Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Seattle Still Hot with Trade Fever

May 15, 2017 - SEATTLE (AP) - The Seattle Monarchs continued their run of trades today, dealing yet another infielder away. This time though, the cupboard appeared to be starting to run bare as they had to dip down to AA to make their latest move. Seattle sent AA second baseman Luis Romero and a briefcase with $1 million in small, unmarked bills to Saskatoon in exchange for AAA outfielder Guo-ning Qiao.

Why was this deal made? Nobody really knows, although speculation has centered around two theories. The first is that the Seattle front office wants to move star outfield prospect Pedro Martinez to right field, in preparation for his long-term role in the major leagues, and that the Tacoma Titans lack anyone else on the roster capable of playing centerfield.

The second theory arises from the rumor that Seattle Owner/GM Mack Shultz greatly regrets the trade that sent Qiao to Saskatoon in the first place. Sources indicate Shultz goes into a tirade whenever anyone mentions the trade, insisting that he is "the Architect of Lopsided Trades, but in MY favor" and that he would never have made such a horrible, horrible trade. Shultz has been known, however, to be at a loss for words when asked to explain Thomas Cohen's continued presence on Saskatoon's roster. Under this theory, underlings in the front office traded to recover Qiao to permit Shultz to continue to delude himself about the fateful 2015 trade that handed the Cecil Cup to the invaders from Saskatoon.

Trade: Los Angeles and River Cities

Dateline: Marietta, Ohio!

A deal was announced today between the Los Angeles Scorpions and the River Cities Sternwheelers. Coming to the confluence in the deal are two third basemen, Kenneth Lea and Britt Moroney. The cost to the league leading Sternwheelers? New reacquisition reliever Jefferson Theriault, third baseman Alfonso Barrenechea, single A reliever Andrew Barrett and a 2nd round pick in the upcoming minor league draft.

"Third base had been a concern for us since spring training", said River Cities owner Nate Wooley, reached on the campaign trail at the Washington County Farm Bureau dinner at the Career Center. "Cordoza was signed to be a supersub with some power but he'd been forced into a starter's role by the hole in the lineup. Sure, he hit well in April (.271/.382/.635(!!!)) but with the a closer-to-expectation first half of May (.115/.230/.192(!!!)) it was time to pick up a starter and, as it turns out, we got two of them. Vote for me in the upcoming election!" Wooley then ran off to chase a person holding an absentee ballot.

It wouldn't surprise this reporter if Theriault's $5.3MM salary this season had something to do with the deal. With River Citie's opening day payroll above $110MM any trimming is good trimming, in this reporter's opinion.

Seattle Deals Longtime Monarch to Danville

May 1, 2017 - SEATTLE (AP) - The Seattle Monarchs shipped utility player Bill Bivens to Danville today in a swap where the two teams also exchanged first-round picks in the upcoming 2018 amateur draft. Bivens was a 2006 second-round draft pick by Seattle and had spent his entire career with the Monarchs' organization.

Bivens, 29, is expected to become the starting shortstop for Danville and was excited about the opportunity. "I've loved my time with the Monarchs," Bivens said," and winning titles is always nice. But, I've gotten the feel that the front office here only viewed me as useful depth. I think I've shown I can be an everyday starter in this league."

Bivens broke into the majors in 2013 with Seattle and has won three championships with the Monarchs. He has cleared 500 at bats twice in his four seasons, but always as an injury replacement. Bivens has put together a more than respectable career line in the majors of .299/.352/.457. Also, his defensive versatility is almost unmatched, as he can play all four infield positions and both corner outfield slots.

"We're going to miss Bivens," said Monarchs Owner/GM Mack Shultz. "It's tough to trade someone who's been here as long as Bill has. But, he wanted to play everyday and we felt like we owed it to him to give him that chance."

1B available for MR

With top prospect David Seibel champing at the bit in AAA Arizona Bay and more than ready for a major league promotion, I'm looking to move 1B Federico Soriano in exchange for help in the bullpen. Soriano is having another excellent season (.383 OPB, 15-20 HR power) and is cheap at only $900k this season.

While my rotation is fairly strong, I need some competent arms in the bullpen. Preferably someone proven with less than a 4.00 ERA, or someone mowing hitters down in AAA where there's no room in the majors.

-- Michael / Los Angeles /

May I Sim Done

Game Date: 5/16/2017

Who Uploaded?:
Los Angeles
River cities

Adams: River Cities leads by two over Hickory
Zotti: Saskatoon leads Seattle by two games
Signorino: Maui has a four game lead over New York

Brooklyn OF Cornelius Bondy will miss about three weeks with a damaged meniscus
Houston 2B Billy Cremeans fractured his ankle and will be out for about 2-3 months.
Brooklyn MR Xavier Portillo will miss 2-3 months with a torn back muscle.

Hickory's Paul Shunk wins Player of the Week (5/8)
Maui LF Robert Estill wins Player of the Week (5/15)
Seattle and Danville executed a trade -- one of them will post about it shortly.

Hickory's Paul Shunk hit both his 300th home run and drove in his 1000th run in the same game on 5/7.

Next sim, next Tuesday.

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Seattle/Maui Trade

Maui Mashers GM Matt Macario announced today that the Mashers have acquired SS Carmelo "The Gimp" Deleon from the Seattle Monarchs. In exchange, Seattle will receive Maui's third round pick in next year's amateur draft.

Deleon has lived up to his nickname recently, having just returned from a lengthy stay on the disabled list. While the latest scouting reports suggest a recent decline in his skills, Macario is hopeful that Deleon still has enough in the tank to provide a boost to a Maui lineup saddled with injuries to core infielders Octavio Cabrales and Gabriel Sequeiros.

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

April II Sim Done

Game Date:  5/1/2017

Who Uploaded?:
Los Angeles
River Cities

Adams:  River Cities (20-8) leads Brooklyn by two.
Zotti:  Saskatoon (19-9) leads Ohio and Seattle by five.
Signorino:  Maui (14-14) leads New York by four.

Significant Injuries:
Cleveland 1B Benito Torre will miss about 4 weeks with a torn abdominal muscle
New York RF Richard Bilbery fractured his ulna and will be out for about 2 months.
Maui SS Gabriel Sequeiros is suffering from back spasms and is expected to be out for six weeks.

Awards & Accomplishments:
RF Rufus Murray of Saskatoon named Player of the Week (4/17)
CF Monte Goss of Cleveland named Player of the Week (4/24)
Amigos RF Brian Frison named Player of the Week (5/1)
Maui 1B Timothy Palacio named Player of the Month
Jesus Morales of Maui named Pitcher of the Month
1B Lindsay Walker of River Cities named Rookie of the Year Month

Brooklyn's John Okane pitched a no-hitter against Saskatoon (4/27)
Seattle's David Kerry reached 300 home runs, becoming the 14th player to reach this milestone.

Next sim, next Tuesday.

Friday, September 17, 2010

April I Sim's Done.

Game Date: 4/16/2017

Who Uploaded?:
Los Angeles
New York
River Cities

Adams: River Cities leads Brooklyn by one.
Zotti: Los Angeles & Saskatoon are tied.
Signorino: Maui leads by two despite having a 6-8 record.

Significant Injuries:
Houston: MR Jonathan Cassidy will miss 8 weeks.
Maui: 1B Octavio Calabres strained a ligament and will be out 2-3 months.

Cleveland's Tyler Thomas named Player of the Week (4/10)

New York SS Carsten Rasch hit for the cycle (4/12)
Saskatoon's Demarcus Ramirez reached 200 victories, becoming the third player to reach that goal
Los Angeles' Ricky Peppers, Brooklyn's Miguel Cuesta and Ohio's Ronald Quijada all reached 1000 runs in this sim, becoming the 12th, 13th and 14th players to do so.

Next sim: Next Tuesday night (Tuesday night will be the sim night for the next three months or so).


Thursday, September 16, 2010

Los Angeles/Saskatoon trade

Late last evening, the Los Angeles Scorpions announced the trade of star 2B Bill Turek to the Saskatoon Amigos. In return, the rebuilding Los Angeles team receives outfield prospect Rafael Sandoval and a 3rd round pick in 2018. "We have top prospect Felipe Mendoza all set to take over at second," GM Michael Weintraub announced. "We wish Bill well in the great white north."

Between this deal and the earlier trade yesterday for bench help, Weintraub promises the 25-man roster is finally set with a startling amount of young players, but with still enough experience to help guide the team back to glory.

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Trade: Los Angeles and River Cities

River Cities deals the aforementioned Malcolm Birdsell to Los Angeles.

In return River Cities gets minor league RF Freddy Aldape and a 4th round pick.

Still a middle reliever or two to deal! Who wants 'em? Cheap!

MR who thinks he is a closer

MR Arnold Pough is my second set-up guy and he wants to be a closer. As long as I have Junior, he will not be a closer, so he is stuck.

Do you want a future closer? One that has a 2.07 ERA in his first 53 ML games. He has a 0.92 WHIP and 59 K's.

I am not looking to give him away, but it will not take that much to get him.

I am not looking for Major League players, I want prospects and/or draft picks, and will favor deals that include pitching in return.

Hit me up on the e-mail at if you are interested!!!!

Seeking Best Offer: CF and MR

OK, so it appears I overcommitted on some things this off season. I am seeking the best offer for these players, either as a group or individually.

CF Malcolm Birdsell. 23 year old who plays LF/CF/RF. A high-average versatile outfielder. Last season hit .405 in AA, .349 in AAA, and .372 in the Majors.

CF Anton Suarez. CF/RF. Exceptional back up or average starter. Suarez is a lifetime .314 hitter who's forced out by developing players on my team. Last year on his contract at $5.3MM.

MR David Roberts. Quality Middle Reliever with STF 76, MOV 60, CON 53. Good enough as a set up man and could close in an emergency. Under contract for this year at $1.2MM.

First reasonable offer for one or all can land you the player you need to make you competitive.

Sim's Done. Opening Day is Here!!

Game Date: 3/31/2017

Spring Training is just about over. The season starts on April 1 with the next sim.

PLEASE make sure your rosters are down to 25 for the season opener. If your roster is not down to size, I will do it myself using my best judgment -- but keep in mind that I have not won a championship in the entire 15 year history of the league. :)

The next sim (going through 4/15/2017) will be on Thursday night.


Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Sim's Done

Game Date: 2/23/2017

Tuesday night's sim will cover the rest of Spring Training.


Sunday, September 12, 2010

A Bit Tardy... But Sim's Done

Game Date: 3/16/2017

Due to some personal business, Saturday night's sim turned into Sunday afternoon's sim.

1B Carl Watson was awarded to Danville -- he should have been drafted by Danville instead of Seattle during the amateur draft.

Next sim -- Monday night.


Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Sim's Done

Game Date: 3/9/2017

I had to fix a slight roster problem. During the Rule 5 draft, LA drafted John Cooper from Maui. For some reason, however, the player was not drafted despite being on the draft list. In order to correct this, I used the player editor to assign Cooper to LA. For some reason, however, while it did assign Cooper to LA's 25 man roster, it left him on Maui's 40 man roster.

To fix this, I reassigned Cooper to Maui and then traded him to LA (along with $1) in exchange for $1.

Next sim on Saturday night.

I will be out of email contact from tomorrow night until Saturday night, so if you email me, don't expect a response until Saturday night.


Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Draft's done. Welcome to Spring Training.

Game Date: 3/2/2017

Amateur Draft is done, the league pages have been updated and we are now at Spring Training.

The Spring Training Schedule will be:

1st week: Tue evening (Sep 7)
2nd week: Sat evening (Sep 11)
3rd week: Mon evening (Sep 13)
Rest of spring training: Tue evening (Sep 14)

Sunday, September 5, 2010

Sim's Done. Amateur Draft on Monday Night

Game Date: 3/1/2017


C Willy Guzman leaves Maui and signs with Los Angeles for $2.5m/1 year
SS Reggie Perez ends a decade in Saskatoon and inks a deal with New York for $450k/1 year

The amateur draft will be held on Monday night. Please double check the Traded Draft Picks page and let myself and Michael know if there are any errors.


Sim's Done

Game Date 2/23/2017

It's too late for me to do a summary. :)

Next sim Sunday night
Amateur Draft Monday night.


Friday, September 3, 2010

Sim's Done.

Game Date: 2/16/2017


CL Jefferson Theriault leaves Ohio and returns to River Cities with a $5.3m/1 year contract.

Next sims:

Saturday night -- sim to 2/23
Sunday night -- sim to 3/1
Monday night -- Amateur draft.

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Sim's Done

Game Date: 2/19/2017


3B Cristobal Santoyo signs with Los Angeles for $470k/1 year.

One owner asked about the draft order for the upcoming amateur draft. Here is the upcoming draft order (subject to changes for traded picks as per the traded pick spreadsheet):

Amateur Draft Order:

1. Houston (62 wins -- winner of coin toss)
2. Danville (62)
3. Los Angeles (65)
4. New York (68)
5/6. Brooklyn/River Cities (78)*
7. Hickory (81)
8. Ohio (83)
9. Maui (104 -- winner of coin toss)
10. Cleveland (104)
11. Saskatoon (Cecil Cup loser)
12. Seattle (Cecil Cup winner)

* Tie to be broken by coin toss to be conducted by Michael.

Next sim on Thursday night.

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Sim Done -- and a word about the upcoming draft

Game Date: 2/2/2017


Maui signed Cuban free agent 2B Jorge Perales $500k/1 year

2B Carlos Mccrea returns to New York for $400k/1 year

SP Santos Gonzales leaves Saskatoon and heads to Houston for $4.98/2 years

SP Hector Orozco leaves Saskatoon and joins New York for $3.2/2 years.

CF Joseph Bevers returns to the Wolves' Den for $17.8m/4 years.

CL Pedro Ramos leaves the shores of Maui and signs with River Cities for $35.2/2 years.

1B Gregorio Marzano takes his .305 lifetime average from New York to Seattle for $15m/1 year.

MR Donald Dinwiddle returns for his sixth season in Los Angeles for $310k.

As for the draft -- there's good news and bad news.

The good news is that the game added enough players for us to have a full draft.
The bad news is that all the players are college-aged (21-22).

It seems that if we have a college feeder league, all of our amateur draft picks will be in that age range. If we add a high school feeder league, we'll get some 18-19 year olds as well.

So, at this point, we have a few options:

1. Leave things as they are and only use college aged players
2. Add a high school feeder league.
3. Eliminate the college feeder league
4. Anything else you might care to suggest.

The floor is open for discussion.

Next sim -- Wednesday night.