Saturday, August 31, 2013

May II Sim Complete

Game Date:  6/1/2023

Who Uploaded?
Antelope Valley

Adams:  Hickory and Brooklyn are tied for the division lead, seven games ahead of Atlanta.
Zotti:  Seattle failed to add to it's eleven game lead.  :)
Signorino:  Maui's lead over New York still stands at six games.

Awards & Accomplishments:
Houston 1B Nigel Bryant named Player of the Week (5/22) & Batter of the Month
Seattle LF Jonathan Anderson named Player of the Week (5/29)
Maui's Juan Villatoro named Pitcher of the Month
Ohio 1B Luis Rodriguez named Rookie of the Month

Significant Injuries:
London LF Craig Bell will miss five weeks with a fractured finger.
Antelope Valley RF Ray McJannett has an elbow inflammation and will miss about five weeks.
New York reliever Ramiro Martinez will miss four weeks with a shoulder inflammation.

Brick's Rufus Murray hit his 300th career home run.

Next sim:  Next weekend.

Sunday, August 25, 2013

May I Sim Complete

Game Date:  5/16/2023

Who uploaded:
Antelope Valley

Adams:  Hickory leads Brooklyn by a single game.
Zotti:  Seattle has a commanding eleven game lead over Brick.
Signorino:  Maui is six games ahead of New York.

Awards & Accomplishments:
Seattle's John Hukill named Player of the Week (5/8)
Hickory LF Bo Rice named Player of the Week (5/15)

Significant Injuries:
London reliever Victor Valles is done for the year with a damaged elbow ligament.
Hickory 2B Pedro Campos tore his groin muscle and will miss about three months.

Next sim:  Next weekend.

Monday, August 19, 2013

Preliminary Trading Post

I'm going to give it another sim or two before I formally start the fire sale, but if you want to do some due diligence and/or tire kicking on the following players, the Lenape are listening:

  • SPs: Joseph Macaluso, John Kautz, Scott Loman, Ivan Gallardo
  • MR: Orlando Apodaca, Joshua Fullen, Elder Guzman
  • CL: Joshua Stoker
  • C: Jorge Clemente
  • 1B: David Seibel
  • 2B: John Grondin
  • OF: Monte Goss, Sherman Evanoff, Steve Keo

The Designated For Assignment List

I realized, while running the sim, that some of the new owners may not understand how the Designated For Assignment list works in our league and how I use it when I run the sims.  Therefore, I'm going to outline the main points about the DFA list and what happens when, during a sim, a player's time on the DFA list runs out.

Players end up on the Designated For Assignment list in one of three ways:

1.  You place the player there to free up a spot on your 40 man roster.
2.  You sign a free agent with a major league contract.
3.  You acquire a player with a major league contract in a trade.

The waiver and DFA time for our league is 18 days.  Because our sims are 15-16 days each, this guarantees that no player will end up on the list and have his time expire on it during the same sim. 

Once a player's time on the list is up, he has to be assigned to a roster or released.  If he is a player that was recently signed to a major league contract, he must be added to your 40 man roster.  Therefore, it is imperative that if you sign/trade for a player to a major league contract, you MUST open a spot for him on the 40 man roster.  If not, once I run the sim, I'm going to be in a position where I cannot proceed without resolving the situation.

When I come across a situation during the season when a player is on the DFA list and runs out of time, I resolve it in the following manner:

1.  I check to see how the player ended up on the DFA list.  Was he put there to take him off the 40 man roster, or was he acquired by the team?

2.  If he was put there by the owner, I attempt to assign him to AAA.  If he refuses demotion, I release him.

3.  If he was signed/traded for, I first add him to the 40 man roster.  Then, if there is a spot on the major league roster and it seems likely that the owner wanted the player on the major league roster, I attempt to put him there.  If not, I attempt to put him in AAA. 

3a.  If there is no room on the 40 man roster, (or if there is no room on the 25 man roster and he refuses demotion to AAA), I look at the player and his contract.  If he isn't what I would deem to be a key player or a player with a large contract (where the owner will lose lots of money by his release) then I release him.  If he is a key player or the owner will lose a huge amount of money with his release, then I may hold the sim until I confirm with the owner what to do.

If anyone has any questions, please feel free to ask.


April II Sim Done

Game Date:  5/1/2023

Who Uploaded:
Antelope Valley

Adams:  Hickory has taken a one game lead over Brooklyn
Zotti:  Seattle's lead over Brick stands at five games.
Signorino:  Maui leads New York by a single game.

Seattle SS John Hukill named Player of the Week (5/17)
Maui's Angel Banuelos named Player of the Week (5/24)
Antelope Valley's Rick Bryant named Player of the Week (5/31)
Seattle's Steve Jones named Batter of the Month
Brooklyn's Kevin Kepner named Pitcher of the Month
Adrian Cisneros, of Atlanta, named Rookie of the Month.

Significant Injuries:
Paul Shunk (Hickory) will miss five weeks with a strained hamstring.
Hickory's Tuan Olmstead sprained an ankle and will be sidelined 6-7 weeks.
Seattle's James Turner will miss 3-4 weeks with tendinitis in his shoulder.

Brian Frison of London launched his 500th home run.

Next sim:  Next weekend.

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

April I Sim Done

Game Date:  4/16/2023

Who uploaded?

Adams:   Brooklyn leads Atlanta and Hickory by one game.
Zotti:  Seattle has a two game lead over Brick.
Signorino:  New York is two games ahead of Maui.

Hickory 3B Esteban Ordonez named Player of the Week (4/10)

Significant Injuries:
The Gothams are going to be without the services of LF Howard Rogers for about four weeks after he suffered a fractured finger.

London signed C John Dash, 1 yr/$700k

New York LF Howard Rogers managed to go 4-4 with 8 RBI against Shackamaxon on 4/2.
Seattle's Teddy O'herlihy threw a three-hit shutout against Maui on 4/14.

Next sim:  Sunday.

Monday, August 12, 2013

One Day More!

One owner has a 40-man roster problem that needs to be resolved before I can proceed.  I do not feel comfortable simply releasing the player(s) in question, so I'm going to pause mid-sim and give the owner a day to resolve the issue.

Thanks for being patient guys.  I'll finish the sim tomorrow night.

In the meantime, the standings so far:

Brooklyn 6-4
Atlanta 6-4
Hickory 5-5
London 4-6

Seattle 8-2
Brick 6-4
Ohio 4-6
Shackamaxon 3-7

New York 7-3
Maui 6-4
Antelope Valley 4-6
Houston 1-9

Need AAA Outfielders?

I have like ten OFs who could play at AAA. I know that's not a huge trading chip, but I thought I'd ask if there is anyone needing some organizational OF depth. Basically, any OF in my organization other than Settignano, Alvarado, Edwards, Rogers, Birdsell and McCollough is available for not much in return. And even those six aren't untouchable.... - Paul / Jersey City

Sunday, August 11, 2013

Opening Day Delay

I was asked by one owner to delay the Opening Day sim until tonight.  However, even after that, there is still one owner (a different one) who has not cut his roster down to 25.  I'm going to delay the Opening Day sim for one more day until Monday night.


Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Welcome to Opening Day!

You always get a special kick on opening day, no matter how many you go through. You look forward to it like a birthday party when you're a kid. You think something wonderful is going to happen.  -- Joe DiMaggio

Game Date:  4/1/2023

Welcome to Opening Day and to the 22nd season of SDMB OOTP baseball.  I'm really looking forward to this season and I hope you are too!  We have two new owners who have, so far, been very active in the trade market in the off-season.  I wish you both the best of luck (although not against Brooklyn, of course) and may the best team win.

Significant Injuries:
Brick 2B Yee Qui will miss about two to three months with a ruptured finger tendon.
Houston reliever Jeff King will sit out four to five months with a torn labrum.

Veteran closer Timothy Vallejo has found a new home across the Atlantic, as the London Dragons have signed him to a one year deal for $990k.

Top Prospects:
The new list of Top Prospects was announced today. In terms of quality prospects, it seems the big winners are New York and Seattle, both of which have two prospects each among the top five.  New York has #1 (C Miguel Angel Ramirez) and #5 (1B Thomas Lyons).  Seattle's top two are both pitchers -- southpaw Toyoshige Takahashi (#2) and righty Chris Williams (#4).

Next sim:  Saturday night (or Sunday -- depending on my schedule).  PLEASE be sure to have your active roster down to 25 players by then.


Monday, August 5, 2013

Labelle moves on

Mere hours after being acquired by Brick in a trade, Marcel LaBelle has been traded again, this time to rival Shackamaxon.

LaBelle heads across I-195 in exchange for 3B Felipe Mendoza and prospect pitcher Yasushi Mochizuki.

"We've wanted LaBelle all offseason," Shackamaxon GM Michael Weintraub stated. "Once we heard that Fred got him, I was able to pry him loose. We had been wanting to upgrade at third base all winter, and now we got our man."

LaBelle is expected to platoon at third base with Qi-Zhen Huang and provide the super-utility role the team has needed.

Sim's Done

Game Date:  3/27/2013

I ran the sim last night, but finished it late, so I didn't prepare the summary.

Next sim (which will bring us up to Opening Day) will be on Tuesday night.


Brick-Maui Trade

In the final days of spring training, the Brick Barracudas and the Maui Mashers have agreed to the following trade: Maui sends 2B/3B/SS Marcel LaBelle and A-ball pitching prospect Bernardo "Prince" Franco to Brick. Brick sends OF Maximo Rodriguez to Maui.

Sunday, August 4, 2013

who needs outfield help...i am making Maximo Rodriguez available for trade... He has not adapted well to second base but is above defensive outfielder...Plus is above average bat who prior to last year went 3 straight year with100 runs scored and averaged above 80 walks each of those years....He is a number 1 or 2 in your batting order ....I need a second basemen who is above average defender...If he is as good offensively as Maximo then i would be willing to do a swap if not then i would want a prospect back too........let me know and make a offer

Friday, August 2, 2013

Sim's Done

I ran the sim last night but did not have the chance to write a summary.

Next sim:  Saturday night  (or Sunday, depending on my schedule).

Sim run last night

It appears Zev ran the sim last night. He did not update the web pages, but the league file is updated through week 3 of Spring Training.

More news forthcoming...