Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Brooklyn/Seattle Trade

The Brooklyn Wolves have made a trade sending 1B Juan Gomez (AAA) to Seattle in exchange for OF Ben Beard (AA), LF Eric Halliwell and a fifth round draft pick.

Gomez was a ninth round pick for Brooklyn in the 2016 draft.  After spending two and a half years in A-ball, he moved up through the ranks, making his AAA debut earlier this year.

Beard, like Gomez, was a late-round pick in the 2016 draft.  Beard was taken in the seventh round and spent three years in A-ball.  Earning a promotion to AA this year, Beard is hitting .341 with a .908 OPS.

Eric Halliwell was selected by Seattle in the third round of the 2018 draft.  Currently in his second year of A-ball, he is hitting .250.

Thursday, August 25, 2011

SDMB OOTP Draft History: Positions

Here are the numbers by position drafted, which I found very interesting. Keep in mind, this is just VORP and therefore doesn't include defensive contributions by position players.

C: Average of 6.9 VORP/pick. 173 players chosen, 1196.9 total VORP, 217 ML seasons, average of 5.5/season.

1B: Average of 15.7 VORP/pick. 143 players chosen, 2240.6 total VORP, 160 ML seasons, 14.0/season.

2B: Average of 9.4 VORP/pick. 173 players chosen, 1632.5 total VORP, 234 ML seasons, 7.0/season.

3B: Average of 13.5 VORP/pick. 138 players chosen, 1658.1 total VORP, 138 ML seasons, 12.0/season.

SS: Average of 23.4 VORP/pick. 130 players chosen, 3040.1 total VORP, 199 ML seasons, 15.3/season.

LF: Average of 3.1 VORP/pick. 119 players chosen, 364.6 total VORP, 114 ML seasons, 3.2/season.

CF: Average of 12.6 VORP/pick. 156 players chosen, 1958.2 total VORP, 219 ML seasons, 8.9/season.

RF: Average of 23.8 VORP/pick. 139 players chosen, 3306.0 total VORP, 207 ML seasons, 16.0/season.

SP: Average of 31.8 VORP/pick. 338 players chosen, 10751.8 total VORP, 706 ML seasons, 15.2/season.

RP: Average of 9.8 VORP/pick. 377 players chosen, 3684.7 total VORP, 592 ML seasons, 6.2/season.

So, as far as I can tell, you should pick shortstops, third basemen, centerfielders, and rightfielders. Stay away from left fielders and second basemen in particular. And starting pitching is a surprisingly good investment.

I guess that's about what I would have expected in real baseball, but I found it interesting nonetheless.

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

July I Sim Done

Game Date:  July 16, 2019

Who Uploaded?
Monck's Corner

Adams:  Hickory leads Monck's Corner by five games.
Zotti:  Seattle still holds an eight game lead over Saskatoon
Signorino:  Maui's lead over Houston now stands at thirteen games
Wild Card:  Saskatoon holds a five game lead over Shackamaxon

Awards and Accomplishments:
Houston 3B Andreas Velasco named Player of the Week (7/8)
Houston 1B Nigel Bryant named Player of the Week (7/15)

Significant Injuries:
Maui's Bruce Parker will miss 2-3 weeks with a fractured foot.


Next Sim:  Wednesday, August 31.  The next sim will run through July 30, so as to allow an extra week for trades.

SDMB OOTP Draft History: Team Performance

Here's how the 12 franchises have done over the years in the draft. This is based on the VORP accumulated, through the end of the 2018 season, by each player drafted by the team. It disregards what team the player played for when accumulating these stats.

A big proviso when looking at this data is that it's not corrected at all for draft position. Teams drafting early would be expected to do better than teams drafting late. And, with all of the trades in our league, it's not as easy as looking at records and divining draft position from them. I'm going to try to figure out at some point how to correct for draft position, but it's a bit of a chore, really.

Anyway, this still seemed kind of fun to me, so here goes.

Brooklyn: Drafted 154 players. Total VORP of 1469.0 over 220 major league seasons. Averages of 6.7 VORP per major league season and 9.5 per draft pick. Best pick: Miguel Cuesta, 2005 round 1, pick 6, 455.9 VORP over 13 years (69.9/year).

Cleveland: Drafted 145 players. Total VORP of 2190.5 over 214 major league seasons. Averages of 10.2 VORP per major league season and 15.1 per draft pick. Best pick: Isaac Diehl, 2006 round 2, pick 14, 404.0 VORP over 10 years (40.4/year). (Although Grondin will likely pass Diehl in a year or two.)

Danville: Drafted 167 players. Total VORP of 2876.0 over 244 major league seasons. Averages of 11.8 VORP per major league season and 17.2 per draft pick. Best pick: John Hukill, 2005, round 1, pick 8, 747.9 VORP over 11 years (68.0/year).

Hickory: Drafted 140 players. Total VORP of 2587.5 over 208 major league seasons. Averages of 12.4 VORP per major league season and 18.5 per draft pick. Best pick: Dong Lutz, 2006, round 1, pick 1, 730.5 over 13 years (56.2/year).

Houston: Drafted 171 players. Total VORP of 1346.1 over 284 major league seasons. Averages of 4.7 VORP per major league season and 7.9 per draft pick. Best pick: Herman Gossard, 2006, round 1, pick 5, 408.2 over 11 years (37.2/year).

Maui: Drafted 144 players. Total VORP of 3607.6 over 236 major league seasons. Averages of 15.3 VORP per major league season and 25.0 per draft pick. Best pick: Juan Villatoro, 2007 Round 1, pick 4, 599.7 VORP over 10 seasons (60.0/year).

Monck's Corner: Drafted 167 players. Total VORP of 3708.3 over 290 major league seasons. Averages of 12.7 VORP per major league season and 22.2 per draft pick. Best pick: Patrick Valdes, round 1, pick 4, 567.8 VORP over 12 years (47.3). Although, Rufus Murry may take that crown in a few years (409.8 VORP over 7 years through 2018).

New York: Drafted 148 players. Total VORP of 2517.4 over 213 major league seasons. Averages of 11.8 VORP per major league season and 17.9 per draft pick. Best pick: Ronald Placencia, 2004, round 2, pick 21, 696.3 VORP over 10 years (69.6/year).

Ohio: Drafted 159 players. Total VORP of 2425.0 over 233 major league seasons. Averages of 10.4 VORP per major league season and 15,3 per draft pick. Best picks: Ed Scull, 2003 round 1 pick 6, 388.5 VORP over 13 years (29.9/year) and Sabas Delvalle, 2004, round 1 pick 1, 312.5 VORPO over 10 years (31.2/year).

Saskatoon: Drafted 147 players. Total VORP of 2468.8 over 188 major league seasons. Averages of 13.1 VORP per major league season and 16.8 per draft pick. Best pick: Brian Frison, 2004 round 1 pick 2, 816.9 VORP over 11 years (74.3/year).

Seattle: Drafted 160 players. Total VORP of 2936.1 over 229 major league seasons. Averages of 12.8 VORP per major league season and 18.4 per draft pick. Best pick: Christopher Hester, 2004 round 3 pick 27, 630.4 VORP over 11 years (57.3/year).

Shackamaxon: Drafted 158 players. Total VORP of 1189.9 over 168 major league seasons. Averages of 7.1 VORP per major league season and 7.5 per draft pick. Best pick: Bill Turek, 2005 round 1, pick 11, 337.9 VORP over 12 years (28.2/year).

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

SDMB OOTP Draft History

I have completed my project to obtain VORP data on all of the drafted players to appear in the major leagues and/or in a top 100 prospects report. The data is complete through the end of the 2018 season. I am just starting the analysis. for instance, I'm curious as to how value correlates with draft position, how teams have done in the draft, etc. But, I wanted to throw this out there and let people know that they can drop questions in the comments or send me an email.

For starters, here are the #1 overall picks through the years.

2003: Monck's Corner picked Matthew Cassity. Appeared in majors 2010-11, +3.0 VORP (1.5/year).

2004: Ohio picked Sabas Delvalle. 2007-16, +312.5 VORP (31.3/yr).

2005: Maui picked David Alcala. 2009-17, +77.7 (8.6/yr).

2006: Hickory picked Dong Lutz. 2006-2018, +730.5 (56.2/yr).

2007: Ohio picked James Hardman. 2009-18, +144.7 (14.5/yr).

2008: Houston picked Hal Pires. 2009-18, +319.2 (31.9/yr).

2009: Cleveland picked Mohammed Stelly. 2011-17, +157.3 (22.5/yr)

2010: Seattle picked George Labarre. 2012-18, +123.3 (17.6/yr)

2011: Cleveland picked John Grondin. 2013-18. +337.2 (56.2/yr)

2012: Maui picked Imatarou Natsu. 2012-18, +52.8 (7.5/yr)

2013: Maui picked Jason Lefebvre. 2014-18, +132.2 (26.4/yr)

2014: Maui picked Francisco Perez. 2017-18, +0.1 (0.1/yr)

2015: Seattle picked Manuel Cardona. Currently in AAA.

2016: Hickory picked Jesus Flores. Earned +11.9 VORP in 2018.

2017: Houston picked Jose Contreras. Released in 2018, currently on Maui's AA team.

2018: Seattle picked Lucio Muniz. Currently in A-ball, being promoted to AA.

On balance, the #1 picks have accumulated 2402.6 VORP over 88 major league seasons, an average of 27.3/year. Interestingly, the #2 overall picks have been slightly better (2772.6 VORP over 94 ML seasons, 29.5/year) and the #3 picks have a higher average per major league season (2223.0 over 70 ML seasons, 31.8/year).

Saturday, August 20, 2011

Seattle Trades Three Titans

Mack Shultz, Owner/GM of the Seattle Monarchs, announced his irritation, as he announces all emotions, with a trade. "Here we are, 59-25, and feeling great," said Shultz. "Best record in baseball. But then I caught sight of the AAA standings page. 61-22? 61-22? Those stupid Tacoma Titans are trying to upstage my Monarchs. So, I traded away three starters between two separate deals. We'll see if they feel so smug about their record now."

Shortstop Manuel Perez and rightfielder Forrest Spracklin will join the Shackamaxon organization in exchange for infield prospect Norman "The Paladin" Kuhn.

Meanwhile, centerfielder Pedro Martinez is heading to sunny Maui, where he will presumably replace the injured Reijiro Kondo, who is out for the season. In exchange, Seattle will receive minor-league reliever Nathan Inman and a second-round pick next year.

"Yeah, they're happy now with their snooty record now," laughed Shultz." Let's see how they do down three starters." Shultz then swept out of the roon, leaving Director of Player Personnel Michael Shultz to answer any questions

Michael Shultz explained how the organization feels as though it will be able to replace the missing talent, adding the newly signed first baseman Ki-chun Kang, AA outfielder Maximo Rodriguez, and top reserve outfielder Manuel Carmona to the Titans' starting line-up. Promising outfielder Lucio Muniz is being moved from A to AA to fill Rodriguez's slot.

This reporter asked why the AAA club had been targeted, when the AA Olympia Olygarchs and A Kent Kings also had better records then the parent club. "Shhhhh!" urged Michael Shultz. "The old man hasn't seen that yet and we're keeping the information from him. Who knows who he'd ship out if he finds out."

Shackamaxon's Michael Weintraub was asked whether the acquisition of a young shortstop, likely ready to start next year in the majors, meant that long-time star Ricky Peppers would not be re-signed and will instead leave via free agency. Weintraub would not answer, but Peppers hot start likely has't diminished his asking price.

Maui's Matt Macario could not be reached for comment. Reportedly terrified to face the press, Macario has been holed up in his palacial compound.

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Cleveland Trading Deadline Specials

Hey there fellow owners. If you have not noticed, Cleveland is not that good. My experiment of loading up last season to win it all backfired big time, and now I am left with less than a shell of a team remaining, but with some interesting parts that can put you over the top for that playoff run this year.

Here are the highlights that you might be interested in:

- C Herman Gossard, probably the most consistant catcher in the game batting over .300 just about every year he has been in the league and this season is no exception. On pace for a VORP of 43.1 and 17 HRs to go with that .331 BA he can be the missing piece that you need to win it all this year.

- 3B Ronald Quijada, he admits that Cleveland has not been his favorite stop in the perennial all-star's carrer as he has not performed up to his normal level, but that does not mean that a change of scenery would not do him good. Quality defense, good offense (in his down year he is still on place for a VORP of 21.0 with 21 HR, 112 BB and 23 SB...not too shabby) and a great personality makes this 3B the guy that you need to have on your team.

- SS William Midkiff, a mainstay in the Steamer lineup through the good and the bad. He is having a steller season batting .304 and a projected season VORP of 27.9. He is also a very good defensive middle infielder that can be the answer you need to sure up your middle infield.

- LF Carlos Martinez, last year's rookie of the year is following it up with a great sophomore season. He led all rookies with 21 HR last season and is on pace to get more than that this season with 11 already.

I am looking for SP and draft picks in return, but will talk about any deal. I will also be willing to send cash for some of the bigger contracts. Do you want to win it all this year? If so, I am the man you want to talk to.

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

June II Sim Done

Game Date:  7/1/2019

Who Uploaded?

Adams:  Hickory's lead now stands at five games over Brooklyn
Zotti:  Seattle holds a nine game lead over Saskatoon
Signorino:  Maui's lead over Houston grows to fourteen games.
Wild Card:  Saskatoon by three over Shackamaxon.

Awards and Accomplishments:
Ohio 1B Masahide Ueda named Player of the Week (6/17)
Maui RF Ronald Amos named Player of the Week (6/24)
Maui RF Ricardo Sanchez named Player of the Week (7/1) and Rookie of the Month
Hickory LF Christopher Moss named Player of the Month
Seattle's Juan Morales named Pitcher of the Month

Significant Injuries:
Cleveland LF Charles Sallee dislocated his shoulder and will miss about two months.
Houston CL Dennis Martinez will miss about three weeks with a tender elbow
Maui CF Reijiro Kondo's season is over after he fractured his foot running around the bases.

Shackamaxon's Ricky Peppers recorded his 2000th hit, the 8th player to reach that plateau.
Hickory veteran John Okane reached 250 career victories, becoming the first player to ever reach that goal.

Inning of Note:
Bottom of the 8th, Danville vs. Ohio, June 18.  Ohio went into the inning leading 8-3.
During that inning:
Dewald pitching

  • Gerson singled (Armstrong pinch-ran)
  • Boreland singled, Armstrong to 2nd
  • Sherman walked, loading the bases
  • Ordonez singles to center, Armstrong scores, all runners advance one base
  • Gaynon walks, Boreland scores
  • Ueda hits a grand slam home run, four runners score

Claytor comes in to pitch

  • Murphy flies out for the first out.
  • Sparrow singles
  • Vidal singles, Sparrow to second
  • Armstrong singles, Sparrow to third, Vidal to second
  • Boreland walks, Sparrow scores
  • Sherman singles, Vidal scores, Armstrong scores, Boreland to third, Sherman to second
  • Ordonez doubles, Boreland and Sherman score

Hone comes in to pitch

  • Rodrigue (pinch hitter) flies out to center for the second out.  Ordonez to third
  • Ueda hit by pitch
  • Murphy singles, Ordonez scores, Ueda to third, Murphy to second
  • Sparrow walks
  • Vidal strikes out

Total damage:  12 runs, 10 hits.  Ohio leads Danville 20-3

Next sim:  Wednesday, August 24.

Friday, August 12, 2011

June I Sim Done

Game Date:  6/16/2019

Who Uploaded?
New York

Adams:  Hickory leads Brooklyn by six.
Zotti:  Seattle's lead over Saskatoon has grown to ten games.
Signorino:  Maui has a twelve game lead over Houston.

Awards and Accomplishments:
Saskatoon CF Rufus Murray wins Player of the Week (6/3) for the second time this season.
New York SS Robert Camarena was named Player of the Week (6/10)
Hickory's Donald Hunnicutt strikes out 15 Maui batters (6/8), becoming the first player to do it since last August (when he struck out 15 batters vs. Houston on 8/23/2018)

Significant Injuries:


Next Sim:
Wednesday, August 17

Thursday, August 4, 2011

May II Sim Done

Game Date:  June 1, 2019

Who Uploaded?

Monck's Corner
New York

Adams:  Hickory leads everyone in the division by six games.
Zotti:  Seattle's lead grows to seven games over Saskatoon.
Signorino:  Maui triples their lead and is now nine games ahead of Houston.

Awards & Accomplishments
Shackamaxon's David Seibel wins Player of the Week (5/20)
Bruce Parker, of Maui, wins Player of the Week (5/27)
David Seibel also wins Player of the Month.
Seattle's Christopher Hester wins Pitcher of the Month
Seattle RF Jonathan Anderson named Rookie of the Month

Significant Injuries
Brooklyn SP Dennis Durand is done for the season with a torn back muscle

Seattle's Brian Frison reached both 400 home runs (8th player to do so) and 2000 hits(7th player) this sim.

Next Sim:  Thursday, August 11.  (Future sims will return to Wednesday night following next week).