done. First Sim on Thursday Night

Yeah! Spring Training is done!!


1. Covington was placed under computer control pending the "sale" of the team to a new owner.
2. Please make sure that your major league rosters have no more than 25 players.
3. Please make sure that all players that have to be assigned to a roster are, in fact, assigned to a roster.
4. Lather, rinse, repeat (that's my wife's suggestion).

As a reminder for the old owners (and an announcement for the new), I count participation as any one of the following:

1. Sending an upload to the FTP server for the sim.
2. Sending me an email with the changes you want.
3. Sending me an email saying "Hey, Zev, I like my team as it is. No changes this week."

In the meantime, please continue thinking/debating about ways to improve the Covington franchise.


Monday, November 12, 2007

The Mess that is Covington

As everyone in the league knows, we've had problems keeping an owner for the Covington franchise. Our new owner seems to have gone AWOL on us as well. He has not returned emails from anyone in the league (myself included) since the league began. I did manage to track him down via AIM once when he expressed an interest in staying with the league, but he hasn't had any league activity since. I think it's safe to say that the team needs a new owner.

Part of the problem, as I see it, is that the franchise is in such a sorry state. The team has no real chance of being competitive at the major league level for at least three to four seasons -- heck, I think it'll take that long just to get it to the level of the 1962 Mets. At the major league level, they have Russell Powell, Lincoln Rosetti, Ed Scull, Samuel Santos and a bunch of 1 star players. Aside from John Grondin and Christopher Pearsall, there are no prospects to speak of in the system.

So, what do we do? We can't just go looking for another owner because without making significant changes to the team, I fear that we will have the same problem again and again. As a result, I don't want to start recruiting for the team until we have some definite plan for improving the team.

I would like to find a solution that will provide Covington with a way to immediately (and for the future) improve itself while at the same time being fair to the other owners in the league.

I'm going to throw some suggestions out here that I worked out with Nate, as well as one or two that I thought of on my own. However, I am open to any and all suggestions and would love to have everyone's input on this matter. Feel free to offer any suggestion. We can try any suggestion (or combination of suggestions) that we agree on.

Some ideas that came up were as follows:

1. Hold an expansion draft and allow Covington to stock on players from the existing teams. Perhaps allow each team to protect 15-20 players and allow Covington to start drafting with each team pulling back after each selection.

2. Create some average players at the major league level (to allow them to compete at about the .450 - .500 level for this season) and a few decent prospects for the future.

3. Create some good prospects for Covington. To be fair to the other owners, we would give each one a virtual "chip" to be "cashed in" after any season in which they come in last. The "chip" can be redeemed for a newly-created good prospect (call it a "lucky scouting find.")

Those are just some ideas that we had so far. Feel free to propose another idea or to express your pros or cons about the ideas presented.

It's important to the league that this matter be resolved. The league will be much more exciting without a lame duck team like Covington.


Trade: River Cities and Danville

Dateline Marietta.

Just prior to the beginning of Spring Training the River Cities Paddlewheelers and the Danville Dans pulled the trigger on a trade that had been anticipated since the signing of Albert Boll a few weeks ago.

River Cities sends the newly signed starting pitcher Albert Boll, 3B Reginald Glatt, and minor leaguers Alfonso Cabana, a three star reliever, minor league starting pitcher Tuan Olmstead, and minor league starter Alexander Morgan.

In return Danville sends major league backup infielder Robert Ramsey, 2011 1st round pick Telmo Dalmau, their first round picks in 2013 and 2014 and their second round pick in 2013.

"We'd have gone after this year's pick but that weasel in Seattle locked that up first", said River Cities owner Nate Wooley, interviewed via Yahoo Chat from his hidden lair in the Bermuda Triangle.

"Still, we're happy with what we got. We needed to clear some space in the minors to let others move up and around and this deal accomplishes that. Also, if we were going to deal Tuan we were insistent on getting another player with a weird first name that began with 'T'. Telmo filled that need perfectly."

Reached at the airport with his tickets to spring training in his hands, Boll said "What the hell? I'm on the team for what? 20 minutes? Why did I even bother getting the uniform tailored? Someone's going to pay me back for that, I tell you!"

Both teams go into Spring Training with high hopes that their new teams can grow into their roles in an increasingly competitive league.

Sunday, November 11, 2007

League File Reposted. Spring Training Tuesday night

I'm not sure what happened, but I reposted the league file (after making sure that it was on Spring Training).

So, we'll do Spring Training on Tuesday night and Sim 1 on Thursday night.


Saturday, November 10, 2007

Spring training excitement reaches the Southland

Frank Caroll showed up for spring training at the Los Angeles Scorpions vernal home in Ventura, CA today, recently freed from the bizarre kidnapping ordeal he endured during the offseason.

"One morning, I got a call from the commissioner, telling me that I was being traded to Walla Walla. I called my agent, who said he didn't know anything about it," Caroll explained. "Then I called the Scorpions's owner/GM, Michael Weintraub, and he feined ignorance, too."

"I'd been to Walla Walla quite a bit over the years, but I never really liked it there. I was getting steamed that I was being treated like a commodity, and then the news hit that it was all a mistake, and that my nephew, Jesse Caroll, was supposed to be traded to Walla Walla, instead of me.

"So, then I waited. The Scorpions made pleas for the commissioner to return me back to the only franchise I knew. I was stuck in a Super 8 motel by the airport. It didn't have ESPN, and really crappy cell phone reception. I waited there for eight days until Mr Weintraub got permission from the commissioner to send his private jet to pick me up and fly me back to Los Angeles. I'm eligible for free agency after this season, and after seeing how the Scorpions treated me and fought to bring me home, I'm not even sure I want to test the free agency waters this year. I'll have my agent contact the team for a new contract once we get started on the season," Caroll explained.

Caroll's adventure notwithstanding, it's been an exciting offseason for the team, which officially changed its name to Los Angeles Scorpions. A stud outfielder was acquired by trade and the team's best pitcher made a full-time transition to the starting rotation.

Paul Shunk was acquired earlier in the offseason to provide a balancing left-handed bat to the already-potent lineup, featuring perennial All Star John Redman, defending MVP Ricky Peppers, and slugging 1B Luis Jeon.

The team also surrounded ace Junior Cuomo, a three-time All World player as the team's closer, with veterans in the rotation, who will provide guidance and conditioning tips to the young flamethrower as he begins his first season as a starter. Rocco Wojcik, Jeffrey Shuttleworth, and Wendell Sorg return to the rotation, while new free agent acquisition Jonathan Starner rounds out the rotation. The bullpen remains unchanged, anchored by strikeout artist Johnny Cowherd, with strong support from Caroll and William Augustin.

Leading off for the potent Scorpion lineup will be new CF Gary Giles, an OBP machine. He and Redman will help set the table for the bats of Peppers, Jeon, and Shunk. Both Peppers and Jeon eclipsed 100 RBIs last season, and Shunk should join them this season at that level. Rounding out the lineup will be Charles Novotny (re-acquired from Seattle in the offseason) at 2B, last season's Rule V pick Christian Sitton at 3B, and promising youngster Ronald Sims behind the plate.

There's concern that Sims may have trouble guiding the veteran pitching staff, but Martin Baker will backup Sims. Baker and new pitching coach Samuel Dibble will guide Baker and the pitching staff.

The rest of the team include Casey Plunk in his final go-around the league as the long man in the bullpen, last year's rookie surprise Joseph Hamilton and Raymond Sant round out the bullpen. The bench include such aged bats as Bill Johnson, Silas Caruthers, Jeffrey Drewry, and Dennis Chase, as well as this season's Rule V pick, CF Monte Goss.

"Our goals this spring training are to get Junior Cuomo conditioned for a full-season in the rotation," Weintraub stated. "He's used to pitching 90 innings a season, but we want to get 200 out of him as we chase River Cities for the pennant. We also want to get young starters Sims and Sitton up to speed quickly, so they can one day add their names to the Wall of Glory beyond the outfield fence at our beautiful Scorpion Pit."

The Los Angeles Scorpions are the most successful franchise in league history, with four Cecil Cup championships and an unprecedented streak of 90+ wins each season the league has been in existence.

Seattle-Danville trade

SEATTLE (March 2, 2011):

Seattle and Danville reached agreement on a major trade today, on the eve of spring training. Seattle traded outfielders Franklin Jackson and Peter Garlow (acquired earlier this offseason from Walla Walla), catcher Stephen Herbert, and infield prospect Fred Echeverria to Danville in exchange for impending free agent outfielder David Kerry and next year's first round pick.

"It's going to be hard replacing Stephen Herbert," said Monarchs Owner/GM Mack Shultz. "Catchers are in high demand and he's been a valued member of our team. Waylon Blassingame is likely going to shoulder more of the load, rather than just platooning. We may also let three-time MVP Greg Mudge catch a few games behind the plate.

"We're also going to miss Franklin's presence," explained Shultz. "He's an original Monarch, picked in the expansion draft. However, he's going to get a chance to start in Danville and that's an opportunity we just haven't been able to give him on a consistent basis.

"In the end though, we're thrilled to add a talent like David Kerry. He's going to have to compete with "Rimfire" Cedeno and Lonnie Machen for a starting position. Frankly, we expect David to be a starter for us and provide some right-handed power to the line-up. We're also going to try our darnedest to re-sign him for the long haul."

When asked what the long-term plan is for the outfield, since the Monarchs have added Kerry to the already sterling collection of Cedeno, Machen, Sean Arant, and "Bingo" Stelly, Shultz just grinned and said, "I don't know, but it's a nice problem to have."

Seattle Brings Home the Dutch God of Walks

Entering what is likely to be his swan song year, Willie "The Dutch God of Walks" Klopp was returned to the Seattle organization today in a swap of minor leaguers. Seattle sent outfielder Leo Huggins to Los Angeles for Klopp.

Willie Klopp is the all-time SDMB OOTP leader in walks, more than 200 bases on balls ahead of the closest competitor. He is also fifth in runs scored and 19th in hits. Most of his career was spent with the Monarchs, as he was Seattle's ninth round pick in the inaugural draft. He left Seattle as part of the huge offseason deal with then-South Bay before the 2009 season, a deal that some have credited with changing Seattle's fortunes in the Cecil Cup.

Klopp had rejected Seattle's offered minor league contract with this offseason, preferring to re-sign with Los Angeles. However, his attitude softened as buyer's regret took over, and owners Mack Shultz (Seattle) and Michael Weintraub (Los Angeles) quickly reached agreement on a trade to bring Klopp home.

Interestingly, another key piece to the 2009 trade, pitcher Albert Garcia also returned to Seattle this offseason, signing a one-year, $5 million contract. Garcia previously spent 3 1/2 year with the Monarchs, including throwing a no-hitter.

Friday, November 9, 2007

Spring Training Time!!

OK,, folks, spring training is here. Please upload your Spring Training plans and roster modifications by Sunday Morning.

Rule V draft selections were:

HOU C Thomas Geter, Covington
BRK 1B Michael Slye, Covington
LA CF Monte Goss, Covington
SAS 3B Royal Wilson, Covington
SEA MR Michael Toyoharu, Danville

(PS... Yes, I know the front page of the league has changed.... I'll restore the old version later. In the meantime, you can still get the league file from the link on the right side of this blog.)

Wednesday, November 7, 2007

A Note About Rule V Players

Back in the 2005 season, we had a problem with the game where some players would mysteriously disappear from the game. They would show up on the website in the "All Players" listing, and you could go their page on the site, but they did not exist in the game.

One such player is Andrew Merriweather. If you look at his page, you'll see that he was drafted in the 3rd round of the 2005 amateur draft by New York. Since then, he hasn't done anything.

What happened was that the player disappeared before the start of the season. To the best of my knowledge, there was no way to get this player back. The best I could do was create a "new" Andrew Merriweather for New York, who went on to play the 2005 season for New York's A and AA teams before being traded to me before the start of 2006.

Unfortunately, there is no way to remove the "old" Andrew from the game's reports (unless I go in and start mucking with the game generated HTML myself). However, Merriweather is protected on my 40 man roster and cannot be drafted. You cannot draft the "old" Merriweather, since he doesn't really exist.

So, how can you tell if a player is real or not? Unfortunately, there are only two ways to know for sure. The first way is to see if he actually exists in the game. If he's actually in the game, then he's real. The other way is to look at the guy's stats on the website. If he's listed as an active player but hasn't played a game at any level in the last few years, then he's probably a goner.


Rule V Draft on Thursday Night

The Rule V Draft will be run on Thursday night. If you want to draft players, please send me a list of players that you want. The listing of players available is here.

Please keep in mind that you have to have space available on your 40-man roster to draft a player in the Rule V Draft and that any players drafted must be kept on your 25-man roster all year long.

Spring Training will be run on Sunday and the first sim of the 2011 season will be run on Wednesday (our usual sim day).

Any questions? Send 'em over.


Sunday, November 4, 2007

Rule V Draft Thursday. Rosters Need to be finalized by Tuesday.

I finished up the free agency period, except for the last two days. I also did not finish the amateur draft (since finishing off the amateur draft kicks off the Rule V draft).

So, on Tuesday, I'll finish the amateur draft and free agency. That's when rosters will be locked in for the Rule V draft on Thursday night. So, if you need to protect players, now is the time to do it.

For a list of potential players available in the Rule V draft, please see here.


Thursday, November 1, 2007

Dear Alex Weintraub,

I've returned your father's reliever so he can go back to his bed and his dog. You can stop calling me on the phone and crying in Swedish.

Thank You.


Free Agent Signings:

Denver : 1B Reuben Caufield, 3,500,000 per year, for 2 years.
Seattle : P Albert Garcia, 5,000,000 per year, for 1 year.

Final Free Agency signings Saturday night.


Did you miss out on a starting pitcher?

Let's face it, kids, Albert Garcia, the sole remaining quality starting pitcher in the free agent market, can only sign with one of you (and possibly with me!).

I, on the other hand, could offer you a quality, top-flight starting pitcher, FAR better than you can get any other way, for nothing more than prospects or a series of draft picks. Think how nice Albert Boll would look at the top of your starting rotation. Wouldn't you be smiling with pride to see that? You know you would. for more information!

Wednesday, October 31, 2007

3Bs available from Los Angeles

It's no secret that finding a quality third baseman is one of the hardest tasks to accomplish in this league, along with actually winning the league. Well, to go with my four championship rings, I have four major league third basemen on my roster, and, one (or two) of them's gotta go!*
In return, I'd like a LHP reliever and/or those odd minor league players with more than one blue star next to their names. I think they're called prospects? I dunno, we don't have too many of them in my organization.

But, we have plenty of rings and third basemen!

* The players, not the rings.

Seattle Announces New Front Office Executive

The Seattle Monarchs proudly announce the acquisition of a new executive, William Shultz. Born just six days ago, William has already risen to the post of Assistant Director of Player Personnel. Unfortunately, William remains on the DL (and in the hospital) and won't be able to join the rest of the team for another four weeks or so.

Team owner and patriarch Mack Shultz believes he will be a worthy addition to the front office. The team also employs Michael Shultz as Special Assistant to the General Manager (six years old as of Sunday) and Katie Shultz as Team Spokeswoman (four years old).

Tuesday, October 30, 2007


I forgot to pull the Caroll for Caroll trade again!!

Free Agent Signings

Los Angeles: LF Gary Giles $2,000,001 per year, for 1 years.
Denver: P Matthew Mccloud $450,000 per year, for 2 years.
Los Angeles: LF Silas Caruthers $400,000 per year, for 1 years.

Preliminary Schedule:

Days 18-23 Free Agency on Thursday Night
Days 24-30 Free Agency & the rest of the amateur draft (computer run, since no one had any objections) on Saturday Night
Rule V Draft next Tuesday
Spring Training next Thursday
Season Opener the week following that.


Saturday, October 27, 2007

Free Agent Signings

Los Angeles : 3B Bill Johnson, 1,000,000 per year, for 1 year.
Houston : P Santos Gonzalez, 3,525,555 per year, for 3 years.
Denver : CF David Rivard, 850,000 per year, for 2 years.

I didn't get to run the sim on Thursday night, so the fifth round of the draft will occur with the next sim on Tuesday night.

In addition, unless anyone has any objections, I'm going to have the computer run rounds six through eleven.

Lastly, I forgot to make the Carrol for Carrol trade. I'll do it for the next sim.


Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Free Agent Signings and Draft Picks

Free Agent Signings:

River Cities: Free agent P Albert Boll has been signed to a contract of $6,950,000 per year, for 3 years.
Los Angeles: Free agent P Jonathan Starner has been signed to a contract of $1,234,567 per year, for 1 years.
Walla Walla: Free agent RF John Mcnabb has been signed to a contract of $2,500,000 per year, for 2 years.
Brooklyn: Free agent P Wilburn Brown has been signed to a contract of $2,500,005 per year, for 4 years.

Denver: Free agent 2B Micheal Salzman has been signed to a contract of $4,250,000 per year, for 2 years.
New York : Free agent C Willie Kenna has been signed to a contract of $5,500,000 per year, for 4 years.
Walla Walla: Free agent P Joseph Pompey has been signed to a contract of $6,500,000 per year, for 3 years.

Draft Picks:
Covington pick: 3B Jon Alva. Signing Bonus: $45,500
Denver pick: C Marvin Lance. Signing Bonus: $25,000
Danville pick: P John Haase. Signing Bonus: $50,750
Houston pick: C Jerry Vogan. Signing Bonus: $25,000
Hickory pick: 1B Baldo Castro. Signing Bonus: $25,000
Walla Walla pick: SS Justo Muñoz. Signing Bonus: $56,000
Brooklyn pick: P Jeffrey Fort. Signing Bonus: $25,000
New York pick: 1B Preston Giorgi. Signing Bonus: $25,000
Seattle pick: P Roger Painter. Signing Bonus: $64,750
Saskatoon pick: 2B Maurice Yee. Signing Bonus: $47,250
River Cities pick: P Cipri Paras. Signing Bonus: $25,000
Walla Walla pick: RF Jesse Carroll. Signing Bonus: $25,000

Days 10-13 Free Agency Thursday night
Round 5 Amateur Draft & Days 14-17 Free Agency Saturday Night

Monday, October 22, 2007

Day 6-7 Free Agent Signings

Hickory : 3B Waylon Sullivan, 950,000 per year, for 1 year.
Los Angeles : 2B Spencer Solomon, 1,000,000 per year, for 1 year.
Houston : 1B Patrick Peralta, 550,000 per year, for 1 year.
Los Angeles : P Rocco Wojcik, 2,250,000 per year, for 1 year.

2010 SDMB OOTP All World Team

The third annual SDMB OOTP All World Team include the following:

Catcher: Herman Gossard, HOU
First Base: Gregory Mudge, SEA (unanimous)
Second Base: Bill Turek, BRK
Third Base: Ronald Quijada, SAS
Shortstop: Ricky Peppers, SB (unanimous)
Left Field: Alan Callahan, RIV
Center Field: Sean Arant, SEA (unanimous)
Right Field: Brian Frison, SAS (unanimous)
Starting Pitcher: Chad Nelligan, SEA
Relief Pitcher: Junior Cuomo, SB

Some fun facts:

1. Junior Cuomo is the only three-time winner, being voted best reliever all three seasons. It will be interesting to see if his streak can survive a move full-time to the starting rotation.

2. Gregory Mudge, Bill Turek, Ricky Peppers, Brian Frison, and Chad Nelligan all won their second All World Award.

3. There have been four different All World catchers (Blassingame, Barrera, Guzman, and Gossard) in the three years due to a tie in the 2009 voting and the failure of any winner to repeat.

4. All six Adams League teams have had All World performers. Only three Zotti League franchises (Walla Walla, River Cities, and South Bay/Los Angeles) have had winners. Adams leads Zotti all time in total awards 17-14.

Sunday, October 21, 2007

Day 6-7 Free Agency on Monday Night

Free Agent Signings for Day 5:

Houston: 3B: Chet Edwards $5,995,121 per year, for 3 years.
Los Angeles: P James Markovich $400,000 per year, for 2 years.

Round 3 Draft Picks:
Covington pick: CF Gonzalo Valenza. Signing Bonus: $62,500
Denver pick: 2B Aurelio Moniz. Signing Bonus: $25,000
Danville pick: 1B Steven Jackson. Signing Bonus: $100,000
Houston pick: P Carl Pagano. Signing Bonus: $25,000
Hickory pick: 2B Nathanael Burton. Signing Bonus: $25,000
Walla Walla pick: CF Bruno Carmona. Signing Bonus: $75,000
Brooklyn pick: P Matthew Vowels. Signing Bonus: $50,000
New York pick: CF Dave Quiñones. Signing Bonus: $72,500
Houston pick: P Hipolito Hernandez. Signing Bonus: $25,000
Saskatoon pick: CF Edward Foster. Signing Bonus: $50,000
River Cities pick: 3B Hugh Fortner. Signing Bonus: $60,000
Seattle pick: P Steven Mattice. Signing Bonus: $25,000

Round 4 picks due on Tuesday night.

Saturday, October 20, 2007

Seattle Trades Middle Round Picks to Walla Walla for Failed Prospects

Feb. 4. 2011 -- SEATTLE

Seattle Monarchs Director of Player Personnel Michael Shultz, son of team patriarch Mack, announced a minor deal made early this morning. Seattle sent minor league pitcher Ricky Gauna and its fourth and sixth round picks in this year's draft east across the Cascade Mountains in exchange for three Walla Walla minor leaguers.

The minor leaguers, all 27, are former top prospects. Outfielder Peter Garlow hit only .201 in limited duty in AAA Mississaagua last year. Infielder Marvin Cardoza, returning for his second tour of duty in the Monarchs organization, hit .268 with 29 home runs with the AA Brighton Apples. First baseman Gavin Mendelson hit .314 in his eighth year in A ball for the Sharron Beauties.

"We picked them up hoping that our minor league staff might be able to bring out their talent. Maybe they'll be late bloomers," explained Michael Shultz. "It's admittedly a minor deal, which is likely why Dad let me announce it."

Gauna, 25, was included in the deal to make it comply with league rules. Seattle drafted him in the seventh round in 2007. Gauna posted a 4.07 ERA for the A Kent Kings last year.

Thursday, October 18, 2007

Next Day Free Agency & Round 3 Amateur Draft on Saturday Night

Free Agency Signings:

Walla Walla : CF Jerry Dehaven, 3,500,000 per year, for 2 years.
Hickory : 2B Robert Pink, 820,000 per year, for 2 years.
Los Angeles : 1B Dennis Chase, 400,000 per year, for 2 years.

Covington pick: CF Christopher Pearsall. Signing Bonus: $87,500
Denver pick: P Antonio Cuellar. Signing Bonus: $203,000
Danville pick: CF Roger Nichols. Signing Bonus: $136,500
Houston pick: SS Bruce Gehrke. Signing Bonus: $126,000
Hickory pick: P Michael Lawrence. Signing Bonus: $94,500
Walla Walla pick: RF Darrin Gammage. Signing Bonus: $182,000
Brooklyn pick: P Bill Hofer. Signing Bonus: $108,500
New York pick: C Morgan Luu. Signing Bonus: $35,000
Denver pick: P John Cooper. Signing Bonus: $91,000
Danville pick: 1B Donald Alarcon. Signing Bonus: $87,500
River Cities pick: LF Jesse Dubreuil. Signing Bonus: $101,500
Seattle pick: P Jaime Cruz. Signing Bonus: $115,500

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Day 3 Free Agent Signings

Walla Walla : CF Jerry Dehaven, 3,500,000 per year, for 2 years.
Hickory : 2B Robert Pink, 820,000 per year, for 2 years.
Los Angeles : 1B Dennis Chase, 400,000 per year, for 2 years.

Day 4 Free Agents and Round 2 Amateur Draft tomorrow night.


Yet more players available

Need talent? I got it.

Alan Callahan:
George Aguinaldo:

One of them is gonna go! Which one will it be? Maybe YOU can make the choice!

In addition there's quality pitching such as:

Larry Dull
Willie Egan
Harold Beeks
Jefferson Theriault

That's most of a championship quality bullpen right there for the taking, people!

Other minor leaguers and major leaguers can be available! Contact Crazy Nate for details!

Slugging Leftfielder Available

I have Franklin Jackson pining away the best years of his life on my bench. He's a 2.5 star leftfielder on the web (2 in the game) and offers a legitimate power bat in the corner. He's got 88 home runs in just 1723 career at bats, which works out to 30 home runs per full season of at bats. He's also got an unbeatable $1.5 million contract for the next two years. His biggest flaw is that he is ... defensively challenged. But, his bat makes up for that in my opinion.

I'm perfectly willing to keep his power bat on my bench as he can do some serious damage there (witness last year's Cecil Cup where he was 2-3 with a double, a home run, and 3 RBI), but I also recognize that he may have a lot of value to someone looking to fill a starting outfield spot who has looked at free agency and realized what a wasteland it is this year.

If you're interested, contact me at the usual email address. I'd be looking primarily for prospects or draft picks.

P.S. I also have swingman and two-time Cecil Cup hero Peter Bird available for a team looking to add a capable pitcher and who has unused salary room to spare. Remember the $10 million cash cap. Any unused profits vanish into thin air. There's no sense saving salary if it's just going to go up in smoke at the end of the year. I recognize Bird is overpaid given his 1.5 star rating, but he still posted an ERA of 3.84 last year, so he should have some mileage left. Given his salary, he would be essentially free to a good home.

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Day 3 Free Agency on Wednesday. Round 2 Amateur Picks due by Thursday

Free Agent Signings:

Walla Walla : LF George Rawlins, 9,000,000 per year, for 1 year.
Los Angeles : 3B Jeffery Drewry, 600,000 per year, for 2 years.
Los Angeles : P Casey Plunk, 300,001 per year, for 1 year.

First Round Draft Picks:

Covington pick: 3B John Grondin. Signing Bonus: $1,287,000
Hickory pick: LF Robert Estill. Signing Bonus: $2,880,000
Danville pick: 3B Telmo Dalmau. Signing Bonus: $811,200
Houston pick: 2B Timothy Mendiola. Signing Bonus: $422,400
Denver pick: P Jose Lamela. Signing Bonus: $262,600
Walla Walla pick: RF Santiago Salazar. Signing Bonus: $864,000
Brooklyn pick: P Nelson Coghlan. Signing Bonus: $418,200
New York pick: 2B Danny Lorenzen. Signing Bonus: $803,400
Los Angeles pick: P Cesar Almendarez. Signing Bonus: $196,000
Saskatoon pick: 1B Santiago Delrosario. Signing Bonus: $234,600
River Cities pick: P Frank Wooster. Signing Bonus: $181,800
Seattle pick: CF Bill Elder. Signing Bonus: $172,800


Los Angeles/Houston trade


It's not just the perfect GPA of a student taking advanced level classes, it's also the highest OPS possible. And, now, the Los Angeles Scorpions are proud to announce the acquisition of a player with a 5.000 career OPS: 26-year old right-handed middle reliever Dale Beene, from Houston in a three-player deal.

"No," Owner/GM Michael Weintraub said. "We didn't acquire Dale for his bat, but for his arm."

And what an arm it is. Dale hasn't distinguished himself in his stats except for his sole homerun in his only big-league at bat, but he has all 9s and 10s for his pitching ratings. "It's for players like Dale that we signed legendary pitching coach Samuel Dibble this offseason" Weintraub stated. "I consulted with Sam before making this trade, and he's confident he can turn Dale around on the mound."

Also heading to Los Angeles is low minors CF prospect Jose Diaz. Heading east to Houston is CF Kenneth Philpot and LA's third round pick in the 2011 amateur draft.

"Yes, it's true," Weintraub said. "We finally traded for a prospect. We hope new AA manager Roger Ku can use his legendary skills in instructing hitters to fast track Jose to the big league club soon. After all, I don't think we're allowed to have any hitting prospects in our franchise."

Thus far this offseason, Los Angeles has acquired Paul Shunk and Beene, strengthening the team's outfield and bullpen at little cost to the team's future prospects.

"And we're not done yet," Weintraub said. "All of the good free agents have heard from us, and we're always looking to improve the greatest franchise in league history."

No sim last night

A family algebra crisis (don't ask!) prevented me from doing last night's sim. We'll try again tonight... so those of you who haven't handed in your Round 1 picks get another day.


Monday, October 15, 2007

Denver/Hickory trade

Denver is pleased to announce a new addition to its roster of starting pitchers, acquiring 23-year-old rightie James Turner from Hickory in a trade designed to fill a hole in Denver's rotation.

Hickory's key motivation behind this trade appears to have been a desire for an earlier first-round selection in this year's draft. Denver and Hickory exchanged first-round picks in the trade, leaving Hickory with #2 pick overall and dropping Denver down to #5.

As well as the #2 pick, Denver also sent LF David Naumann to Hickory.

Sunday, October 14, 2007

A few more questions from a newbie.

Hi guys,

Just hoping for a bit more advice to help me through my first preseason.

Firstly, regarding free agent signings. I made some offers, some of which are the best offers and some of which are not. Now, obviously if i want to sign the players where i was not the best offer, i need to make a new offer.

But my question is about the cases where my own offer IS the best offer. If you have the best offer, and there are other teams who have made offers, is the best strategy generally to sit back and see what happens? For example, if i've offered a guy $2million for 2 years, and i have his favorite offer, but there are two other teams in the mix, will i be likely to lose him if i just wait and see? Or if one of the other teams beats my offer, will i generally have a chance to come back with another offer later?

Also, if my offer is the ONLY offer to a particular player, what is the protocol regarding making a REDUCED offer in the second round (on the logic that, if no-one else wants him, i might be able to get him for less)? Is that possible? Is it considered bad form? Is the player likely to tell me to take a hike?

My other question is about the in-game emails. I have 10 messages from the games internal email; 1 from my team's PR director, and 9 from the players i made offers to. I can see the name of the sender, but there is nothing in the Subject box, or in the main body of the message. Is this normal? If not, does anyone have any idea of how to fix it?

Finally, is there a comprehensive set of instructions anywhere for the OOTP game and software. There doesn't seem to be a Help file with the software, and i can't find a comprehensive online guide. If i could find one, i might not have to bug you guys with basic questions like this.


Free Agency Day 1. No signings yet.

Day 2 Monday night, along with Round 1 of the amateur draft. Please send in your pics if you haven't already done so.


Saturday, October 13, 2007

Los Angeles/Denver trade

Los Angeles, CA -- January 31, 2011

The most successful franchise in league history, the Los Angeles Scorpions, is proud to announce the acquisition of young LF Paul Shunk from the Denver Zephyrs.

"We got him!" Owner/GM Michael Weintraub announced this afternoon to a hastily-gathered press conference at the Scorpion Pit.

Heading to Denver in exchange for the 23-year old left handed hitting outfielder are C Gerald Odum, LF Josais Juarez, 2B Roy Fredrickson, SP Brian Hersh, and Los Angeles's 2nd round pick in the forthcoming amateur draft.

"We had an abundance of catchers on our roster, so Gerry was available. The recent trade for Charles Novotny similarly created a log jam at 2B that squeezed Roy out. We hate to lose Josie and Brian, but we feel we are a much better team than we were last night," Weintraub explained.

"Paul gives us not only an extra bat, but some balance as we'll be able to offer three left-handed hitting starters to our previously-righty stacked lineup."

Reached at his winter home in Albuquerque, NM, Shunk was surprised to hear he was dealt. "Yeah, this is a shock. I knew the new owners were looking forward to rebuilding, but I thought I'd be part of it. I'm thrilled to get the chance to win now, though, and I hear the weather is great in L.A.!"

Friday, October 12, 2007

2010 SDMB OOTP All World Voting Opens

As promised here, the time period for nominations has closed. Voting is open from now until next Friday (10/19).

I've circulated the voting by email. If you haven't received it, send me an email at the address in the owner's directory link on the league page..

Attention Free Agent Shoppers!

Free Agent Season is upon us!! Please have your bids for Day 1 of free agency in by Sunday morning.

The list of available free agents is here. Free agent bids can be submitted via the game interface or via email to me.

In addition we'll also be doing the first round of the amateur draft on Monday night. The draft order is as follows:

1. Covington (49 wins -- determined by coin flip)
2. Denver (49 wins -- determined by coin flip)
3. Danville (59)
4. Houston (61)
5. Hickory (68)
6. Walla Walla (80)
7. Brooklyn (86)
8. New York (93)
9. Los Angeles (94 wins as South Bay)
10. Saskatoon (108)
11. River Cities (111)
12. Seattle (114)

The list of available players for drafting are available here.

Just as a reminder, if you have the first pick, send me one name; if you have the second pick, send two names (and you'll receive the highest ranked available player); if you have the third pick, send three names, and so forth and so on.


If anyone has any questions, please feel free to ask.

Monday, October 8, 2007

Day 4 Coach Signings:

Saskatoon: Minors Manager Shad Baisden, $400,000 per year, for 1 year.
Saskatoon: Minors Manager Michael Marcell, $450,000 per year, for 2 years.
Saskatoon: Pitching Coach Oliver Casteel, $400,000 per year, for 2 years.
Hickory: Minors Manager Ahmed Kelm, $355,000 per year, for 3 years.

Day 5 (last day) coaching signings are due by Tuesday night.

In addition, you might want to start looking to protect those players who are eligible for the Rule 5 draft.


Friday, October 5, 2007

2010 SDMB OOTP All World Nominations

Once again, Zev has authorized me to run an SDMB OOTP All World Team. (See the 2009 Team and 2008 Team).

As in the past, I will be sending out an email to everyone with an attached .pdf file listing potential candidates at each position (each of the eight field positions, one starting pitcher, and one reliever). I list the players at the positions they actually played, not the position assigned to them in the game.

This first round is just to see if anyone thinks I've missed anyone that should be nominated. I'll give everyone until next Friday to send me their candidates for inclusion on the list. After that, I'll send out a final list for voting.

As before, when the voting round is upon us, I'll ask people to vote for their top three selections at each position. I'll then tally the votes and, presto, we have our 2010 All World Team.

P.S. This struck me as a very strong year for first basemen in particular and weaker at third base. If I'm missing a deserving third baseman, let me know.

Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Day 3 Coach Signings.

Danville: Scout Jonathan Hanks, $300,000 per year, for 4 years.
Denver: Minors Manager Barney Barnes, $1,250,000 per year, for 4 years.
Danville: Hitting Coach Frederick Cabrales, $750,000 per year, for 4 years.
Danville: Pitching Coach Mark Bargo, $750,000 per year, for 4 years.
Houston: Minors Manager Monty Rimmer, $500,000 per year, for 2 years.
Danville: Minors Manager Tracy Cloer, $750,000 per year, for 2 years.
Danville: Minors Manager Gary Keeley, $1,000,000 per year, for 4 years.

Day 4 will be run on Saturday night. Please note that I will be out of touch from tomorrow night until Saturday night.


Los Angeles/Seattle trade

LOS ANGELES, CA -- The most illustrious franchise in the SDMB OOTP league is proud to announce a trade with the Seattle Monarchs. "We have acquired the key to winning the Cecil Cup," Los Angeles Scorpions owner/GM Michael Weintraub stated from his office at the seaside Scorpion Pit in Redondo Beach, CA.

Coming to Los Angeles is 2B Charles Novotny and Seattle's 11th round draft pick in the upcoming amateur draft. "We really wanted that draft pick," Weintraub said. "But, we're also glad Charles is back in our organization."

Sensing the confusion on this reporter's face, Weintraub explained. "Four times we've had the last pick in the draft, and three of those four years, we followed that pick with a championship. We hope to make that four-out-of-five this season.

"Some people call that pick Mr. Irrelevant, but, to us, he's Mr. Win-the-Cup-again."

After a three year drought without a championship, the team is clearly desperate for any sort of advantage in the upcoming season, this reporter believes.

Heading up the left coast are minor league CF Clarence Horta and Los Angeles's 4th round pick in the 2011 amateur draft.

Novotny returns to the Scorpions franchise after two seasons in Seattle, where he won two Cecil Cups with the Monarchs. "I'm looking forward to the opportunity to perhaps start again,"Novotny announced from his home in Boise, Idaho. "I'm tired of riding the pine."

"Yes," Weintraub answered. "Charles will get a chance to start at 2B for us next season. But, we really wanted the last pick in the draft. Hopefully we won't need to trade for it next season!"

Monday, October 1, 2007

Day 2 Coaching Signings

Here they are:

Seattle: Scout Keith Smith, $240,000 per year, for 4 years.
New York : Minors Manager Peter Eisenberg, $1,200,000 per year, for 5 years.
River Cities: Pitching Coach Clayton Tritt, $1,500,000 per year, for 2 years.

Day 3 bids due by tomorrow night.


Seattle Names Willer As Manager

The Seattle Monarchs announced today that John Willer has returned just months after leaving and one day after his formal retirement, taking the helm as field manager. Larry Hockett, who guided the team to the 2010 Cecil Cup, will return as bench coach. Willer also announced the return of hitting coach William Kroeker to the staff, joining pitching coach Marcus Burke.

Sunday, September 30, 2007

Day 1; The Coaches Clean Up

As commissioner, I will give my professional opinion on coach signings in this game: it has gone nuts!! I suppose we'll find out how well spent Los Angeles' $15 million per year is...

Here are today's coach signings:

Brooklyn: Minors Manager Sean Coursey, $550,000 per year, for 3 years.
Brooklyn: Hitting Coach Mitchell Pleasant, $600,000 per year, for 3 years.
Denver: Scout Darren Simpson, $360,000 per year, for 3 years.
Hickory: Pitching Coach Richard Limones, $900,000 per year, for 3 years.
Los Angeles: Pitching Coach Samuel Dibble, $5,000,000 per year, for 5 years.
Los Angeles: Minors Manager George Feldman, $3,000,000 per year, for 3 years.
Los Angeles: Minors Manager Keith Bickel, $4,000,000 per year, for 3 years.
Los Angeles: Minors Manager Roger Ku, $3,000,000 per year, for 3 years.
Saskatoon: Minors Manager Daniel Reedy, $700,000 per year, for 2 years.
Saskatoon: Hitting Coach Oscar Vandenbosch, $1,200,000 per year, for 3 years.
Seattle: Hitting Coach William Kroeker, $2,250,000 per year, for 5 years.

Day 2 bids are due by Monday Night

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Just a quick note

Due to the holiday of Sukkot, I am going to be out of touch from tonight until Saturday night when I do the sim.


First Trade of 2011 Is A Washington-Only Affair

Seattle Monarchs Owner/GM Mack Shultz announced a trade with their Washington State brethren, the Walla Walla Federal Duck, kicking off the 2011 trading season. Seattle sent veteran reliever Mark Deschamp to Walla Walla in exchange for minor league reliever Allen Rueter.

"Mark has been a huge part of our success over the last two and a half seasons. He's generally been the key right-handed set-up guy and has been a rock we could always depend on," said Shultz. "We're going to miss his presence out there. But, we have a couple of young kids that we think are ready to pitch for us in an expanded role this season and we need to give them that opportunity."

Shultz was referring to Merlin Bohon, Wesley Elton, and Harry Johnson, all three of whom are considered good prospects. Bohon has pitched in the majors for parts of the last two seasons, compiling a 5.24 ERA. Elton posted a 3.72 ERA in limited action down the stretch last season. Johnson pitched an unimpressive 5.1 innings for Seattle in 2009 but spent all of 2010 in AAA Tacoma.

"We think that Rueter can be a part of our future," Shultz explained. "We really like his live arm and think he can be converted into a starter. We expect him to join the Tacoma rotation and be competing for a major league job in a year or two."

"I've liked my time in Seattle, but it will be good to get back to Walla Walla," said Deschamp, who was reached while on vacation in Barbados. "I really enjoyed my time there. Have you tasted those Walla Walla onions? They make a fantastic French Onion soup."

Deschamp, 35, has one year remaining on his contract. He was an original draftee of the Walla Walla franchise (then based in Kingston) and spent his career with them until a deadline deal in 2008 brought him to Seattle. He then re-signed with Seattle as a free agent in the 2009 offseason. Deschamp has a career 3.28 ERA, going 63-44 with 88 saves.

Welcome to 2011!!

Wow! I can't believe we're starting our tenth season!!

Please be sure to have your first day's coach offers in to me by Saturday night.

Just as a reminder, all the scouts are going to be set to "Average," so don't overspend on them.


Monday, September 24, 2007

Newbie alert! Any advice welcome.

Hi guys,

Michael Henderson, new owner of the Denver team here (is it possible to change the location?).

While i've grown into a big baseball fan in my 6+ years in the US, and can talk quite knowledgably about the game itself, one aspect of it that i've never followed very closely is the intricacies of the player market, such as trades, drafting, waivers, Rule 5, etc., etc. Each season, i basically ignore that aspect of MLB. I'm really looking forward to playing in the OOTP league, but i think it's going to be a steep learning curve for me.

I've been looking over my free agents and trying to decide who to keep, and hopefully i've made some decent decisions, but if anyone has any general advice i'd be happy to hear it. Especially regarding how to decide how much to offer each player. How does the bidding work on free agents, if more than one team is interested? And do i get preferential treatment in re-signing my own free agents, or is it a free-for-all in which i compete equally with everyone else?

Also, i'm not quite sure how the issue of money works in the game. I've installed OOTP 6.5 and have been looking around in the program (i don't yet have a password, so i can't actually change settings for my team), and it's not clear to me how i determine just how much money i have to spend on players.

Also, are all trades proposed and agreed to over email? Or is this also done within the program interface? And is there a general schedule of events (signing of free agents, draft, etc.)?

Sorry for all the questions, but i really want to get into this and do it properly, so if you can help me work this stuff out, i'd be most appreciative. And if there's a general rules page or something online, please point me in the right direction. Looking forward to playing.


Sunday, September 23, 2007

Apparently, there is a bug in the game's scoring...

Pinch runners don't get credited with a game played.


Traded Draft Picks for 2011

To the best of my knowledge, the only traded draft pick so far is the Saskatoon 2nd round pick, traded to Danville as part of the Ramsey for Satterlee deal.

If anyone is aware of any other traded draft picks, please let me know.