Saturday, January 29, 2011

Spring Training Is Here

Game Date:  3/2/2018

The next ST sim (on Monday  night) will take us through the end of the current OOTP week.
After that, there will be one week sims on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday nights.


Thursday, January 27, 2011

Amateur Draft on Saturday Night

I decided to hold off on the amateur draft until Saturday night.

I compiled a list of the traded draft picks.  Please take some time to look over the following list of draft pick changes and let me know if I missed anything.

Traded Draft Picks

1st round

DAN -> SEA (5/1)

SEA -> DAN (5/1)

2nd round

SAS -> SEA (10/30)

LA -> SEA (10/16)

RIV -> LA (5/16)

3rd round

MAU -> SEA (5/1)

SAS -> LA (3/31)

4th round

SEA -> CLE (7/16)

LA -> RIV (3/31)

5th round

MAU -> NY (7/30)

Referenced Trades
October 30, 2017

The Seattle Monarchs traded 23-year old starting pitcher F. Crown, 19-year old minor league catcher C. Cordero and $800,000 in cash to the Saskatoon Amigos, getting 35-year old right fielder B. Frison and a 2nd round draft pick in return.

October 16, 2017

The Seattle Monarchs traded 33-year old closer J. Cuomo to the Los Angeles Scorpions, getting 23-year old minor league left fielder S. Keo, 22-year old minor league catcher B. Maxon and a 2nd round draft pick in return.

July 30, 2017

The Maui Mashers traded 23-year old second baseman M. Rodríguez, 26-year old catcher R. Heitz and a 5th round draft pick to the New York Gothams, getting 32-year old catcher H. Gossard in return.

July 16, 2017

The Seattle Monarchs traded 37-year old first baseman G. Mudge, 23-year old minor league starting pitcher C. González, 23-year old minor league starting pitcher J. Concepción and a 4th round draft pick to the Cleveland Steamers, getting 33-year old closer J. Cuomo in return.

May 16, 2017

The River Cities Sternwheelers traded 37-year old closer J. Theriault, 25-year old third baseman A. Barrenechea, 18-year old minor league reliever A. Barrett and a 2nd round draft pick to the Los Angeles Scorpions, getting 26-year old third baseman K. Lea and 27-year old minor league third baseman B. Moroney in return.

May 1, 2017

The Seattle Monarchs traded 30-year old shortstop C. Deleon to the Maui Mashers, getting a 3rd round draft pick in return.

The Seattle Monarchs traded 29-year old left fielder B. Bivens and a 1st round draft pick to the Danville Dans, getting a 1st round draft pick in return.

March 31, 2017

The Los Angeles Scorpions traded 34-year old second baseman B. Turek to the Saskatoon Amigos, getting 22-year old minor league center fielder R. Sandoval and a 3rd round draft pick in return.

The Los Angeles Scorpions traded 20-year old minor league right fielder F. Aldape and a 4th round draft pick to the River Cities Sternwheelers, getting 23-year old left fielder M. Birdsell in return.
Draft Order

1.  DAN (45 wins in 2017)

2.  HOU (59)

3.  NY (63)

4.  CLE (76)

5.  HIK (79)

6.  BRK (82)

7.  MAU (84)

8.  OH (85)

9.  LA (94)

10. SAS (96)

11. RIV (Cecil Cup loser)

12. SEA (Cecil Cup winner)

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Amateur Draft

Game Date:  3/1/2018

Please upload your picks for the amateur draft tomorrow night.


Seattle and Hickory Propel Promising Prospects to New Opportunities

Seattle and Hickory today agreed on a trade of promising prospects. Hickory will receive catcher Barney Maxon while Seattle acquires first baseman James Dodd.

Hickory also receives $5 million in small, unmarked bills. Well, the bills are regular-sized, but you know what I mean. Oddly, Hickory asked for the cash to be delivered in an unremarkable suitcase to someone claiming to be the deputy GM, a man known as Tony "No Thumbs" Tarantino.

Dodd helps fill the massive void left when Greg Marzano took the free agent money and ran to the wilds of Seattle's rival, the Saskatoon Amigos, and when Tim Palacio took less money to play for a team in Cleveland. Dodd is expected to duel with Jose Guzman for the starting job in spring training.

"Admittedly, we were a little shaken by the fact that both Marzano and Palacio spurned us, but it must be because they're afraid of the success that comes with being a Monarch," said Seattle Owner/GM Mack Shultz. "We want players that want to be here and are willing to wear all those Cecil Cup rings. Hopefully, Jim Dodd will be that guy."

Maxon, meanwhile, was crestfallen. "I got away from that lunatic in LA in an offseason trade and came to this amazing organization, but then I get traded away again before I have the chance to show what I can do. It's disappointing, to say the least."

With this deal, the Seattle roster appears set for the regular season, unless Shultz gets bored again.

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Feb 19-26 Sim Done

Game Date:  Feb 26 2018
( Just as a point of reference, I met my wife on Feb 26 1988 -- so this would  be the 30th anniversary of the day we met.)

Signings (all to minor league contracts)
River Cities:  SP Fritz Watson
River Cities:  MR Larry Dull
River Cities:  MR Claudio Guillen
River Cities:  2B Roy Fredrickson
Houston:  CF Ruben Hernandez

Next sim:  Wednesday night -- up to the amateur draft.  After tomorrow night's sim, please upload your draft choices through the game.


Feb 12-19 Sim Done

Game Date:  2/19/11

Ohio:  MR Jesus Rincon, minor league contract
Ohio:  SP Andreas Higa, minor league contract
Ohio:  C Jose Munoz, minor league contract
Ohio:  2B Aurelio Moniz, minor league contract
Ohio:  C Rene Skates, minor league contract
Hickory:  MR Wesley Eaton (Maui 2013-17), 1 year/$590k
Seattle:  C Alberto Granado (re-signed), 2 years/$24m

Upcoming Schedule:
Tuesday night:  Feb 19-26
Wednesday night:  Feb 26 - Mar 1 -- Amateur draft
Thursday night:  Mar 1 -2 -- Start of Spring Training

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Feb 5-12 Sim Done

Game Date:  2/12/2018

Maui:  LF Dion Melendez (New York since 2013), minor league contract
Maui:  C Thomas Frey (Saskatoon since 2013), minor league contract
Maui:  C German Aguirre, minor league contract
Maui:  LF Lester Humphrey (Seattle since 2016), minor league contract
River Cities:  SP Jeffrey Shuttleworth (Los Angeles since 2012), 1 year/$7.3m
Hickory:  2B Imatarou Natsu (Maui since 2012), 1 year, $800k

Next sim:  Monday night

Friday, January 21, 2011

Jan 29-Feb 5 Sim Done

Game Date:  2/5/2018

River Cities:  C Willy Guzman (Los Angeles in 2017), 1 year/$970k
Houston:  MR Willie Sewell (Saskatoon since 216), 2 years/$13.3m
Maui:  SP John Okane (Brooklyn in 2017), 2 years/$18m
River Cities: RF David Kerry (Seattle since 2016), 3 years/$76.5m
River Cities:  MR Arthur Stewart, minor league contract
Seattle:  SP Jesus Morales (Maui since 216), 1 year/$5m

Next sim:  Saturday night

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Jan 22-29 Sim Done

Game Date:  1/29/2018

Cleveland:  C Herman Gossard (New York/Maui in 2017), 3 years, $65m
Cleveland:  1B Tony Palacio (Maui in 2017), 1 year, $17.5m

Next sim:  Thursday night

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Jan 15-22 Sim Done

Game Date: 1/22/2018

New York:  SP Anthony Koepp (Cleveland since 2013), 2 years/$2.7m
Maui:  1B Carlos Sanchez, minor league contract
Maui:  1B Francis Armendariz (Hickory in 2017), 1 year/$490k.

Next sim:  Wednesday evening


Monday, January 17, 2011

January 8-15 Sim Done

Game Date:  1/15/2018

Maui:  CF Anton Suarez (River Cities since 2009), 1 year/$1.3m
Los Angeles:  MR James Cropper (Cleavland in 2017), 1 year/$420k
Hickory: SP Richard Shipp (re-signed), 3 years/$19m
Hickory:  C Adrian Labarbera (New York since 2014), minor league contract
New York:  SP Anthony Koepp (Cleveland since 2013), 2 years/$2.7m

Next sim:  Tuesday night

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Sim's Done

Game Date:  1/8/2018

Hickory: SP Donald Hunnicutt (re-signed), 2 years/$1.4m
Los Angeles:  RF Jose Lopez, minor league contract
Maui:  3B Bruce Parker (formerly Brooklyn), 4 years/$33m

Next sim:  Monday night

Friday, January 14, 2011

Sim's Done. Welcome to 2018

Game Date:  1/1/2018

Sim's done, league pages updated.

Next sim:  Saturday night

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Sim Delay

I'm afraid that tonight's sim is being delayed.  I have to wait for one owner for further instructions on player placement before I can proceed.  I'll pick up the sim tomorrow night.


Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Sim's Done

Game Date:  12/25/2017

Houston:  CL Toby Thornton, minor league contract
Saskatoon:  MR Bartolo Lorano, minor league contract
Los Angeles:  MR Jose Gonzalez, minor league contract
Los Angeles:  C William "The Warden" Ward (formerly with Ohio), 1 year/$600K
Ohio:  C Dave Hicks, minor league contract
Ohio:  MR Manuel Alvarado (formerly with Hickory), 2 years/$7.2m

Next sim:  Wednesday night

Looking for a solid starting IF? Check out Amigo Daniel Burdine: good bat and eye, some pop, plays middle IF and corners, and even steals bases!

Monday, January 10, 2011

Sim's Done

Game Date:  12/18/2017

Ohio:  CL Bill Dewall (formerly Hickory), 2 years/$15.2m
Ohio:  MR Wilburn Brown (formerly River Cities), 2 years/$3.2m
Saskatoon:  1B Gregorio Marzano (formerly Seattle), 5 years/$114.95m

Next sim:  Tomorrow night

Saturday, January 8, 2011

Sim's Done

Game Date:  12/11/2017

Houston:  CF Alfredo Gutierrez, minor league contract
Seattle:  SS Manuel Perez, 1 year/$4m
Saskatoon:  MR Merlin Bohon (re-signed), 3 years/$5.8m
River Cities:  MR Harold Beeks (formerly Saskatoon), 3 years/$24.9m
New York:  CF Lonnie Machen (formerly Hickory), 3 years/$8.1m
Ohio:  MR Marcus Santoro (formerly Ohio), 2 years/$10.6m

Next sim:  Monday night

Friday, January 7, 2011

Rule V Draft Results

Only two players were selected:

SP Rogelio Nelson, Ohio, selected by New York
MR Nelson Simeon, Danville, selected by Brooklyn

Next sim: Saturday night

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Seattle Loses Another Beloved Star

Seattle Owner/GM Mack Shultz had a tear in his eye as he announced the Monarchs' latest trade, a deal that sent long-time third baseman Eugene Alustiza to the Danville Dans in exchange for two pitching prospects, starter Juan Morrales and closer Mike Campbell.

"Eugene has been a key part of six championships over his eight years with the franchise. We picked him second overall in the 2008 draft, ironically enough with a pick we acquired from Danville in another trade, and he's been part of the Monarchs' family ever since. We're going to miss him."

Alustiza was second on the team last year in batting average and home runs and third in RBI. He's a lifetime .299/.398/.491 hitter. In the playoffs last year, he got even hotter, putting up a .325/.449/.525 line, scoring 11 runs in 10 games. But, Seattle executives have turned their eyes to rookie third baseman Gregorio Reyna who hit .315 in his rookie campaign.

"We hate to let these long-time cornerstones go, and we fully expect to hear it from the fans on this one, but sometimes you just have to bite the bullet and make a move," said Shultz. "We like the arms on the two kids we got and hopefully they'll be able to help us going forward."

Will the Monarchs use the extra salary room created by this deal to step more heavily into free agent waters? After all, the only signing so far has been a low-dollar deal for first baseman Juan Guzman. Time will tell.

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Upcoming Rule V Draft

I posted this in the comments to the previous post, but just to make it clear to everyone, I'm going to put it on the main page in this post:

I am going to run the Rule V draft manually.  All owner transactions will be processed BEFORE the draft.  If you have a player on your draft list who has since been added to a 40-man roster, he will simply be skipped and the next available choice will be selected for you.

If this causes complications because you might want a "if I can't get X I want Y" setup, I can accomodate that, provided your reasoning is not more complicated than the multi-layered dreams of Inception.


Need Bullpen Help? Come On Down to Brooklyn!

The Brooklyn Wolves have some players available for trade.  The Wolves have a very strong bullpen and there are some strong relievers available.

Among the players available are:

MR Vernon Cipriani, 23.  3.5*.  Could be a closer.
MR Jason Curl, 27, 3* potential.  Minimum salary.
MR Russell McKay, 27.  Former top prospect -- could be a major league regular and not too old to rebound.
MR Gregory Wafford, 26, had an off-season in 2017, but could easily bounce back.
MR Isaac Webber, 28, 5 star player.  Saved 33 games for Brooklyn in 2017.
MR Antonio Cerda, 24, 2.5* southpaw ready to move into the majors.  Not yet on 40-man roster, not Rule V eliglble.
MR Donald Allen, 29, 2.5*, reliable righty setup man.

CL Lucas Sweeney, 26, 3.5 stars, proven success as a major league closer. 

Please note that I'm not trading all of them.  After some of them are dealt, the rest are going to be pulled off the market.

Other players available include:
1B Luther George, 28, ready for the majors but blocked.  Excellent defense at first.
CF Amaury Marquez, 26.  Plays all three outfield spots.
LF James Amezcua, 26.  Speedster -- stole 22 bases in part-time duty in 2017.  Also has the potential for some pop in his bat.
RF Isaias Egozcue, 22.  Can hit for average, ready for the majors but blocked.

In return, I'm looking for prospects, cash and/or draft picks.  First come, first served -- these relievers aren't going to stay on the market forever.

Rule V Draft (Updated)

Game Date:  11/30/2017

Seattle:  1B Jose Guzman, 2 years/$1.75m
Maui:  LF Alfonso Fernandez 1 year/$520k
Cleveland:  3B Ronald Quijada 4 years/$76m

Please make sure to have your rosters updated and your Rule V draft picks in for the next sim on Thursday night.

UPDATE:  I advanced the game to 12/1 and re-uploaded.  If you downloaded the game before 1:15 AM EST, please re-download the game.

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Slight Change in Schedule

Mack noticed (and I completely missed) the fact that the Rule 5 draft is coming up.

As a result, tonight's draft is going to cover until Nov 30.  This will give everyone the opportunity to add players to their 40 man rosters.  The next sim after that will be Thursday night and that will cover the Rule 5 draft and the remainder of weekly sim that didn't get covered tonight.


Monday, January 3, 2011

Sim's Done

Game Date:  11/27/2017

Seattle:  SP Ronald Placencia 3 years/$58m
Brooklyn:  SP Allen Rueter 5 years/$61m
Maui:  CL  Alfonso Cabana 1 year/$910k
New York:  MR Dale Beane 2 years/$800k

Next sim:  Tuesday night

Sunday, January 2, 2011

Sim's Done

Game Date:  11/20/2017

Maui signed 1B Octavio Calabres to a three year extension for $35m.

Next sim:  Monday night

Sim Tomorrow

I'm pushing the Saturday night sim off to Sunday to give an owner a chance to respond to an email.