Friday, July 27, 2012

Shackamaxon/Seattle trade

In an effort to bolster its bench, the upstart Lenape of Philadelphia has acquired former prospect Steve Keo from Seattle.

Going to Seattle is 21-year-old Ken Moore, ranked as number 15 in Shackamaxon's top prospect list.

"We hate to give up Ken," Shackamaxon general manager Michael Weintraub stated. "We have a log-jam of infielders in Arizona Bay, and needed to make room for others. Plus, we really needed another bat for the outfield. I've had my eye on Steve since we originally traded him to Seattle a few years ago for Cuomo. He hasn't flourished in Seattle, but we think a change of scenery will do him well."

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

May I Sim Done

Game Date:  5/16/2021

Adams:  Brooklyn leads Hickory by one game.
Zotti:  Seattle leads Shackamaxon by eight games.
Signorino:  Maui's lead over Houston is one game.

Maui's Pedro Martinez named Player of the Week (5/3)
Seattle's John Hukill named Player of the Week (5/10)

Significant Injuries:
Atlanta's Claudio Gonzales has elbow inflammation and will miss about three months.
Shackamaxon's Igor Overdevest sprained his ankle and will miss 6-7 weeks.
Ohio's Esteban Ordonez has a torn anterior cruciate ligament and is out for the season.
Antelope Valley's Robert Camarena will miss 5 weeks with a fractured foot.
Shackamaxon's Salvador Berrera strained a hamstring and will miss three weeks.
Barstow's Luis Ramon will be out 5-6 weeks with back spasms.

Both Gregorio Marzano (Barstow) and Tyler Thomas (Seattle) scored their 1000th run on May 12.

Next sim:  Next Wednesday night

Monday, July 23, 2012

Monck's Corner - Maui Trade

In response to an injury to star 1B Octavio Cabrales, Maui announced today that it has acquired 1B Lindsay Walker from Monck's Corner. In return, Maui will send A-ball outfielder Pablo Pineda to Monck's Corner along with Maui's 2nd round pick in next year's amateur draft.

Also moving to Maui as part of the deal is veteran 1B/2B Timothy Palacio. Monck's Corner GM Nate Wooley declined to comment when asked whether Palacio's exodus from the team was anything more than a contract dump.

Friday, July 20, 2012

April II Sim Done

Game Date:  5/1/2021

Adams:  Brooklyn leads Hickory and Monck's Corner by three games.
Zotti:  Seattle leads Shackamaxon by four games.
Signorino:  Houston leads Maui by a two games.

Seattle 3B Terry Hubbard named Player of the Week (4/19)
Shackamaxon 3B Felipe Mendoza  named Player of the Week (4/26)
Seattle 2B Ivan Castillo named Batter of the Month
Seattle SP Juan Morales named Pitcher of the Month
Shackamaxon CF Cheung Ying named Rookie of the Month
New York C Kareem King goes 5-6 and hits for the cycle (4/30)

Significant Injuries:
Maui's Octavio Calabres strained an abdominal muscle and will be out 5-6 weeks.
Atlanta's Brian Pearson has a sore shoulder and will miss 4-5 months.
Maui's Angel Banuelos will miss three months with a hamstring sprain.
Moncks'Corner's Dylan Robinson has a strained oblique and will miss eight weeks.
Brooklyn's Alan Rueter has biceps tendinitis and will miss 4 weeks.
Ohio's Eric Hopper tore his labrum and will be out 2-3 months
Atlanta's Claudio Gonzales will miss about three months will an elbow inflammation.

:: going off to check injury frequency settings -- still set to "Low" ::


Next sim:  Next Wednesday night

Monday, July 16, 2012

Please upgrade your OOTP installation

A new patch for OOTP13 is now available.  You can download the new version (13.4.16) from OOTP's website.

Please make sure you update your game BEFORE sending your team updates (if you've already done so, please install the update and re-upload). 

The sim for this week will be pushed back to Thursday evening.

If you have any questions, please feel free to ask.


Thursday, July 12, 2012

April I Sim Done

Game Date:  4/16/2021

Adams:  Brooklyn leads Hickory and Monck's Corner by two games.
Zotti:  Ohio has a one game lead over Seattle
Signorino:  Houston leads Maui by a single game.

1B Luis Jeon signs a one year, $10m contract with New York
3B Ronald Quijada signs a one year, $6m contract with Seattle
C Kareem King goes to New York for one year, $460k
MR Jesus Cruz joins New York for one year, $450k.
Seattle's Ivan Castillo named Player of the Week (4/12)

Significant Injuries:
Hickory CL Donato Morales will miss 2-3 months with a strained forearm
Monck's Corner MR Andres Soto partially tore his labrum and will ride the pine for about three months.
Houston's newly acquired SP Marcus Santoro is done for the year with a ruptured ulnar collateral ligament.
Brooklyn C David Hamilton will be sidelined for about four weeks with a strained oblique.
Houston CF Guillermo Martinez sprained his elbow and will miss about 2-3 weeks.
Hickory 3B Richard Campion will be out of action for 3-4 months with torn ankle ligaments.
Antelope Valley CF Enrico Calderon will miss about two weeks with chronic back soreness.

:: going off to check injury frequency settings -- still set to "Low" ::

Shackamaxon reliever Junior Cuomo records his 500th save.  Cuomo is the all-time leader in saves

Next sim:  Next Wednesday night

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Sim Delayed

Two owners have not submitted updates and have more players on their rosters than are permitted.

We will try again tomorrow night.


Monday, July 9, 2012

Shackamaxon/Houston trade

The Shackamaxon Lenape, aiming for third place in their difficult division, have completed a trade to help bolster their bullpen.

"We have struck a deal with Houston to receive Lucas Sweeney," GM Michael Weintraub announced. "We're focusing on the relief corps as our key for the 2021 season."

Houston gets reliever Akihiko Nakano and outfielder Jose Lopez in the deal.

"No," Weintraub said, when asked if he was satisfied with the team's roster on the cusp of the new season. "We still want one more strong arm for the bullpen. If anyone has one they'd like to trade, hit me up."

The Exodus Continues

Hickory has acquired OF Guillaume Fornier from Monck's Corner in exchange for a fifth round pick in the upcoming amateur draft.  Hickory's starting outfield is already set with rookie Bo Rice, free agent signing Joseph Bevers, and veteran Paul Shunk, but Fournier's versatility and speed are expected to be a valuable addition to the team's bench.  "But mostly," said Hickory GM Frank Ferrara, "we just wanted to have a guy on the roster that would give the TV announcers fits trying to say his name.  Gwilloom Forneyer fits the bill."

Sunday, July 8, 2012

Shackamaxon acquires Sanchez

Shackamaxon has acquired OF Ricardo Sanchez from Moncks Corner in exchange for a ninth round pick in the 2022 amateur draft.

Edit: Ha, I didn't realize this until now, but my collection of Ricardo Sanchezes is complete. I have two relievers with that name in AAA, and now this OF will likely join them there.

Free (Almost) to good home.

These players will be dealt for the best offer I get by tomorrow. Who might get lucky! 2B Timothy Palacio OF Ricardo Sanchez RF Patrick Valdes CF Guillaume Fornier 1B Marcos Alcazar Don't miss out! Bid individually or as a package!

Opening Day Is Here!

Game Date:  4/1/2021

Monck's Corner signed RF Brian Frison (Danville) 1 yr/$14m

Significant Injuries:
Ohio pitcher Ricky Firkins tore his labrum and will be out for 2-3 months.

The first sim of the season will be on Wednesday evening.  Please be sure to have your active rosters trimmed to 25 players by then.


Thursday, July 5, 2012

Shackamaxon deals for Stoker

The Shackamaxon Lenape have agreed to acquire left-handed reliever Joshua Stoker from the Seattle Monarchs in exchange for a third round pick in the 2022 amateur draft. Seattle agreed to send $1,500,000 in cash to complete the deal.

Shackamaxon GM Michael Weintraub had no comment when asked if the team was satisfied with its pitching staff after this trade.

Outfielder Available to Highest Bidder

I have officially lost patience with outfielder Steve Keo.  My scout has loved him for a long time (4* ratings) and my scout is very good so I usually go along with his advice.  But Keo has been hurt or ineffective for long enough that he has been passed up in my system.  There's no spot for him on my upcoming major league roster and sending him to AAA seems to me to be a waste of everyone's time.  He needs to be given a steady major league starting spot to see what happens.  But the Monarchs aren't the team where he will get that chance.

So, I will trade Keo to the highest bidder by the start of the season.  I also have some modestly talented prospects (1.5* or 2*) in A-ball in the infield and outfield that don't have a path to regular playing time.  Guys like SS S. Suzuki, 2B M. Brown, and RF J. Martinez.  So, I could throw some not-fringe-but-not-stud A-ball prospects into the deal too.

Looking only for draft picks, or possibly cash, in the deal.  I'd be interested in starting pitching prospects too, but who isn't?

Send me an email if you have any interest.

Bullpen help wanted

I'm looking to get some relief help. Ideally, a young guy I can slide into the 7th/8th inning role now, who could take over from Junior Cuomo next season.

If you have someone with major-league experience, and a sub-4.00 ERA in that time, let me know.

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Third week of spring training

Not much happened this sim, based on the news (the box scores may tell a different story). No long-term injuries, no free agent signings (I did re-sign SP Elder Guzman, ho hum).

The last sim of spring training will be run by Zev on Saturday night. And, then, after that, real (fake) baseball shall be played again!

The league file is up; have at it.

Monday, July 2, 2012

Second week of spring training

Game date: 3/15/2021

Just one big-league signing this sim: Ohio signed 2B Bill Bivens, formerly of New York, for one year, $700,000.

The only major injury this week was Hickory's star catcher, Alberto Granado. He's out 3-4 weeks with a strained oblique.

Next sim, taking us through week three of spring training, will be run by me on Wednesday night.

Sunday, July 1, 2012

Upcoming schedule

I will sim week two of spring training on Monday night.

Week three of spring training will be simmed on Wednesday night.

Zev will take over the reins next Saturday night as we finish up spring training.