Friday, March 29, 2013

August I Sim Done

Game Date:  8/15/2022

Adams:  Brooklyn leads Atlanta by twenty-two.
Zotti:  Seattle is twenty eight games ahead of Shackamaxon.
Signorino:  Maui leads New York by twenty two.
Wild Card:  Shackamaxon leads Barstow by three.

Awards & Accomplishments:
Brooklyn SS Katsuhiko Jouda named Player of the Week (8/1)
Barstow LF Rufus Murray named Batter of the Month
Seattle CL Robert Riddick named Pitcher of the Month
Seattle 2B Norman Kuhn named Rookie of the Month
Seattle's Norman Kuhn named Player of the Week (8/8)
Antelope Valley's Petero Hokualohi named Player of the Week (8/15)

Significant Injuries:
Hickory MR Patrick Beene has elbow tendonitis and will miss four weeks.
New York CF Armando Cedeno strained his latissimus dorsi and will miss four weeks.
Atlanta is going to be without Mark Smith for five weeks with a strained hamstring.
Barstow's  Thomas Shepard has a forearm strain and will be out 5-6 weeks.
Antelope Valley SP John Okane has an elbow inflammation and will be out for two months.
Houston is going to miss Jorge Hernandez with shoulder soreness for four weeks.
New York's Dave Drew is going to miss two weeks with a finger blister.

Next sim:  Sunday, April 7

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Trade: Maui/Barstow

Busy, so this will be brief - Barstow and Maui have agreed to the following trade. Barstow sends SS Richard Bender to Maui. Maui sends OF Luis Santiago (A) and Maui's 2nd round draft pick (2023) to Barstow.

Monday, March 25, 2013

July II Sim Done

Game Date:  7/30/2022

Adams:  Brooklyn leads Atlanta by nineteen.
Zotti:  Seattle is twenty-one games ahead of Shackamaxon
Signorino:  Maui has a fifteen game lead over New York
Wild Card:  Shackamaxon has a three game lead over Ohio

Awards & Accomplishments:
Seattle RF Lucio Muniz named Player of the Week (7/4)
Seattle's Juan Gomez hits three home runs in a game (7/5) and named Player of the Week (7/11)
Maui 1B Lindsay Walker named Player of the Week (7/18)
Atlanta's Jorge Gonzales hits for the cycle. (7/18)
Maui LF Jose Fernandez named Player of the Week (7/25)
Houston CF Guillermo Martinez hits three home runs in one game (7/27)

Significant Injuries:
Maui's Kyle Fike has an elbow inflimation and will miss 2-3 months.
Seattle's John Hukill has a torn ankle ligament and will be out for 4 months.
Hickory's Taun Olmstead tore a back muscle and is done for the season.
Monck's Corner Eden Torres has a sore shoulder and will miss the rest of the season.
Antelope Valley's Ray McJannet has back spasms.  The Raptors are going to miss him for 6-7 weeks.

Contract Extensions Signed:
Shackamaxon signed MR Joshua Fullen to a two year extension worth $1.5m
Brooklyn signed CL Isaac Webber 2 yrs/$1.44m
Shackamaxon signed LF Sherman Evanoff 2 yrs/$3.5m.

New York's Luis Jeon hits his 600th home run, the first player to reach this milestone.

 Topic for Discussion:
The league currently inducts players to the Hall of Fame based on statistical criteria.  Those criteria are:
  • 3000 hits
  • 500 home runs
  • .300 batting average (min 2000 hits)
  • 750 VORP
  • 300 Wins
  • 500 Saves
  • 3.50 ERA (min 200 wins).

Current or recent retired players who will be inducted upon retirement based on these criteria are:
  • Luis Jeon
  • Dong Lutz
  • John Hukill
  • Junior Cuomo
  • Monte Goss*
  • Gregorio Marzanno*
  • Herman Gossard
  • Juan Villatoro*
  • Christopher Hester*
  • Ronald Placencia*
(John Okane, who has 276 wins, has a 3.51 career ERA.)

(* Could lost automatic induction if AVG falls or ERA rises).

Does anyone want to consider adding an election by owners?  Or is everyone happy with the automatic selection method?

Next sim:  *Thursday* night.  This is the trading deadline. 

Monday, March 18, 2013

Anyone interested in C Lewis Bell?  He is a solid defensive catcher and has the ability to hit for a decent average, but not much pop.  He was signed in the off season, but relegated to backup when I traded for L. Richardson.  He is unhappy and demanding a trade.  Looking for any pitching help - back end of the rotation or a good Middle Reliever.

Bill Sauerwald
Antelope Valley Raptors

Sim's Done -- Upcoming Schedule.

The sim is done and the league pages are being uploaded.  It's late so I'll do the report tomorrow.

Please note the following changes in the usual sim schedule:

The next sim will be THIS COMING Thursday night, Mar 21.  That sim will cover to July 30.
The next sim will be the following Thursday night, Mar 28.  That sim will cross the trading deadline.


Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Players Head Back to Old Teams

In a trade that includes 4 players and 4 draft picks, Barstow and Atlanta are trading again.  The highlight of this deal is SS Richard Bender who is in the middle of a very solid season in Atlanta.  He recently let the Atlanta GM know that he was unhappy with the direction that the team was going in and asked to be traded.  GM Jeremy Goldman told us that he did not know where this was coming from.   "When we signed him in the offseason to a huge contract, he let us know that it was all about the money and we were ok with that.  I don't know when that changed, but I guess he wants to win, so we sent him back to the team we got him from."  That's right, Bender heads back to Barstow where he spent the entire 2021 season after being traded from Seattle.

In addition to Bender, Barstow will get Atlanta's 7th and 8th round picks in the 2023 draft.  In return, Atlanta is taking salary, salary and more salary  from Barstow.  SP Glen Mitchell and his $7M+ 2 year contract will be heading back to where it all began.  He spent his first two seasons in Cleveland before traveling up to the great white north in Saskatoon and eventually Barstow.  Atlanta will also take the $6M contract of 2B Miguel Salazar and young 3B prospect Bill Tomlinson along with Barstow's 2nd and 3rd round picks in 2023.

This looks to be a win-win trade as Barstow improves their offense and defense as Bender will slot into playing second base for them and Atlanta continues the long rebuilding process from nothing to something at some point.

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Shackamaxon ships Lopez west, no, east

In a rare "selling mode" trade, wild card contender Shackamaxon traded outfielder Ignacio Lopez to division rival Barstow.

"We never knew what we had with Iggy," owner/GM Michael Weintraub stated, dodging raindrops in otherwise-lovely Philadelphia. "We thought he was going to be a superstar, but then he turned out to be league-average. We have a bevy of outfielders, and that made him expendable."

Lopez heads west, no, east (Barstow, for the purposes of this season, is no longer in California but in New Jersey) with a seventh round draft pick in 2023 for three prospects: AAA SP Cullen Jones, AA OF Roberto Perez, and A 1B Matt Stokes, as well as a fifth round draft pick in 2023.

"All three of the players we're receiving are young and having excellent seasons," Weintraub said. "We wish Iggy luck with his new team.

Monday, March 11, 2013

June II Sim

Game Date: 7/1/2022

Adams:  Brooklyn leads Monck's Corner by fourteen games.
Zotti:  Seattle has a fifteen game lead over Ohio.
Signorino:  Maui is ahead of New York by ten games.
Wild Card:  Ohio is two games ahead of  Shackamaxon

Awards & Accomplishments:
Ohio 1B Masahide Ueda named Player of the Week (6/20)
Brooklyn SS Katsuhiko Jouda named Player of the Week (6/27)
Seattle's Juan Gomez named Batter of the Month
Seattle SP Enrico Hernandez named Pitcher of the Month
Atlanta 1B Paul Ellis named Rookie of the Month.

Significant Injuries:
Ohio C Travis Sparrow sprained his ankle in a collision at a base.  He'll be out for 3-4 weeks.
Hickory 2B Dani Guttierez has a sore shoulder and will be out for 3-4 weeks.
Ohio SS Antonio Renteria is done for the year with a broken leg.
Brooklyn SP Allen Rueter partially tore his ulnar collateral ligament and is done for the season and may not start the 2023 season on time.

Contracts Signed:
Brooklyn: SP Fernando Mendoza, $450K/1 yr
Seattle:  CF Bas Bijkerk, $39.5m/5 yrs (extension)
Atlanta:  2B Julian Arenas 2 yrs/$1.3m (extension)
Atlanta: RF Geoffery Boemer 3 yrs/$11.7m (extension)
Houston: 3B Andres Velasco 3 yrs/$38.4m (extension)
Brooklyn:  2B Jose Gonzales 1 yr/$450k
Atlanta:  2B  Roberto Ferrer 2 yr/$1.9m (extension)

Next sim:  Sunday night

Sim Done

I ran the sim last night, but it was late, so I didn't upload the reports or do a summary.  I'll do those tonight.

The game file itself has been updated.


Monday, March 4, 2013

June I Sim Done

Game Date: 6/16/2022

Adams:  Brooklyn is nine games ahead of Monck's Corner and Atlanta.
Zotti:  Seattle's lead over Ohio grows to eleven games.
Signorino:  Maui is six games ahead of New York

Awards & Accomplishments:
Antelope Valley's Ray McJannett is named Player of the Week (6/6)
Maui 1B Lindsay Walker named Player of the Week (6/13)

Monck's Corner's Brian Frison logged his 2500th hit, making him the second player (after Dong Lutz) to reach that mark.
John Grondin of Shackamaxon hits his 300th home run, the 18th player to reach that mark.

Significant Injuries:
Seattle's Pedro Campos will miss six weeks with a sprained knee.
Joseph Bevers of Hickory will be out for three weeks with a bruised wrist.
Monck's Corner SS Gabriel Sequerios has an intercostal sprain and will be on the bench for about three weeks.
New York CF Luis Soto fractured his hand and will miss 4-5 weeks.
Monck's Corner will be without RF Robert Estill for four weeks while he recovers from a latissimus dorsi strain.
Houston LF Kyung-hwan Pak has an intercostal strain and will miss three weeks.

Extensions signed:
Shackamaxon:  CF Monte Goss, 2 yrs/$3m
Houston:  1B Nigel Bryant, 1 yr/$10m
Barstow:  CL Will Stout, 1 yr/$1m
Barstow:  SP Jamie Cruz, 2 yrs/$2.2m

Next sim:  Next Sunday night 

Sim Delayed

I'm sorry guys.  I spent all of yesterday visiting sick relatives (I've got three parents* in three different hospitals in three different cities spread across two states) and by the time I got back last night, I just plopped into bed.

I'll run the sim later tonight.


* Two natural, one step.