Sunday, September 30, 2012

Game 1 delay

Due to personal reasons, I have to delay the sim for game one of the first round until tomorrow night.

There is a new update for OOTP 13, version 13.7.29. Please go here and download it before tomorrow night's sim.

I apologize for the delay.

Friday, September 28, 2012

Preliminary post season schedule

Zev has asked me to take over the sims during the post season, as long as his team is still active. This is normally not a problem, but my schedule over the next week or so is already kind of booked, so I'm scrambling to setup a schedule for the first round of the Cecil Cup Tournament.

Here's what I have thus far:

Game 1: Sunday 9/30
Game 2: Wednesday 10/3
Game 3: Sunday 10/7
Game 4: Tuesday 10/9
Game 5 (if necessary): Wednesday 10/10
Games 6 and 7 (if necessary): TBD

Good luck to all participants!

Bring On The Post-Season

Game Date:  9/24/2012

Final Standings:
Adams:  Brooklyn won the division by 18 games.
Zotti:  Seattle finished thirty and a half games up.
Signorino:  Maui finished a game and a half up on New York
Wild Card:  Barstow and New York finished with a tie for the wild card.  In the playoff game, Barstow defeated New York 9-4.

League Leaders:
AVG:  Masahide Ueda, Ohio .362
OBP:  Ueda .427
SLG:  John Grondin, Shackamaxon .612
OPS:  Grondin 1.035
VORP: Andres Velasco, Houston 73.2
WAR:  Bas Bijkerk, Seattle 8.6
Runs: Dong Lutz, Monck's Corner 131
Hits:  Ueda 209
HR:  Lutz 52
RBI:  Terry Hubbard, Seattle 130
SB:  Guillaume Fournier, Hickory 48

ERA:  Christopher Hester, Seattle 2.46*
Wins:  Hester 24
WPct:  Hester .828
Saves: Robert Riddick, Seattle 44
CG: Juan Morrales, Seattle 8
SHO: Hester 5
BB/9IP:  Juan Villatoro, Maui 1.5
K: Emelio Romero, Barstow 260
K/9IP: Donald Hunnicutt, Hickory 10.0
WHIP:  Morrales 0.96
H/9IP: Hester 6.2
OAVG: Hester .193
OOPS: Hester .550
VORP: Hester 84.6
WAR:  Enrico Hernandez, Seattle 8.6

* What's scary is that of the five leaders in ERA, the top four are all Seattle pitchers!

New York's Gene Reynolds named Player of the Week (9/20)

Significant Injuries:
Seattle's Gregorio Reyna suffered a setback in his attempt to come back from a ruptured disc.  As a result, he has chosen to retire rather than continue rehab.

Next sim:  Game 1 of the sim will be run by Michael on Sunday night.  The matchups are:

Brooklyn vs. Seattle
Barstow vs. Maui

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Peppers Celebrates Joining Monarchs

Future Hall-of-Fame shortstop Ricky Peppers today took the stage to joyfully announce that he would be joining the Seattle Monarchs for the last six games of the regular season and the Monarchs' playoff push for another title. "It's a great day for me," said Peppers. "I'm finally joining a club that actually competes year in and year out. My former team, let's just call them 'Brand X,' talked a lot about winning but really hasn't done very much of it for over a decade."

"We're really happy to have Ricky join the Seattle family," said Seattle owner/GM Mack Shultz. "He's been toiling in obscurity for too long and we're glad that we can get him out in front of the spotlight where he belongs. Frankly, the way he's been benched this year has been disgraceful. We're going to be starting Peppers for the last six games of the regular season, as befits a star of his magnitude. It's a shame the way Shackamaxon tried to hide him in the closet."

Peppers, ironically, is following the reverse path trod by former Monarch and now Hall-of-Famer Gregory Mudge. At the end of his career, Mudge was claimed by the Shackamaxon Lenape. But unlike Peppers, Mudge did not welcome the late-career transaction. In fact, instead of reporting to the team, Mudge retired two days later. Mudge now hosts the Monarchs' popular post-game show on the radio, where "Uncle Greg" leads his adoring fans through an account of Seattle's latest victory.

The Borg-like powers of the Monarchs continue to amaze onlookers. For most of this league's history, the two great shortstops have been John Hukill and Peppers. Now, against all odds, they will be next to each other in the Seattle infield. "It's fantastic to be able to turn double plays with Ricky," said Hukill. "I'm thrilled that we get a chance to play together."

"Will Ricky play for the Monarchs next year?" asked Shultz rhetorically. "That's going to be up to him. We just want him to know that there's always a place for him here in Seattle."

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

September I Sim Done

Game Date:  9/16/2012

Adams:  Brooklyn has clinched the Adams division.
Zotti:  Seattle locked up the Zotti division long ago.
Signorino:  Maui now leads New York by three games.
Wild Card:  Barstow and New York are tied for the wild card lead, four games ahead of Shackamaxon.

Monck's Corner's Gabriel Sequerios hit for the cycle (9/6)
New York's Armando Cedeno named Player of the Week (9/6)
Shackamaxon's Jorge Clemente hits three home runs in a game (9/12)
Maui's Angel Banuelos named Player of the Week (9/13)

Significant Injuries:
Altanta SP Hidekazu Iwasaka is out for the year with a strained hamstring.
New York's Jim Edwards is done with a fractured hand.
Brooklyn's Bed Beard will miss 2-3 weeks with a fractured foot.
New York's Luis Jeon will miss 2-3 weeks with an elbow strain.

Barstow's Jefferey Shuttleworth won his 200th game, the seventh player to reach that milestone.
Hickory's Richard Shipp recorded his 2500th strikeout, the eighth player to do so.
Next sim:  Next Thursday night, when we'll finish up the regular season.  

Friday, September 14, 2012

August II Sim Done

Game Date:  9/1/2012

Adams:  Brooklyn's leads Hickory by 12 games.
Zotti:  Seattle's leads over Shackamaxon and Barstow is completely ludicrous.
Signorino:  New York's lead over Maui has shrunk to two games
Wild Card:  Maui stands one game ahead of Shackamaxon and Barstow

Antelope Valley's Carl Watson named Player of the Week (8/23)
For the first time ever in SDMB OOTP History, two pitchers have pitched no hitters on the same day -- Barstow's Jefferey Shuttleworth and Seattle's Christopher Hester.  It should also be noted that this is Hester's second no-hitter of the season and the FOURTH of his career.
Houston 3B Andres Velasco named Player of the Week (8/30)
Shackamaxon 2B John Grondin named Batter of the Month
Seattle's Christopher Hester named Pitcher of the Month
Brooklyn RF Juan Carillo named Rookie of the Month

Significant Injuries:
Brooklyn SP Allen Rueter tore a labrum and will miss the rest of the season.
Houston's Toby Thornton damaged an elbow ligament and won't be back until next July.
Houston's Christopher Wood is done for the year with a shoulder inflammation.
Monck's Corner's Kevin Jackson's season is over with an ulnar nerve irritation.

Maui's Juan Villatoro recorded both his 250th victory (only the second player to do so -- and only against 78 losses!) and his 2500th strikeout (7th player)
Barstow's Ronald Adorno reached 2000 strikeouts.
Next sim:  Next Wednesday night.  

Thursday, September 13, 2012

I Think Senility Is Beginning To Set In...

I ended up being at work late last night (until about 10ish) and then, by the time I got home, I forgot all about the sim.

I'll run it tonight.

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

End of the line for superstar

It's a sad day in Philadelphia, as the upstart Lenape, in the midst of an unexpected pennant race, have made an even more surprising roster move. Superstar, and future Hall of Fame inductee, Ricky Peppers has been cut from the team.

"I'm not happy about it," Peppers stated. "But, I understand. The team is in a penant race, and needs all of the help it can get. And, I'm just not performing this season."

The illustrious home run hitter has not hit a ball over the fence yet this season, and has only 7 extra base hits. After being the opening day starter for fifteen consecutive seasons for the Lenape franchise, Peppers lost his starting job early in the season to Miguel Martinez, and hasn't thrived on the bench. He is in the last season of his contract, and earning $17,000,000 this season while providing -9 VORP and -1.5 WAR.

"I wish Miggy all the best, and I'll stay with the team if no one claims me on waivers. I'm told, too, that I can come back when the rosters expand in September. I know I won't be eligible for the postseason roster, but I want to do everything I can to help this team win and finally win my third championship ring."

Manuel Perez is being recalled from AAA Arizona Bay to fill Peppers's roster spot as the reserve infielder.

Thursday, September 6, 2012

August I Sim Done

I'm sorry, everyone.  I completely forgot to run the sim last night.  Monday holidays always throw off my week.

Game Date:  8/16/2012

Adams:  Brooklyn's lead over Hickory drops to eight games.
Zotti:  Seattle's leads over Shackamaxon is ludicrous.
Signorino:  New York expanded it's lead over Maui to three.
Wild Card:  Shackamaxon is one game ahead of Barstow and Maui

Houston 1B Nigel Bryant named Batter of the Month
Seattle's Enrico Hernandez named Pitcher of the Month
Seattle's Lucio Muniz named Rookie of the Month
Hickory 3B George Labarre named Player of the Week (8/2)
Seattle 2B Ivan Castillo named Player of the Week (8/9)
Maui CF Angel Banuelos named Player of the Week (8/16)

Significant Injuries:
Atlanta's Geoffrey Boerner strained a hamstring and will miss 5-6 weeks.
New York CF Rafael Sandoval sprained a wrist and will be out for 3-4 weeks.

Seattle's John Hukill reached both his 2000th hit and his 1500th run scored this sim.

Next sim:  Next Wednesday night.  

Saturday, September 1, 2012

Last Chance to Take Advantage of Hickory

Well, there are just a few real-life days left until the trading deadline, and my roster remains remarkably unpillaged.  I mean, look!  Over there in the corner sits Nitro Granado.  As recently as last season he was one of the top three catchers in baseball; he's only 29 years old and he could be again.  Sure, there's the small matter of his $19M contract, which lasts until Judgement Day... but Hickory is willing to pay a portion of that salary in a deal.

Or surely SOMEONE needs a cheap, solid left-handed relief pitcher.  Ray Lewis, Forrest Powell, Cristobal Reyes, Joel Riojas, even Patrick Beene for the right offer - are are lefties, all are good, all are very cheap, and most are relatively or even very young.  Nobody needs a lefty?  I'm likely to take the best offer that comes.

I've mostly given up on jettisoning my horribly underperforming starters Hunnicutt, Shipp, and Erickson.  But all are lottery tickets.

And others are available, too, in the right deal.  Carlos Pais is one of the best defensive shortstops in the game and manages to hit for enough power to maintain a positive VORP at short... maybe he'd be an interesting upgrade?  Or perhaps you want a speedy, defensively solid centerfielder who can hit well enough to hold down a fourth outfielder spot on a contender?  Tim Combs, Tony Reyes, Joseph Bevers, Manuel Cardona, and Guillauime Fornier are all on sale.

Hickory really doesn't want Wednesday to pass without dealing at least somebody.  Give us a virtual call; the store is open all weekend.