Thursday, June 30, 2011

Maui/Shackamaxon Trade

The Maui Mashers and the recently-relocated Shackamaxon Lenape agreed to trade some spare parts today. The Lenape, formerly known as the Los Angeles Scorpions, will send outfield prospect Ramiro Ramirez to Maui. In exchange, Shackamaxon will receive recently signed international catching prospect Kao-kan Huang, Maui's 4th round pick in the upcoming amateur draft, and $3 million cash. The exodus of catchers from the Maui organization continues.

Sim's Done. Amateur Draft Next

The game date is Mar 1, 2019... and that means it's time for the amateur draft.  The draft will be run on Saturday night.  Please make sure to upload your draft lists by then.

Michael, if you can, please make sure the traded draft pick list is up to date.



Wednesday, June 29, 2011

A sim haiku

Last night, sim was done
File uploaded, not blogged
Time is very short


Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Sim's Done (2/18/19)

Sim's done.

Next sim on Tuesday night.


Monday, June 27, 2011

Yes, Virginia, There Is A Sim....

There was one last night and will be one tonight.


Saturday, June 25, 2011

Highest Career VORP: Active Players

As part of another of my pet historical projects (this time, going back and looking at how players have performed compared to the amateur draft), I am in the process of calcuating VORP historically for players for the years before 2013 when the game started doing it.

Anyway, I've finished all of the players listed as active in the most recent archive for 2018, and thought I would share some of the findings.

Note: Because of the nature of my project, it only covers players taken in the amateur draft since the 2003 season. Players picked as part of the inaugural draft aren't in my database.

Most Valuable Active Players, by career VORP.

1. OF Brian Frison, 816.9 over 11 years
2. SS John Hukill, 747.9 over 11 years
3. 1B Dong Lutz, 730.5 over 13 years
4. SP Ronald Placencia, 696.3 over 10 years
5. SS Ricky Peppers, 646.3 over 12 years

Of these, four of the five were selected in the first round. New York picked Placenica in the second round in 2004 with the 21st pick.

Here would be the All-Star team of active players, by career VORP and by position at the time of drafting:

C: Herman Gossard: 408.9/11 years (2nd is Beau Manning: 394.9/12 years)
1B: Dong Lutz: 730.5/13 years (Luis Jeon: 520.6/14 years)
2B: Bill Turek: 337.9/12 years (Duane Gerhardt: 253.2/8 years)
3B: Eugene Alustiza: 420.2/10 years (John Grondin: 337.2/6 years)
SS: John Hukill: 747.9/11 years (Ricky Peppers: 646.3/12 years)
LF: Armando Cedeno: 315.6/10 years (Sherman Evanoff, 129.7/5 years)
CF: Miguel Cuesta: 455.8/13 years (Anton Suarez: 262.5/10 years)
RF: Brian Frison: 816.9/11 years (Paul Shunk: 588.9/12 years)
SP: Ronald Placencia: 696.3/10 years (Christopher Hester: 630.4/11 years)
RP: Junior Cuomo: 335.9/12 years (Timothy Vallejo: 335.5/12 years

There's lots about this I find interesting, but I can't get over how close Cuomo and Vallejo are in career value. Even though he's not a Monarch any more, I'm still rooting for Vallejo to finish ahead of Cuomo, although I recognize that's pretty unlikely.

And, among active players, SP Jim Edgar has the lowest career VORP at -63.1 over 6 years.

Any questions about the process of determining VORP before 2013 or about anyone active and their numbers or position ranking can be dropped in the comments and I'll try to answer them.

Friday, June 24, 2011

Sim Done

My apologies, guys.  The sim was done last night, but I didn't get a chance to post it to the blog.

Next sim will be Saturday night.

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Sim's Done (1/31/19)

Welcome to the preseason, when hope springs eternal and every team dreams of winning the Cecil Cup.

Next sim (covering the rest of the game week):  Thursday night

Review: 2011 Draft

With the signing of John Grondin to a huge contract this past week, I thought it might be fun to look back at the first round of the 2011 draft.  Why the 2011 draft?  Because Grondin was the first pick in that draft.

1st pick:  3B John Grondin (signing bonus $1.2m), Covington, just signed with Shackamaxon (LA)
925 games, .314 average, .921 OPS, 180 HR, 337.2 career VORP.

2nd pick:  LF Robert Estill ($2.8m), Hickory, currently with Maui
776 games, .244 average, .780 OPS, 99 HR, 66.0 career VORP

3rd pick:  3B Telmo Dalmau ($811k), Danville, free agent
567 games, .267 average, .760 OPS, 44 HR, 52.8 career VORP

4th pick: 2B Timothy Mendiola ($422k), Houston, currently with Saskatoon
1072 games, .282 average, .754 OPS, 191 SB, 114.3 career VORP

5th pick:  SP Jose Lamela ($262k), Denver, currently with Maui (AAA)
10 games, 3-1, 9.90 ERA, 2.50 WHIP, -10.2 career VORP

6th pick:  RF Santiago Salazar ($864k), Walla Walla (now Ohio), currently with Saskatoon
898 games, .245 average, .774 OPS, 130 HR, 37.3 career VORP

7th pick:  SP Nelson Coghlan, Brooklyn ($418k), currently with Brooklyn
86 games, 25-38, 4.67 ERA, 1.47 WHIP, 33.2 career VORP

8th pick: 2B Danny Lorenzen ($803k), New York, currently with Houston
831 games, .257 average, .671 OPS, 25 HR, -8.8 career VORP

9th pick:  SP Cesar Almendarez ($196k), Los Angeles (now Shackamaxon), currently with Cleveland
127 games, 25-37, 4.77 ERA, 1.37 WHIP, 34.1 career VORP

10th pick: 1B Santiago Delrosario ($234k), Saskatoon, currently with Shackamaxon (AAA)
Made it to AA in 2013, AAA in 2018.  Never played in the majors.

11th pick: SP Frank Wooster ($181k), River Cities.  Suffered career-ending injury in 2015
73 games, 45-12, 3.85 ERA, 1.22 WHIP, 3 SHO, 83.8 career VORP

12th pick:  CF Bill Elder ($172k), Seattle, currently with Hickory
365 games, .215 average, .659 OPS, 16 HR, -15.1 career VORP

Obviously, Covington was right on the money with Grondin as the first pick.  However, who knows if that would still be true if Wooster hadn't gone down with his injury.  Just looking at the numbers he put up in 2 1/4 seasons is a bit frightening.

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Sim's Done (1/28/11)


The winner of the John Grondin sweepstakes is.... Los Angeles!  The winning bid was a five year deal worth $30.6, $25.3, $27.5, $29.6, $29.7 and a mutual option sixth year for $31m.

In addition, New York signed C Adrian Labarbera (Hickory) to a minor league contract.

Next sim will cover the period to 2/1 and will occur tomorrow night.


Monday, June 20, 2011

Sim's Done (1/21/11)


Maui signed SP Edgardo Barbosa to a minor league contract.
Houston signed SP Isaac Diehl (River Cities) to a two year contract worth almost $21m total and an mutual option year for $12m.
Houston signed SS James Brockway (Los Angeles) to a minor league contract.
River Cities signed MR Bruce Roughly to a minor league contract.

Next sim:  Tuesday night.


Sunday, June 19, 2011

Monarchs Scrap Richardson Probe, Acquire Draft Pick in "Unrelated" Deal

After signing the oddly popular minor league washout Lawrence Richardson to a minor league contract earlier in the offseason, the Seattle Monarchs front office began to hear some disturbing rumors about his background and the cause for his popularity.

Today, the Monarchs took the unusual step of publicly announcing that they had concluded their probe and nothing was turned up. "Really, guys, we found absolutely nothing," said Monarchs Owner/GM Mack Shultz, as he fidgeted and his eyes shifted nervously. "Certainly nothing that would reflect poorly on his prior employer, the Los Angeles Scorpions. Nope. No sirree. Nothing found."

In purportedly unrelated news, the Seattle Monarchs today announced that they had acquired the tenth round pick of the Los Angeles Scorpions for the princely sum of $1.00. While the Scorpions clearly are counting every penny to afford free agent and soon-to-be tycoon John Grondin, this trade has caused more than a few eyebrows to be raised league-wide.

"Of course, the trade has NOTHING to do with the Richardson probe. How could you even insinuate that we would bury the bodies in exchange for a tenth round draft pick," said Shultz with less than convincing outrage. "We got it as part of a bet that Scorpions owner Michael Weintraub and I made about a fictional baseball league. My made-up team, the Seattle Mariners, took two games out of three from his made up team, the Philadelphia Phillies. This proved the Mariners were clearly better than the Phillies, and earned me the draft pick. That's why this trade was made. Certainly not to cover up Richardson's reported past as a mob enforcer supporting Michael's business dealines. Definitely not that."

In other news, the Los Angeles Scorpions are reportedly fleeing the jurisdiction of California ... um ... "moving the franchise" before next season.

Hall of Fame

As you may (or may not) know, we have a Hall of Fame where the best players in SDMB OOTP history are enshrined.  Currently, there are three players so enshrined:

CF Michael Fay (2002-2014, Saskatoon)
SP Chad Nelligan (2004-2016, Seattle/Hickory)
SP Demarcus Ramirez (2002-2018, Saskatoon)

Currently, players are automatically enshrined to the Hall based if they meet any of the following criteria:

  • 3000 hits
  • 500 home runs
  • .300 batting average (min 2000 hits)
  • 750 VORP
  • 300 wins
  • 500 saves
  • 3.50 ERA (min 200 wins)

The topic of a Hall of Fame first came up a few years ago.  At that time, we chose to shelve the matter since we did not have enough of a history at that time to really consider enshrining players.  We may, at this time, now have enough history and may want to consider a process to enshrine players.  So, I'm using this post as a springboard for discussion on the matter.

There are several different approaches we can take.  We can:

  • Keep things as they are (automatic enshrinement upon retirement if statistical criteria are met)
  • Use a nominating and voting system
  • Use a combination of the two
  • Or something other process that someone wants to bring up.

So, what do you think?  What are your thoughts on the matter?  Let's keep this thread just for discussion.  After discussion, we'll begin making formal proposals.


Sim Done (1/14/2019)

Sim's Done.  The current game date is 1/14/2019.


Los Angeles signed MR Matthew Salcido (NY) to a 2 year contract worth a total of $1m.
Hickory signed 3B George "Terminator" Labarre to a four year contract extension worth $68.8m
Los Angeles signed SP Coy Hendon to a one year contract for $600k with a mutual option year worth $850k.
Seattle signed SS John "Sabertooth" Hukill to a two year contract for $18.5m each with a third mutual option year for $16m.
Maui signed SP Jeffrey Shuttleworth (River Cities) to a one year contract worth almost $6m.
Saskatoon signed SP Jesus Morales (Seattle) to a one year contract worth $22.8m.

Next sim:   Monday night

Saturday, June 18, 2011

Maui and Hickory Swap A Bunch of Catchers

Barely a week into the new year, the Maui Mashers and the Hickory Huskers clearly aren't sitting on their laurels. The two teams announced a trade today that is already being dubbed by some sportswriters (well, this one anyway) as the Great Catcher Caper of 2019. In what may be a first in the SDMB OOTP league, a total of four (!) catchers are changing teams in the same deal.

Maui will send veteran backstop Thomas Geter and his backup Douglas "Fritz" Stiger to Hickory. In exchange, Hickory will send catcher Kareen King and highly touted prospect Barney Maxon, currently on Hickory's AAA squad, to the warm climes of Maui. Also going to Maui is MR Manuel Galindo. No word yet on whether Maui will attempt to convert Galindo into a catcher purely for entertainment purposes. To complete the deal, Hickory will receive a 3rd round pick in the upcoming amateur draft from Maui.

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Happy New Year!!

Game Date:  Jan 7, 2019

Thanks to Michael for running last night's sim.  The league reports will be updated tomorrow morning.

Next sim:  Saturday Night.

Sim Done (12/31/2018)

It's New Year's Eve in the SDMB OOTP land, and free agents are starting to make their way towards their new homes. A few signings this sim, my soon-to-be-renamed Shackamaxon Lenape signed some players for the bench, and Saskatoon boosted their rotation in a big way:

Saturday, December 29th, 2018
Los Angeles Scorpions: Signed free agent CF A. Suarez to a 1-year contract worth a total of $1,020,000.
Thursday, December 27th, 2018
Saskatoon Amigos: Signed free agent SP R. Adorno to a 3-year contract worth a total of $42,510,000.
Tuesday, December 25th, 2018
Los Angeles Scorpions: Signed free agent LF L. Fenster to a 1-year contract worth a total of $490,000.
Saskatoon Amigos: Signed free agent SP T. Cohen to a 3-year contract worth a total of $61,660,000.
I'm done with my pinch hitting this sim, Zev's got the conn again on Thursday night. Will someone's middle infield get better quickly? Tune in and see!

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Tonight's sim

I just left work at 11:35pm. I'm not going to be able to run the sim when I get home. If Michael can run it tonight, that's fine; otherwise we'll try again tomorrow night.


Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Sim Done (12/25/18)

Sim's Done.

Signings from the last two sims:

Hickory signs P John Okane (Maui) to a three year contract worth $13m/year.
Los Angeles re-signs CF Alva Mendonca to a one year contract for $800k.
New York signs P Antonio Aguirre to a minor league contract
Maui signs C William "The Warden" Ward (LA) to a minor league contract
Houston signs SS Mariano Quintanilla to a minor league contract
New York signs MR Juan Garoyoa to a minor league contract.
River Cities signs 2B Daniel Burdine (Saskatoon) to a three year contract worth $4.75m/year
Maui signs RF Roland Amos to a three year extension (2020-22) for $1.02m/year
New York signs SP Dario Lopez to a one year contract for $9.54m with a player option for 2020 worth $10.34m

Next sim:  Wednesday night

Monday, June 13, 2011

Sim Done (12/17/18)

Sim Done.

Next sim tomorrow night.


Sunday, June 12, 2011

Sim Done (12/10/18)

My apologies on the sim being a bit late.


Brooklyn re-signed P Larry Trott to a minor league contract.
River Cities signed 1B Timothy Palacio, of Cleveland, to a two year deal worth $11.3 per year with a third year player option.
New York signed SP Brad Buckley, of Saskatoon to a three year contract worth about $10m total.
Brooklyn signed P Steven Savage, of Danville, to a minor league contract.
Houston signed 2B Danny Lorenzen, of Hickory, to a one year $650k contract with a player option for another year at $770k.

Next sim Monday night.

Friday, June 10, 2011

Rule V Draft Done

This week's upcoming sims (one week each):

Saturday night
Monday night
Tuesday night
Wednesday night
Thursday night.


Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Sim's Done -- Rule V Draft Next

Sim's Done.  Rule V Draft on Thursday.


Sunday, June 5, 2011

Sim Delayed

To All,

I was going to run the sim tonight.  However, I saw that as of 11:45PM EDT, only three teams had uploaded.

Considering the fact that:

1.  This is an unusual second sim in a weekend
2.  The Rule 5 draft is coming up and I didn't announce it before the weekend
3.  Only three people uploaded, meaning most teams did not add players they wish to protect to the 40-man roster ...

...I felt it unwise to run the sim tonight.

The sim to 12/1/18 will occur tomorrow night and the Rule V draft will be on Thursday night.  If you uploaded for tonight's sim, there's no need to re-upload.


Saturday, June 4, 2011

Sim Done -- Schedule Change Ahead

Tonight's sim was done.
Tomorrow night's sim was supposed to cover about a week and a half.  However, I failed to realize that the Rule 5 draft will be held on 12/1/18.  As a result, the schedule will be slightly changed.

Sunday night's sim will take us to 12/1
Monday night's sim will be the Rule V draft

If you have any questions, please feel free to ask.


Friday, June 3, 2011

Forgot to run the sim...

I'm sorry, folks, I completely forgot to run the sim last night.

I normally don't like to do two sims on a weekend, but we'll do it this weekend.

The first sim will be Saturday night (that's the one that should have been last night)
The next one will be on Sunday night (that's the one that will run a few days extra).