Thursday, December 31, 2009

Rain Delay

The sim will be run tomorrow (Thursday). I need some information from two owners before we can continue.


Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Trade: River Cities and Ohio

Dateline, Cape Canaveral -- In the wake of the All-Star game hoopla River Cities and Ohio have pulled a deal that they hoped would pass unnoticed. River Cities sends minor league prospects SS Esteban Ordonez and LF Lai-Hsiang Xiang to Ohio in return for relief pitcher Larry Dull and Ohio's 4th Round pick in next year's amateur draft.

Reached at the pre-launch party for his upcoming space tourism trip and surrounded by oh-so-hot Ally Sheedy lookalikes hoping to audition for 'Space Camp II: Zero G Experimentation' River Cities owner Nate Wooley stated "We need some Dull around this place. It's constant noise and such. I thought by acquiring the guy with the name I could get some peace and quiet around here."

When informed of the trade Dull remarked...well, he said...err. Urm. Well, honestly he lived up to his name and this reporter fell asleep during his remarks. But I'm sure he said something, sports fans!

Will this be it for the Sternwheelers? Or is there more dealing ahead. River Cities may have the best record in the game right now but that hasn't stopped owner Nate Wooley from looking to improve in the past. Time will tell the tale!

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Sim's Done

Welcome to July -- it's All-Star Season!

How things stand:

Saskatoon 48-32
Seattle 48-32
Maui 41-39
Brooklyn 39-41
Houston 33-47
Hickory 31-49

River Cities 53-27
Cleveland 50-30
Ohio 37-43
New York 36-44
Los Angeles 34-46
Danville 30-50

Next sim -- next Wednesday.

Just a small administrative note -- next semester I have class on Wednesday nights, so in late January I'll be moving the sim to a new night. I'll make sure everyone has advance notice.


Hickory GM Fails to Come Up With Clever Headline to Announce Deal

Dateline - Hickory, June 15, 2015

The dismantling of the first playoff team in Hickory history began this week, as the Huskers dealt veteran lefty closer Harold Beeks to division rival Seattle. Acquired in a midseason trade with River Cities in 2014, the 33-year old Beeks helped Hickory seal its wild-card run by saving 21 games in the second half. This season, Beeks has been one of the few bright spots for the Huskers, converting all 14 save opportunities to date, but his productivity has been limited on a disappointing team that sits 16 games behind the first place Monarchs.

"Am I worried about helping the competition?" asked incredulous Husker GM Frank Ferrara at a press conference announcing the trade. "We are 16 games behind them. We're only their competition in the sense that Pompeii competed with Vesuvius. We'll be sorry to see Harold go, but there's not much point holding onto an elite closer at this point." Added veteran manager Todd Lee, "Yeah, and also, we're thinking about letting Frank Osborne close on the days when he's not starting." The press conference was then briefly halted as Ferrara repeatedly struck Lee about the head and shoulders.

Coming to Hickory in the deal are catcher Kareem King (.312/.352/.531 in limited time behind Seattle starter Alberto Grenado) and lefty reliever Jacobo Centeno (0-3, 3.86, 14 strikeouts in 21 innings at AAA Tacoma). At 28, King is old for a prospect, but the Huskers hope his outstanding defensive reputation and plus plate discipline will make him an immediate starter behind the plate.

Friday, December 18, 2009

Sim's Done.

In the Adams League, Seattle has a one game lead over Saskatoon.
In the Zotti League, Cleveland and River Cities are tied.

And the good news: no one was killed this sim! :)

Next sim will be next Wednesday.


Wednesday, December 16, 2009

The Sim'll Come Out... Tomorrow... You Can Bet Your Bottom Dollar That Tommorrow...

... theyre'll be sim.

I'm putting off the sim as a courtesy to an owner who asked me to do something for his team that I can't do. So, in order to give him a chance to make alternate plans, I'm giving him until tomorrow.

In addition, I'm working with Michael on a solution to the commish-overbudget issue. I put together an idea and sent it to Michael for his consideration. Once we both agree that it's a good idea and that it'll work, we'll let everyone know what we're doing.


Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Next sim tomorrow

Since there was no blog post with the last sim, I sent Zev an email asking if he was planning to run the next sim tomorrow. He responded yes, barring any unforeseen developments. Just passing it along FYI.

Thursday, December 10, 2009

River Cities and Cleveland still tied!!!!

Nate, I guess it is not that odd what happened 2 seasons ago with you and Paul as we are tied for the lead again after another 15 days have passes. That makes 3 of the 4 sims in which we have been tied...will this continue???

Saturday, December 5, 2009

Trade Pitching for Position Players

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Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Sim's Done

Sorry, I'd post more, but as my FB know, I'm sick as a dog.

Next sim, next Wednesday



Hey, all -

So, thanks to the vagaries associated with real estate transactions, I am temporarily between... er... homes at the moment, and have been for almost two weeks. I'm thus without Internet connection most of the time and without connection to the game ever. I'm finally closing on Friday and should be able to catch up then, but in the meantime, two things:

1. I apologize to anyone who has tried to contact me about trades or other matters in the last two weeks; I'm not blowing you off, but I am living in a hotel.

2. If a kind soul could do just one simple thing to my team, I would appreciate it considerably. Specifically, I would like my rotation changed from a 6- to a 5-man rotation (the rotation should be Osborne, Reuter, Hunnicutt, Shipp, and Morales, with Lawrence and Amell listed as Spot Starters. Everything else I'll just have to live with.

Really sorry. This sucks, because I had high hopes for my team this year and being unable to manage it for these three sims is helping to put me in a hole. Oh, well. I blame Omar Minaya, because basically everything bad is his fault.

Trade: River Cities and Maui

Dateline: Marietta, OH May 1, 2015 -- For the second time in the last six week of this new season River Cities has dealt a player under 25 for someone older. The deal, completed with the Maui Mashers, is already being dubbed by the sportswriters 'The Rainbow Connection'.

Leaving the questionable atmosphere of southeastern Ohio this time is 1B/OF Ronald Amos, acquired only ten months ago from Hickory. Leaving Maui to walk the sacred ground of Ohio is Maui starting catcher Thomas Geter along with 2B prospect Travis Sparrow from AAA Pukalani.

Amos, hitting .333 so far in 2015, said in a release, "YEAH, BABY! AWESOME! Who cares about baseball? I'm heading for Hawaii! Hits, schmits, I'm hitting the waves and the bikinis, dude!" Amos then went on to donate all of his cold weather clothes to the Goodwill on Greene Street and parade down Front Street in a colorful shirt and lei. "Get it", he continued, "Leied? Get it! That's me, man! That's ME!"

Reached actually AT Hawaii, River Cities owner Nate Wooley commented, "I just thought I'd make the young man's dreams come true. Amos is already from California, sadly from San Jose instead of southern Cali, so I hope he'll be able to adapt. Yes, dear, more lotion would be good. Wait, don't you print that!"

Rumors abound that, with the first base problem now resolved, owner Wooley is turning his attention to reworking his crowded outfield. With Maclin, DuBreuil, Birdsell, and Suarez something is likely to be done. Just what? This reporter couldn't say but it'll be interesting to watch.