Thursday, April 29, 2010

As A. Keys said: "Let's Here it for New York"

The New York Gothams made a trade today with the Cleveland Steamers to bolster their bullpen for this season and beyond. Cleveland sends over a duo of top-notch young relievers Eden Torres and Ethan Moyer in return for 1B prospect Benito Torre.

The Gothams had a gluten of first-base prospects and Cleveland realized that they did not have a long term solution at that position and the best bullpen in the league so they had arms to trade.

"We are looking forward to a long a fruitful relationship with Mr. Torre," said Cleveland Manager Roger "Big" Johnson. "I am hoping that he brings his Uncle Joe with him to teach me a thing or two about managing."

I have no way to end this pathetic post so I will just say I think this is a good trae for both sides.

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Traded draft picks list updated

I just finally got around to updating the traded draft picks list for the next season's draft (2017). There's only one entry in there: Hickory's first round pick will finally be going to Seattle. See the link in the footnote for the explanation.

The link on the top-right of the blog should still work, despite saying it's the 2016 list.

Zev: Can you please update the link title when you can?

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Sim 1 Done

First things first -- the teams who uploaded are:

Los Angeles
New York
River Cities

Now then, on to the important stuff:

In the Adams Division, Cleveland leads by one game over Cleveland
In the Zotti Division, it's Seattle leading by one game over Saskatoon
Lastly, in the Signorino, Maui holds a two game lead over Houston.

Other news items:

Ohio picks up C James Hardman for $9,000,000.
Seattle's 2B Carmelo Deleon won't play until next April after tearing a thigh muscle.
Maui's Diego Mijangos won't be throwing out of the bullpen anymore. His career is over after tearing a back muscle.
Cleveland's slugger John Grondin went 5 for 5 (with a homer) against Saskatoon on 4/6.
Los Angeles SS Ricky Peppers was named the Player of the Week, going 15/27 with 3 homers.

Next sim: next Saturday night.


Thursday, April 22, 2010

Opening Day!!!!!!

After what some are calling the longest offseason in SDMB League history, Opening Day is here. There are a lot of changes in the league this year, with new financial settings, as well as the radical reƤlignment that converted two leagues into three divisions.

There were no major league signings this sim, but twp major injuries to report. One of the entire bullpen of new free agents that Saskatoon signed to help defend their Cecil Cup title, Merlin Bohon, will miss about six weeks. Ohio's stud 3B Ronald Quijada will miss two months after getting beaned by Saskatoon's Alfredo Herrero. Ironically, both players were hurt in the same game on 3/26.

The league file is up. Go and get it and remember a few things:

1. Zev will sim Opening Day and the first two weeks of the season on Saturday night. I definitely won't run any sims this weekend because I'll be out of town and there isn't an OOTP iPhone app yet (or, is there?).

2. Remember to drop your roster to 25 players. Zev will have to make some cuts for you if you don't, and you never know whom he might release if he needs to make room.

3. Also, if you used 7-man lineups and rotations during spring training, you had best remember to undo them, or else they'll still be in effect during the season, to unexpected results. Trust me, folks, you don't want to leave them as-is.

4. The minor league season also starts this sim, so be sure to get your minor league rosters in order, too.

5. Item number 3, above, should be ignored if you're scheduled to play Los Angeles in the first two weeks of the season, however.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Free* draft pick!

I'm willing to trade my third round pick in next season's draft for a scrub, a half-star 28-year old middle reliever still toiling in AA. If the player I get in return has even the remotest chance to be of value one day, I'll even bump it to a 2nd round pick.

What's the catch, you ask? You have to take Sean Arant and his contract ($9.6m owed over the this season and next, along with a $7.3m mutual option for 2018) off my hands. While he was formerly a top-10 player in the league, arguably, his ratings and skills tanked last season, right after I signed him to that extension.

In the past, I would've just released him and swallowed the salary dump, but my finances aren't what they used to be, so I'm hoping to bribe a team to take him, hence this offer.

I'll also make a similar deal if someone would rather have Alan Callahan and his $12m owed for this season (he, too, has a mutual option for $13m after this year). He still has some talent and value left, so just watch out if he wins Outstanding Batter for you: He's due $15m in bonuses in that case.

If anyone has any other creative ways to remove either of those contracts from my roster, my inbox is open.

Spring training -- Week three

The third week of spring training is in the bag, and the veterans are starting to look forward to moving away from Florida and Arizona and start the season, while the rookies are hoping they'll be on the flight with the big team.

Two big signings this sim: I nabbed closer Bill Dewall and former Scorpions star OF George Aguinaldo.

The league file is up, and the final week of spring training will be on Wednesday night. I can almost hear the umpire yell "Play ball!"

Opening Day will be on Saturday night.

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Spring training -- Week two

I just ran the Saturday night, week two of spring training, sim. Sorry it's late.

Week three of spring training will be simmed on Monday night.

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Spring Training -- Week 1 Done

Week 2 will be simmed on Saturday night.


Draft Completed - Spring Training Is Here!

Next sim (covering the first week of Spring Training) on Thursday night.


Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Seattle Trades Gritty, but High-Priced Infielder

March 1, 2016 - SEATTLE (AP) - The Seattle Monarchs today announced that they have dealt second baseman Duane Gerhardt to the Danville Dans. In exchange, Seattle swapped first-round picks (moving from the #10 pick up to the #2 slot) and also acquired AA pitching prospect Floyd Crown. Gerhardt is the best base-stealer in SDMB OOTP history, having swiped a league-record 102 bags in 2014 and getting thrown out a staggeringly low 18 times.

"How could they deal Duane?" wondered local fan Joe Schmoe. "Gerhardt's a popular player with me and all my friends down at the local bar. I can tell you my interest in the Monarchs is going to fall as a result of this trade, and I expect those Danville fans will have their interest perk right up."

Seattle management explained the move as both a cost-cutting measure and a chance to play some young infielders, principally Richard Bender. "We think Dick Bender's got an exciting and unique talent and one that our female fans in particular will be intrigued by," said Owner/GM Mack Shultz. Other, more mundane possibilities for the starting infield job will be Paulino Reyes and the newly acquired Roberto Ferrer.

One rumor going around is that star shortstop Camelo Deleon will be moved to second base and one of the youngsters will be installed in his place. "He is named 'The Gimp' after all," said one anonymous clubhouse source.

One thing is sure though. Monarchs fans will certainly miss Gerhardt. He steals bases, has a great work ethic, burns to win, bunts exceptionally, and is an all-around great guy. Basically he's Willie Bloomquist, but actually good.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

It's time for the draft

I ran the sim until 3/1. There were a few signings this sim:

Saturday, February 20th, 2016
Ohio Buckeyes: Signed free agent MR P. Elizalde to a 2-year contract worth a total of $4,160,000.
New York Gothams: Signed SS C. Cohen to a 4-year contract extension worth a total of $20,424,000.

Friday, February 19th, 2016
Seattle Monarchs: Signed free agent SS F. Carrey to a 1-year contract worth a total of $300,000.

A few teams had players whose DFA time expired. Most players accepted AAA demotions, but a few had to be put on the 40- and 25-man rosters. If you don't want them anymore, release them, please.

The next sim is Wednesday night, and will be a one-day sim, for the amateur draft. If you haven't yet, fill in your draft list. Go to the SDMB menu, and then choose Draft Pool, and then the Draft List tab. Please let Zev or me know if you have any questions on how to fill out the list.

After the draft, on Thursday night, will be the first week of spring training. Here's the schedule, as I envision it:

Wednesday night (4/14): Amateur draft, sim to 3/2 (start of spring training)
Thursday night (4/15): Sim to 3/10, first week of spring training
Saturday night (4/17): Sim to 3/17, second week of spring training
Monday night (4/19): Sim to 3/26, third week of spring training
Wednesday night (4/21): Sim to 4/1, just before Opening Day
Saturday night (4/24): Opening Day and the first two weeks of the season

Of course, this schedule can and probably will be changed by Zev.

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Sim's done

League date: 2/15/2015

Free agent signings:

Saturday, February 6th, 2016
Saskatoon Amigos: Signed free agent MR W. Sewell to a 2-year contract worth a total of $8,640,000.
Saskatoon Amigos: Signed free agent MR H. Beeks to a 2-year contract worth a total of $16,760,000.

Thursday, February 4th, 2016
Seattle Monarchs: Signed SP J. Macaluso to a 4-year contract extension worth a total of $28,000,000.

Wednesday, February 3rd, 2016
Saskatoon Amigos: Signed free agent MR D. Roberts to a 1-year contract worth a total of $730,000.
Saskatoon Amigos: Signed free agent SP S. Gonzalez to a 1-year contract worth a total of $2,500,000.

Monday night's sim will bring us to the first of March and the eve of the amateur draft, which will be held on Wednesday night. Spring training is (really, this time!) just after that.

Any questions?

Friday, April 9, 2010

Sim's Done

Game Date is 2/1/2016.
Contrary to previously published reports, spring training doesn't start until March 2, which is after the first-year player draft.

HOU: 3B Federico Alard, 1 year, $690K
SEA: RF David Kerry, 1 year, $20 million (making Kerry the 3rd highest paid player in the league)

Next sim will be Saturday night.

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Los Angeles/Seattle trade

The Los Angeles Scorpions, the only franchise to ever win four straight Cecil Cup championships, is proud to announce the acquisition of a key part in the next four championships the team will win. Late last night, the team announced a trade with new division rival Seattle Monarchs that will bring top-flight starter Jimmy Matthias and two prospects, catcher Bobby "The Door" Krieger and pitcher Javier Olivas to Los Angeles.

In return, Seattle gets versatile outfielder Roberto Ferrer and top outfield prospect Bas Bijkerk.

"It was tough dealing Roberto and that Bas kid," GM Michael Weintraub said. "But, to get a pitcher like Jimmy is worth the cost."

Matthias was stunned, but pleased by the news: "After we failed miserably in the playoffs last year, I really soured on the Seattle franchise. Everyone is so gloomy up there!"

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Sim done

League date 1/15/2016

After the next sim (Thursday night), spring training will finally begin. I processed my deal with Matt (5th round pick for Michael Lawrence). I don't think there were any major news or free agent signings.

Monday, April 5, 2010

New York first basemen available

Since it seems to be the time of year to advertise, I'll mention that I've got too many first basemen.

Gregorio Marzano is the star - hit .331 last year, with decent power and good on-base skills. Career OPS of .870. Won the slick fielder award last year.
He's about to start his last year before becoming a free agent, his salary is $6,575,000.

Benito Torre, 22, is coming off an injury and should be ready before the start of the season. The former #10 prospect, he shows very good contact and eye skills, and has medium power. He's at the minimum salary for a couple more years.

Jerome Guerra, although 32 years old, has some things going for him if you want a cheap 1B option. He tore up AAA last year - .310/.429/.510 - and didn't embarrass himself in the bigs after Marzano and Torre both were on the DL. He's also at the minimum salary.

Obviously Marzano > Torre > Guerra in terms of worth to me, but I'll move any of them (or even two). Looking for prospects or picks, or upgrades at 2B/OF/MR.

Maui Players Available

The Maui Mashers are currently accepting offers for any of the following players:

SP A. Carballo
MR M. Lawrence
MR L. Weber
CL J. Cropper
2B I. "No Neck" Natsu
CF J. Reeve
RF H. Davila

Prices vary but are not unreasonable. Email any interest to

Starting Pitching, Star Infielder Available

Having finally accomplished my year-end review of my roster, I have identified two players available to good homes. Not free, but a reasonable offer can definitely get them.

The first is starting pitcher Jimmy Matthias. He's 27 years old and is coming off a 15-7, 2.96 ERA season. Just to show it's no fluke, his career ERA is 3.47. He's good. Why deal him? I have pretty good starting pitching depth, at least I think. More relevantly though, he's a free agent after this season. While he only wants $9 million per year to resign, I have some salary concerns going forward and can't commit the cash to him. I'm willing to sign him before a trade, if that's someone's preference.

Starting pitching seems tough to find in the league right now, so hopefully someone will want to give Matthias's proven track record a home.

The second available player, once he finishes healing from injury, is second baseman Duane Gerhardt. He's been great his whole career. Career OPS of .823 (#49 in league history). The only player to swipe 100 bases in a season. Has at least 70 steals in his four full seasons. Very Popular with the fans. Only makes $8 million this year and $8.5 next year in a team-friendly contract. So, why trade him? I've got a young second baseman in Richard Bender that I think needs to start. I also think I have good infield depth.

What am I looking for in return for these players? I could use a starting outfielder in one of the corners. Maybe a good reliever. Draft picks and prospects otherwise. Let me know if you're interested.

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Too many outfielders

Does anyone need a fourth-OF type? I have a few extra men in my outfield, and since we don't play softball, I don't have any room for a few of them.

I'll give up either Sean Arant or Allan Callahan for a 5th round (or so) draft pick, or Tony Demiras or Roberto Ferras for a 3rd round (or so) pick.

Sim Done

Game Date is 1/1/2016
Amateur draft pool has been published.

Next sim on Tuesday night.

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Players Looking For New Homes...

The Wolves are attempting to place several players with new homes.

Closer Pedro Morales has been one of the premier closers in the league for over seven years. However, the organization is looking to go in a new direction and will be breaking in a new closer who will hopefully be able to close out Brooklyn wins for years to come.

2B/SS Ronald Chambers has been suffering due to a lack of playing time. However, with the proper playing time, he could be a very good player. In addition, as a defender, he is top-rate (95 at second base, 80 at shortstop). Best of all, he plays for peanuts (well, actually $324K).

I'm listening to any and all offers. Feel free to inquire about othe players too.


Sim Done

Game date is 12/15/2015.
The College League has been populated.
Injury setting confirmed as low

I also made a small change to the league settings. The amateur draft pool will now be revealed 60 days before the draft instead of 30. If anyone objects, I'll set it back to 30.

Next sim will be Saturday night.