Monday, August 30, 2010

Sim Done

Game Date: 1/26/2017


LF Brian Bringham leaves Hickory and signs with River Cities for $1m/1 year

2B Marvin "Marvin" Cardoza says goodbye to New York and signs with River Cities for $2.3m/1 year.

CF Mohammed Stelly also leaves New York and goes to Hickory for $3 million/3 years.

Next sim, Tuesday evening.

Seattle-Saskatoon Trade

Seattle sends minor league infielder Miguel Salazar to Saskatoon in exchange for Saskatoon's first round pick in the upcoming draft. There's surely some very interesting backstory, but I'm watching Psych and am more interested in that. So, feel free to make up your own speculation.

Los Angeles/Hickory trade (again)

Los Angeles and Hickory have another trade to announce:

The Scorpions trade closers Dale Beene and Bill Dewall in exchange for 1B/OF Federico Soriano, and three pitchers, John Kautz, Robert Calderon, and Sean Sheppard.

"It hurts getting rid of both Dale and Bill, but we're confident our young relievers can pick up the slack," Los Angeles GM Michael Weintraub stated. "We're glad that Frank found Federico Soriano redundant, as we liked having him on our team in the past and will put him back at 1B."

"The three pitchers should help us, too. We know that pitching is our weakness."

Before ending the phone call, Weintraub reminded everyone that Bill Turek is still available to trade.

(Junior commissioner's note: I also updated the Traded Draft Pick list, including a trade that Mack and Eric have yet to announce.)

Sunday, August 29, 2010

Sim Done.

Game Date: 1/19/2017

Still working on the draft issue, but there's no reason to hold up the sim any longer.


C James Hardman re-upps with Ohio for 3 years at $12.6m

Next sim -- Monday night

Friday, August 27, 2010

NO Sim Last Night

Mack brought to my attention a possible issue with the upcoming draft, so I took some time last night to investigate. As a result, there was no sim.

The sim will be run on Saturday night.


Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Sim Done!

Game Date: 1/12/2017


CF Alva Mendonca leaves the shores of Maui to play in the Big Apple with New York ($690k/1 year)

SP Kenneth Byers leaves Houston after six years and goes to New York ($470k/1 year)

2B Timothy Palacio leaves River Cities and returns to Maui ($17.5m/1 year).

Next sim, Thursday night.


Sim Done. Welcome to 2017!!

Game Date: 1/5/2017

Free Agent Signings:

MR James Cropper, last with Maui, signs with Cleveland ($870K/1 year)

3B Brian Palazzo, previously with Danville, signs with Cleveland ($1.625m/1 year)

SP Isaac Moore, re-signs a minor league contract with New York.

Next sim, Wednesday night.

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Sim Done.

Game Date: 12/30/2016


SP John Okane, last with Ohio, signs with Brooklyn ($36m/2 years).

MR David Roberts, last with Saskatoon, signs with River Cities ($1.2m/1 year)

SP Bill Tussey ends a nine-year career with Houston to sign with Cleveland ($1.5/1 year)

Next sim - Tuesday evening.

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Sim Done. Hickory Inks Turner

Game Date: 12/23/2016

Major Signings:

SP James Turner, previously with Cleveland, returns to Hickory ($98.5m/6 years)*

MR Lucien Weber, previously with Maui, signs with Hickory ($1.78m/2 years)

CL Timothy Vallejo, after a dozen years in Seattle, signs with Maui ($15.5m/2 years)

Next sim: Monday night.

* I'm a little peeved, as I offered a better contract. Oh well...

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Rain Delay

At the request of one of the owners, I am delaying the next sim until Saturday night.


Trade: River Cities & New York

Dateline New York: The first part of the Gothams' plan to reduce payroll and get younger came to fruition today as the team held a press conference today to announce a major trade with River Cities.
"Yes, it's true - we have traded Isaac Diehl and Tony Errico to River Cities", said Assistant GM Harry Diemer. "We hate to lose them, and we thank them for their years of service to the team, but we had to do something to build for the future. And frankly, what was the chance that either one of them would be on the next good Gothams team?"
In exchange for the two veteran pitchers, New York added 1B Marcos Alcazar, AA 3B Brian Yoder, A CF Cheung Ying and 3 million in cash.
"We're glad to welcome Marcos back to the Gothams organization," Diemer said of the 25 year old first baseman who was traded from the Gothams to the Sternwheelers a little over two years ago. "It's fitting that Marcos, who was the centerpiece of the trade for Gregory Marzano, will step right in and replace him in the lineup in 2017." Alcazar hit .390 in limited playing time in River Cities last year.
"Ying's a young kid that the scouts really like," said Diemer of the Sternwheelers' first round pick this year. "Great speed, good defense, and a lot of raw talent. Obviously, he's a couple of years away, but he's just the kind of high-ceiling prospect we were looking for. We're hoping in three years he can be the Yao Ming of our league in terms of expanding fan interest in the game and in the Gothams (without the career ending injury, mind you)."
"And Yoder - what can you say? He fields pretty well for a muppet Jedi master."

Rumors persist that despite this big trade, New York may not be finished dealing. Reports from league sources say that they are still fielding offers for veterans such as C Herman Gossard, OFs Richard Bilbrey and Kevin Rubio, MR Matthew Salcedo and SP Fredrick Thomas. However, earlier rumors of closer Michael Friday being on the block seem no longer to be true, as some insiders say there is now talk of converting Friday into a starter to help replace the loss of Diehl.

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Sim Done.

Game Date: 12/16/2016

Free Agent Signings: MR Wilbur Brown, formerly of Brooklyn, signed with River Cities ($900k/1 year).

Next sim, Thursday night.


Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Sim Done

Game Date: 12/8/2016

SP John Cooper was awareded to Los Angeles. Michael had selected him in the Rule V draft and, for some unknown reason, the game did not select him.

Free Agent signings:

1B Francis Armendariz, formerly of Houston, signed with Hickory ($1m/1 year)

RF Tony Demiras, re-signed with Los Angeles ($12.3m/3 years)

1B Ronald Aikin, formerly of Cleveland, signed with Los Angeles ($1.4m/2 years)

Next sim: Wednesday night.


Monday, August 16, 2010

Sim done

Game date: 12/2/2016

Next sim: Tuesday night

New York fire sale

Well, I've come to the decision that it's the time to start selling of some of my assets. I'm broke, have no depth at all, and have exactly one good position player prospect above A ball (Rasch). Even cutting a couple of arb-eligible players earlier only got me to 8M in budget space to bid on free agents, and even the fringe free agents aren't liking my offers.
Even a Dongless Miami appears way beyond my grasp to catch.

So, it's time to start moving some veteran players and looking for the future.

Anyone on my ML roster is avaiable - probably Lucchesi, Moyer & Campion are the closest to untouchable since they are young.

Prime targets to move -
4.5* SP Isaac Diehl, 18-12 last year with a 2.85 ERA, signed for two more years at an extremely reasonable 5.73 million a year. He's extremely durable, having pitched over 230 innings each of the last 4 years. Career 115-70 record. Would make a very nice #1 or #2 starter for a contender. He's probably my biggest trading chip so he won't come cheap.

4.5* C Herman Gossard - career .312 hitter, only 31, some power, good eye. Another very durable player, no injury history at all. VORP just below 30 or in the 30s each of the last three years. Signed for 2017 at 9.5 million.

Releivers Tony Errico (4*) and Matthew Salcido (4.5*) are decent bullpen options - Errico's in the first year of arbitration and Salcido is a year away. Errico's a high strikeout guy, while Salcido is more of a finesse guy with good control

Closer Michael Friday (4.5*) - only 27, my scout loves him, but he's going to get expensive after this year when he hits arbitration. Plus I want to move Moyer into the closer's role. 28 saves last year with a 3.54 ERA, he was even better in 2015 when he struck out 126 in 105 innings in a setup role. Might even have the endurance to start!

OF Richard Bilbrey - came back from a dismal 2015 with a solid year last year - .289/.375/.494 with 31 HRs and 102 RBI. Signed for just over $10M each of the next two years.

OF Kevin Rubio - a 31 year old LF, last year's .294 batting average was the first time he's hit below .300. Not a superstar by any means, but a decent outfielder that will probably go a bit cheap because of his off year last year. Signed for the next three years at a total of $12.4 million.

So, what am I looking for? Prospects and picks of course, but also cash, and ML ready players at SP, CF, 1B and the middle infield (not to mention C if I move Gossard). I can't take on any salary at all though.

So, come make an offer!

Sim's Done. Rule V Draft Is Next

Game Date is 12/1/2016. The Rule V draft is upon us.

Please submit your draft lists online via the game or to Michael and myself via email.

The draft will be run Monday night.
Tuesday night's sim will cover the next week of game time (12/1-12/8)


Sunday, August 15, 2010

Sim Done

Game Date: 11/28/2016

Next sim will be until 12/1 -- the date of the Rule 5 draft.

Next sim will be Sunday night
Rule 5 draft will be Monday night


Friday, August 13, 2010

History Lesson #1: #1 Draft Picks 2003-2009

A bit of history: #1 Draft Picks 2003-2009

Los Angeles/Hickory trade

Los Angeles traded stud 1B Michael Slye to Hickory in exchange for SP William Lawrence and 2nd and 4th round draft picks in 2017.

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Sim's done

Game date:  11/21/2016

Next sim on Saturday night.

Someone owes a posting on a trade... please put it up.  :)


Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Sim's Done

Game Date:  11/14/2016.

The next few sims will be for one week each until we get to the Rule 5 draft on 12/1/2016.

Next sims on Thursday night and Saturday night.

(P.S.  Someone owes a trade blog post -- please put it up.  Thanks.)

Maui GM Trades His Dong

Maui GM Matt Macario made headlines in the fake baseball community today when he agreed to trade his Dong.

That's right - to the surprise of many, Maui has traded superstar first baseman Dong Lutz to the Danville Dans in exchange for veteran SS Robert Camarena and promising AAA SS prospect Hernando Albacete.

Many are questioning why Maui would trade away the extremely popular Dong, particularly after coming so close to a Cecil Cup berth this year. "I know this will not be a popular move among the Maui fanbase," Macario admitted. "In fact, I expect to get an email any day now advising me that the enthusiasm of our fans has 'crashed'. But in these economic times, we need to find creative ways to achieve the financial flexibility necessary to explore the free agent market and add new team members."

Dong, a career .298/.408/.544 hitter with 361 home runs, will slide right into the revamped Danville lineup, which already got a boost when it acquired "Rimfire" Cedeno earlier today. Danville fans were said to be lining up to buy season tickets, ecstatic with the move. Maui fans, however, had a different take.

"We got the shaft," said an angry group of fans clustered in a Kihei bar. "Well, we had the shaft, and then our stupid GM sent our shaft away. Something like that. You get the idea."

Clearly, Dong's hefty contract played a role in the move. "When I woke up from a drunken stupor the morning after we signed him to his contract a few years ago, I couldn't remember how it happened," Macario confessed. "$25 million per year is a lot for any Dong," he said. "Frankly, I was blown away."

Seattle Deals Cecil Cup Star to Danville

The Seattle Monarchs, once again reshaping a successful roster, sent star outfielder Armando "Rimfire" Cedeno to the Danville Dans. Cedeno hit six home runs in the playoffs, driving in 11 and scoring 15 runs. Cedeno was a very popular player with local fans, who had seen him break into the majors at the tender age of 18. Just 25, Cedeno is fifth all-time in home runs in Monarchs history with 147.

"It's tough to deal someone like Rimfire," said Seattle Owner/GM Mack Shultz, "especially after the great playoff series he had. But, we have some excellent young outfielders who we think are ready to play in the majors and we wanted to gain some flexibility going forward."

Seattle sent Cedeno, promising infield prospect Salomon Adrover, and its second-round pick to Danville in the deal. In return, Seattle acquires left-handed reliever John Burgess and Danville's picks in the first and second rounds.

"We know it's not going to be a popular move with our fans, sending out Cedeno for a reliever and a couple draft picks," said Shultz. "But hopefully those six Cecil Cups on our mantle will buy us a little leeway here. We think Burgess has a promising arm, especially for a left-hander. And, we now have four of the top 14 picks in the draft, which will give us a chance to really stock out minor league system."

Adrover, although the 88th rated prospect in the Baseball America Top 100 Prospects list, was part of a logjam that the team had forecast for its AAA infield next year. A number of players were fighting for limited starting spots.

For the first time in recent Monarchs history, it looks like there may be an open position battle in spring training. Young outfielders Bas Bijkerk and Pedro Martinez are expected to duel with established veterans Steven Jackson, Bill Bivens, and Robert Ferrer for the Opening Day job alongside Roger Nichols and David Kerry. This trade shows that the Seattle front office is expecting Bijkerk or Martinez to step up and win the spot.

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Los Angeles trading block

I'm currently accepting trade offers for:

1B Michael Slye - 28 HR, 938 OPS
2B Bill Turek - 20 HR, 870 OPS
SP William Minton - needs a change of scenery

I really, really, need starting pitching in return for either Slye or Turek.

Last Chance To Re-Sign Your Impending Free Agents

Sim's Done.  Current Game Date is 11/2/2016.

Tomorrow night's sim will go to Nov 14, by which time your impending free agents will have become actual free agents.


Sunday, August 8, 2010

League Awards!!

The 2016 SDMB League awards have been handed out.  The winners are:

Outstanding Hitter
Saskatoon LF Rufus Murray won the Outstanding Hitter award with a .351 average, 41 home runs and 114 RBI.

Outstanding Pitcher
The Outstanding Pitcher award goes to Maui's Kyle Fike, who finished the season with a record of 19-7, a 2.49 ERA, 195 strikeouts and a no-hitter.

Outstanding Rookie
The Outstanding Rookie award landed in the middle of the Pacific as Maui SS Gabriel Sequeiros captured the trophy while hitting .250, with 17 HR and 82 RBI.

Slick Fielder
The Slick Fielder Awards have been fanded out.  The winners are:

P:  Fermin Perez (Danville)
C:  Alberto Granado (Seattle)
1B:  Francis Armendariz (Houston)
2B:  Ronald Chambers (Brooklyn)
3B:  Bruce Parker (Brooklyn)
SS:  Royal Wilson (Saskatoon)
LF:  Phillip Verner (Houston)
CF:  Monte Goss (Cleveland)
RF:  Hal Pires (Houston)

Next sim will be Monday night.  We'll go Nov 2, when the arbitration hearings will be completed.
After that, on Tuesday, we'll sim to Nov 14, by which time the players eligible for free agency will have filed.


Thursday, August 5, 2010

Sim done

I simmed one day, stopping at the point where the budgets are set (as per Matt's request).

Next sim will be Saturday night.


Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Moving On...

We'll give Mack another day or so to bask in the glory of the championship and then we'll move on.

I'm tentatively scheduling the next sim for Thursday night.  I don't have the game on this machine, so I can't say how long it will cover but it will probably be a week or two (depending on whether or not there are any major events scheduled in that time period).


Sunday, August 1, 2010

Saskatoon Overthrows Monarch Pitching, Takes Game 5

Yesterday, the Seattle Monarchs taught the Amigos that it helps to have a 5-0 lead after the first inning.  The Amigos learned the lesson well as they took a 5-0 lead against the Monarchs in the first inning, capped off by 1B Billy Pla's two run home run.

Ultimately, Saskatoon would manage to have a 10-0 lead before Seattle managed to score four runs in the final innings.  However, by that point, it was just too little, too late.

Thomas Cohen went eight innings and struck out nine to earn his fourth win of the post season and to cut Seattle's lead in the Cecil Cup Series to three games to two.


Game 6 -- Monday night
Game 7 (if necessary) -- Tuesday night

Seattle Bats Pound Amigo Pitchers. Seattle Leads 3-1

You know it's a bad day when your team is in a five run hole before you even get to bat.  That's the reality that the Saskatoon Amigos faced today as they lost to the Seattle Monarchs 11-5 and fell behind three games to one in the Cecil Cup Series.

Demarcus Ramirez, the longtime ace of the Saskatoon staff, just didn't have his stuff today.  In the first inning, he surrendered six hits, including back to back home runs to David Kerry (a three run shot) and Alberto Grando.  By the time the half-inning was over, five Monarchs had crossed home plate and if not for a runner being thrown out trying to take an extra base on a double, there may well have been more.  Ramirez lasted until the third, but by then had given up a total of six runs. 

The Monarchs had a second big inning in the sixth when they pushed across another three runners, including two on another David Kerry home run. 

While it wasn't a good game pitched for Monarchs starter Jamie Cruz (8IP, 5ER), it's enough when your team scores 11 runs.


Game 5 -- Sunday night
Game 6 (if necessary) -- Monday night