Wednesday, June 30, 2010

August I Sim re-run

Game Date

Who Uploaded?
Los Angeles

Who's in first?
Adams Division - Cleveland leads River Cities by 14 games
Zotti Division - Seattle leads Saskatoon by one game
Signorino - Maui leads New York by 30 games
Wild Card - Saskatoon leads River Cities by 5 games

Player of the Week Honors:
8/1 - O. Cabrales (Maui)
8/8 - C. Moss (Ohio)
8/15 - B. Turek (Los Angeles)

Junior Commissioner Note
I considered rolling back the injury to Brooklyn's Franklin Lakey that happened in the "ghost" sim, but I decided to invoke my junior commissioner powers to revise Lakey's injury. Due to the crazy time travel that happened in the sim, Lakey developed migraines and will miss the entire month of August. No word on if he has nosebleeds like the hot redhead on Lost, or not, but, for Zev's sake, I hope he doesn't exhibit symptoms of temporal sickness, and is just confused by what's happened. I hope everyone agrees this was a fair compromise.

I also had to make a roster decision for Hickory, to accommodate adding Timothy Palacio to his active roster. I demoted 3B Carlos Pais to AAA on Frank's behalf.

Next sim
Saturday night, July 3, 2010.

Monday, June 28, 2010


OK, folks, Mack was kind enough to send me a copy of the old league file and so we'll replay the two weeks in question.  That will be run either tonight or Tuesday night.

If you sent an update file after last night's sim, IT WILL BE DELETED.  You will need to reimport the game after I run the sim and then re-export your team changes.

In addition, to avoid the appearance of conflict of interest, I will be disabling Franklin Lakey for the remainder of the season.

My apologies for all the confusion in this.  If anyone has any questions, please feel free to post them here or to send them to me by email.


UPDATE:  I've been having some trouble with the file Mack sent.  I tried to use it both Monday night and last night.  I don't know whether the problem lies with his system or mine (the smart money is probably on mine), so Michael is going to run the sim tonight from his machine (since he hasn't imported the new file).


And The Award For The Most Boneheaded Mistake By A Commissioner Goes To...

... me, who forgot to process a major trade at the trade deadline.  :(

Since this was a major trade with implications for the playoff race AND because it was my error, I'm going to see whether or not it's possible to turn back the clock to 7/30 and replay the two weeks.  Normally I don't like to do this, but I believe this case warrants and exception. 

I'll let you guys know in a day or so whether we're going to turn back the clock or not. 

My sincere apologies to David and Nate and all the other owners for this screw-up. 


Sunday, June 27, 2010

August I Sim (Finally) Done

Game Date
Aug 16, 2017

Who Uploaded?
Los Angeles
River Cities

Adams:  Cleveland leads by nine over Hickory
Zotti:  Seattle stretches their lead to six over Ohio
Signorino:  Maui... oh, why even bother?  :)
Wild Card:  Hickory and Ohio are tied for the lead, three games ahead of Saskatoon

Maui's Octavio Cabrales named Player of the Week (8/1)
Cleveland captured 2/3 of the monthly awards with 3B John Grondin winning Batter of the Month and James Turner winning Pitcher of the Month
River Cities 1B Travis Sparrow won Rookie of the Month
Saskatoon RF Santiago Salazar wins Player of the Week (8/8)
LF David Kerry (Seattle) wins Player of the Week (8/15)

Due to the ruling by the Commissioner, the River Cities/Hickory trade was reworked to 2B Timothy Palacio for minor league catcher Christobal Cordero.

River Cities SP Robert Brown (shoulder), out for the season
Hickory SP Frank Osborne (bone chips), out until early October
Brooklyn SP Franklin Lakey (bone chips), out for the season
Maui 3B Octavio Clabres (fractured ankle), out until around July 2017
Houston RF Hal Pires (torn ankle ligaments), out for the season

Saskatoon's Brian Frison reached 300 home runs -- the 13th player to do so.
Los Angeles' Ricky Peppers reached 1000 RBI -- the 10th player to make it that far.
River Cities John Hukill scored his thousandth run -- the 10th player to do so

Next Sim:
Next Saturday night.

Sim Tonight

OK, I finally managed to figure out how to fix the problem (I had to uninstall, DELETE ALL THE FILES and only then reinstall) I was having with the game.

The August I sim will be run tonight.

As for the trade, it's generally been the rule that only next-year draft picks can be traded. I would *really* like to stick to that. So, if there are no objections from the parties involved, I'm going to use the alternate trade that was sent in.

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Further Rain Delay

Well, I finally managed to catch up to everything I needed to catch up to. Unfortunately, it seems that I somehow managed to ruin my copy of the game. I'm currently backing up the league file (the problem is the game software, not the league file) so that I can unlicense and reinstall.

I don't know if I will have it done by tomorrow as we have a family celebration planned. If I can't get it done by tomorrow, it will have to be Saturday night. My apologies for the delays.

I'll make a ruling on the pending question in time for the sim.


Sunday, June 20, 2010

Trade: River Cities and Ohio

Another last minute trade...probably more work than Zev needs right now.

River Cities trades SP John Okane to the wildcard contending Ohio Buckeyes for the Buckeyes 2017 first round pick.

Trade: River Cities and Hickory

Dateline: Last Minute Ohiotown!

In what was expected River Cities has dealt longtime second baseman to Hickory for a 2018 first round pick. The move is a sign that River Cities owner Nate Wooley isn't convinced that his team can overcome its poor start and make the playoffs this year. It also provides some return for a player going into free agency.

Okane is still on the market for the same sort of return.

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Rain Delay

I'm going to be out all day tomorrow at a family funeral. Unfortunately, that means that all the school work I was planning on pushing off until tomorrow needs to be done tonight. As a result (combined with the fact that Michael can't run the sim from the frozen north on his Ipad), the sim's going to be late. Let's aim for Tuesday night.

My apologies to all.


Wednesday, June 16, 2010

They Must Go

The Piggy is hurt about the rumors being spread about the 4th of July Cookout. Because of this the Piggy is taking offers for:

Fred Smith SS
David Nightingale OF
Bill Tussey SP

For the record the You Tube Video of the Piggy in the Speedo eating squash is a fake.

That Is All

Sunday, June 13, 2010

July II Sim run

Game date: 7/31/2016

Today is the trade deadline. All trades must be completed before the next sim, or must wait until the offseason.

That said, who uploaded?

Los Angeles
New York

Who's in first?

Adams Division - Cleveland is 13 games up on both Hickory and River Cities
Zotti Division - Seattle is five games up on both Ohio and Saskatoon
Signorino Division - Maui is a whopping 28 games up on New York

Since two of the three divisions are fairly safely decided, let's start asking, who's leading the wild card chase?

Ohio and Saskatoon are tied, both four games up on Hickory and River Cities

Who was awesome?

Los Angeles 1B Michael Slye was Player of the Week on 7/18
Danville 3B Brian "Enrico" Palazzo was Player of the Week on 7/25
Maui's Kevin Kepner 2-hit Brooklyn on 7/18
Seattle's Jaime Cruz 2-hit Ohio on 7/28
Ohio's Lincoln Rossetti (an original 2002 player -- he was on my Stockholm team, by the way) collected his 2000th career hit on 7/18
Maui's Jason Lefebvre had five hits against Los Angeles on 7/21

Who got hurt?

A few week-to-week injuries, but the big injury this sim is Brooklyn catcher, Beau Manning, who tore his achille's tendon and is lost for the rest of 2016.

What's next?

A special sixteen-day sim next weekend by Zev, featuring the processing of all last-minute trades, and the last games of July and the first fifteen days of August. I'll be unavailable, by the way, the next two weekends so it's all-Zev, all-the-time.

Friday, June 11, 2010

Maui/Houston Trade

The latest Houston Piggy Offer has been accepted by the Maui Mashers. In a deal announced today, the two teams will be swapping players/prospects as follows:

Houston sends to Maui:
CL Ramos
C Stiger
2B Kerr (AAA)

Maui sends to Houston:
3B Velasco (AAA)
2nd Round Pick
9th Round Pick

And there was much rejoicing. *yay*

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Houston Piggy Offer

The Piggy is not amused with:

Herman Kerr 2b
Pedro Ramos cl
Douglas 'Fritz' Stiger c

If a deal is to be made, 2 off the list must be chosen. All 3 is the dream in one deal. Looking for:

1. Picks
2. Prospects
3. Power at 1b

Offers for Fred Smith SS and David Nightingale OF will be looked at too, alone or together. Fair warning offers from outside the Signorino Division have a leg up.

That is all

Sunday, June 6, 2010

July I Sim Done

Game Date: 7/16/2016

Who Uploaded?:
Los Angeles
New York

Adams: Cleveland ups the lead to seven over Hickory
Zotti: Seattle expands their lead by one and now is three games ahead of Ohio and Saskatoon
Signorino: Maui continues to dominate and now leads by a full 25 games.
Wild Card: Ohio has tied Saskatoon for the wild card lead. They are two games ahead of Hickroy and three ahead of River Cities.

LF Rufus Murray of Saskatoon wins Player of the Week (7/4)
New York’s 1B Gregory Marzano wins Player of the Week (7/11)

Rule V pick Seattle’s SP Joseph Sterner was returned to Danville and placed on the AAA team.
Los Angeles released CF Sean Arant
Danville’s Jose Guzman goes 5-5 against Ohio (7/1)
Saskatoon’s Demarcus Ramirez pitches a 5-hit shutout against Brooklyn (7/7)

Houston 2B Bill Cremeans – back spasm’s – 7 weeks
Seattle SP Dennis Pickens – strained back muscle – 6-7 weeks

Maui 1B Dong Lutz scored his 1000th run on 7/4. Lutz is the ninth member of the thousand run club.
Brooklyn C Beau Manning slugged his 300th round tripper on 7/4, becoming the 12th player in league history to do so.
Brooklyn 1B Luis Jeon became the all time leader in walks.
Demarcus Ramirez’s shutout against Brooklyn was his 21st, making him the all-time leader in shutouts.

Quote of the Week
If a woman has to choose between catching a fly ball or saving an infant’s life, she will choose to save the infant’s life without even considering if there is a man on base. – Dave Barry

See ya all next Saturday night! Next sim will go to July 30 (as opposed to July 31) to allow for extra time before the trading deadline.