Thursday, April 30, 2015

Emailing The Commissioner - Please Read.

This probably won't affect you too much, as you probably do this when you email me anyway, but here goes:

In the last sim, I missed an email that one owner sent me regarding lineup/roster changes.  This was due to the fact that my inbox is an utter mess - a state of affairs that is entirely my fault.  I have apologized to the owner regarding this.

In an attempt to make sure that this doesn't happen again, I set up a folder in my inbox and a rule to filter email there.  If you want to be sure that I see your OOTP-related email before the next sim, please make sure that it meets at least one of the two following criteria:

1.  It is sent to my commissioner email address (which can be found in the owner directory).
2.  It has the string "OOTP" in the subject line.

If either of those conditions are met, the email will be filtered into that folder which I will check before sims.  If not, it will go to my general email box where I may see it or (as has proven to be the case) it can be missed.

As I said, most (if not all) of your emails to me meet these conditions anyway, so, for the most part, no real changes should be necessary for you.  I just wanted to be as transparent as possible and make sure everyone knows the best way to make sure that your email will be seen.

Any questions?  Feel free to fire away.


Blockbuster Trade by Division Leaders

The Adams Division leading London Dragons and the Zotti League leading Seattle Monarchs today agreed to a blockbuster trade. Seattle sends star outfielder Jonathan "Lefty" Anderson across the pond along with two relievers, veteran Bong-ok Ch'On and prospect Javier Lugo. In return, London sends top prospect outfielder Logan Francis and a first-round pick in next year's draft.

"It's extremely tough to part with Jonathan," said Seattle owner/GM Mack Shultz. "He's spent his entire career with the Monarchs after we drafted him out of Colorado Springs. He's been a key part of numerous championship teams and is off to a torrid start. Ch'On also has been here seemingly forever. But we felt like this was a deal we had to make for the long-term future of the franchise."

Anderson, who is literally the most popular player on the team, will be sorely missed. He is hitting .317 with 25 home runs and 75 RBI and has regained his place as one of the top hitters in the league after a couple of injury-plagued campaigns. Ch'On has also been a Monarch for his entire career, since being signed as an international free agent. Lugo is on the brink of the majors, posting a 0.99 ERA for AAA Tacoma.

Meanwhile, Francis has been one of the top prospects since his selection a couple years ago. But in A-ball, he has a lot to prove before he reaches the majors. even if he develops, it would be difficult to match the career Anderson has had.

Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Shackamaxon begins unloading

Despite winning twelve games in the first sim of July, as many as the team won in the entire month of June, the Shackamaxon Lenape have realized that this season isn't going to be theirs. The team has traded its best starter this season, Ivan Gallardo, and a promising reliever, Sergio Lujan, to division rival Brick.

Heading to the Lenape farm are two prospects, slugging outfielder Don Jones, and infielder Carlos Madrigal.

The teams also swapped draft picks in next year's draft. The Lenape received Brick's first round pick, and the Barracudas will get Shackamaxon's fifth rounder.

Edit: Since Don Jones is injured, the trade has been amended to exclude him, and replace him with a Player to be Named Later.

Philadelphia / Maui Trade

In its latest bold move to strengthen its future, Philadelphia has agreed to send rising star SS Thomas "Nitro" Lyons to the sunny shores of Maui.  In exchange, Philadelphia will receive the following young talented Maui prospects:

1B Luis Lozano
LF Tony Gabriel
SS Dave Lund

"It's a rebuilding year for the Maui franchise, but we couldn't resist trading for a player like 'Nitro'," Maui GM Matt Macario said.  While perhaps not likely to play the shortstop position long term, Lyons has the defensive chops to play any position in the infield, and his bat could become a major boost to a Maui lineup that has been less than impressive to date.  "We're sorry to lose Luis, Tony, and Dave, all of whom have bright futures in store for them in Philadelphia.  But we feel like we have a great deal of future depth at the 1B and outfield positions, so we felt comfortable making this move," Macario said. 

When asked how Maui plans to respond to the recent career-ending injury to Maui outfielder Kyung-hwan "Steely" Pak, Macario sighed and said, "That's a tough break there.  Steely has hit 18 home runs for us this season, and his power will be sorely missed.  We feel bad for Steely and the fact that his career has been cut short.  He'll be tough to replace, but this will give an opportunity to our young outfield prospects, and we'll also be exploring the trade market for additional help."  Maui also lost starting CF and defensive whiz Clint Attwood to injury, so Macario will obviously be busy in the coming days searching for further outfield help.

Monday, April 27, 2015

July I Sim Done

Game Date:  July 16, 2026

I don't have time to write a sim report.  If someone else wants to do it, please feel free to go ahead and do so.

The next sim will be next Sunday night and will take us through July 30, giving us an extra sim before the trading deadline.

Shackamaxon's Fire Sale

Not to be outdone by my neighbors across the Schuylkill, here are some difference makers I have to offer at the trading deadline:

  • Catchers George Robinson and Barney Maxon
  • 1B David Seibel
  • 2B John Grondin
  • SP Ivan Gallardo
  • MR Mike Campbell
  • MR Ambroz Ondra (currently in AAA)

Philadelphia's FIRE SALE

Philadelphia is now looking to move some players to build for the future. Everyone is available and the GM is looking for prospects and/or picks to rebuild the team to win multiple championships in the future!

Sunday, April 26, 2015

No Sim Tonight

I'm sorry... but I'm going to have to put off the sim until tomorrow night.  We'll pick it up on Monday night.

Seattle Adds Star Outfielder

This weekend was a busy one in the Monarchs' front offices, as Seattle traded for Philadelphia centerfielder Yvon Settignano. In exchange, Philadelphia picked up AA infielder Jose Vega, AAA starting pitcher Li Matthews, and second- and third-round picks in next year's draft.

"Yvon is a special player," explained Seattle owner/GM Mack Shultz. "When you have a chance to acquire a player of that magnitude, one coming into his prime, you have to take it. Vega and Matthews are terrific prospects, guys who will be great players on the next contending Crushers team. But we're trying to defend our title and we think Settignano will help us do that."

Vega, a solid second baseman who is learning to handle shortstop, is hitting .329 for Seattle's AA affiliate. Matthews had posted an 8-4 record in AAA at just 22 years old. Meanwhile, Settignano was off to his best start ever for Philly, hitting .330 with 22 home runs and a 1.023 OPS this season.

Is Seattle done here, or will Shultz continue to wheel and deal? Hard to say what the eccentric mind behind the Monarchs franchise will do next.

Seattle Acquires Veteran Hurler

Seattle and Antelope Valley completed a trade wherein Seattle picked up longtime pitcher Clarence Craig and the Raptors picked up relief prospect Glenn Carlton.

"We think Clarence will be a good role model for our clubhouse," said Seattle owner/GM Mack Shultz. "Carlton will be a good pitcher for the Raptors for a long time, but Clarence is a gritty veteran who brings lots of gravitas."

Apparently gravitas these days is equivalent to an 0-8 record and a 6.45 ERA. Onlookers speculate that this deal may be part of the growing dementia seen in the Seattle executives.

Seattle and Antelope Valley also exchanged draft picks in the deal, with Seattle getting a third-round pick in next year's draft and Antelope Valley acquiring a seventh rounder.

Antelope Valley Shopping Star Catcher Lawrence Richardson

Rumor has it that the Antelope Valley Raptors are shopping star catcher Lawrence Richardson.  The Raptors have a lot of depth at the catching position and are looking to shed some salary.  Richardson is a defensive wiz behind the plate and possesses some pop, slugging 31 HRs last season.  The 28 year old Richardson is a lifetime .252 hitter, with 594 RBIs, 136 HRS, 251 2Bs and a lifetime WAR of 17.0 in 5.5 ML seasons.  The Raptors are looking for pitching depth and or future help through prospects or the draft.

Thursday, April 23, 2015

Philadelphia and Brick  have announced` a trade ..Brick sends to Philadelphia second basemen Pedro Gonzalez and triple a second basemen Felipe Mendoza plus 2nd,3rd and tenth round  picks for second basemen Gene Reynolds and third basemen Larry McCormick...The Brick front office was in a festive mood after adding two good players who well be great additions to  the line up...the GM Fred Goldfarb feels these moves well keep Brick competitive in the playoff race...

Tuesday, April 21, 2015

June II Sim Complete

Game Date:  Jul 1, 2026

Adams:  London leads Brooklyn by a single game.
Zotti:  Seattle has a seven game lead over Brick.
Signorino:  Antelope Valley leads Maui & Philadelphia by ten games.
Wild Card: Brick is six games ahead of Brooklyn and Ohio

Awards & Accomplishments:
Houston's Nigel Bryant named Player of the Week (6/22)
Brooklyn's Andy Robertson named Player of the Week (6/29)
Brooklyn SS Katsuhiko Jouda named Batter of the Month
Antelope Valley's Jim Knowles named Pitcher of the Month
Brooklyn 3B Arthur Cain named Rookie of the Month

Significant Injuries:
Hickory RF Jorge Garza, shoulder tendinitis, 3-4 weeks.
Houston 3B Andres Velasco, chronic back soreness, 4 weeks
Brooklyn RF Kevin Works, separated shoulder, 3-4 weeks
Brooklyn 3B Arthur Cain, fractured fibula, 3-4 months
Houston LF Curt Wright, intercostal strain, 2 weeks.
Ohio C Guillermo Medina, finger sprain, 2 weeks
Ohio SP Gustavo Melendez, broken hamate bone, 2-3 months
Brooklyn RP Sean Rice, torn flexor tendon, done for the year
Atlanta LF Shinsaku Toiguchi, fractured cheekbone, 4-5 weeks

Maui's Ronald Quijada reaches 2500 hits (6th player to reach that goal) and 1500 RBI (7th).

Game of the sim:
June 19 -- Shackamaxon defeats Brooklyn 13-10 in 18 innings -- and both starting pitchers exited early.  Brooklyn's Kevin Kepner only lasted 2/3 of an  inning while Shackamaxon starter Clayton Robinson only stayed in the game for three frames.  Katsuhiko Jouda went 5 for 9 (but had no RBI).

Next sim:  Sunday night.  Please note that the trading deadline is coming up.

Monday, April 20, 2015

No Sim Last Night

My apologies, everyone.  Yesterday was one of those "life got in the way" days.  We'll try again for Tuesday night.

Monday, April 13, 2015

David Seibel

I'm willing to deal slugging 1B David Seibel to someone who wants a head start on signing him to a contract extension. He's due to hit free agency after this season, and with his replacement already on my roster (Matt Stokes), I can afford to trade Seibel now.

Does your contending team need power? An inexpensive ($5.3m) veteran presence? A clutch hitter who hits to average, and with power? David Seibel is your man.

June I Sim Completed

Game Date:  Jun 16, 2026

Adams:  London leads Atlanta by three games.
Zotti:  Seattle is four games ahead of Brick
Signorino:  Antelope Valley has a seven game lead over Philadelphia

Awards & Accomplishments:
Shackamaxon C George Robinson named Player of the Week (6/8)
Antelope Valley 1B Rick Bryant named Player of the Week (6/15)

Significant Injuries:
Shackamaxon SP Scott Loman strained his elbow and will miss 2 months.
Maui SP Gil Moore has a bone spur and will miss about four months.
Brick RP Yasushi Mochizuki has a radial nerve compression and will miss four months.
Shackamaxon RP Kwang-sub Kim has an elbow strain and will be out three months.
London pitcher Adam Harrison has a radial nerve compression and is done for the year.

Atlanta's Sherman Evanoff reached 1000 runs.

Next sim:  Next Sunday evening.

Monday, April 6, 2015

May II Sim Done

Game Date:  Jun 1 2026

Adams:  London leads Atlanta by three.
Zotti:  Seattle has taken a three game lead over Brick
Signorino:  Antelope Valley is five ahead of Philadelphia.

Awards & Accomplishments:
Maui LF Kyung-Hwun Pak named Player of the Week (5/18)
Maui LF Juan Alvarez named Player of the Week (5/25)
Brooklyn SS Katsuhiko Jouda named Player of the Week (6/)
Philadelphia CF Yvon Settignano named Batter of the Month
Atlanta SP Ernest Metcalf named Pitcher of the Month
Hickory RF Jorge Garza named Rookie of the Month

Significant Injuries:
Philadelphia SP Robinson Cervantes has a strained hamstring.  He's out for two months.
Hickory C Albert Granado has an oblique strain and will miss 4-5 weeks.
Maui RF Geoffrey Boerner will miss three weeks with a knee sprain.
Houston SP Manuel Silva strained his hip muscle and will be out about three weeks.
Houston RF Ruben Rodriguez is out for three weeks with a torn thumb ligament.

Houston's Nigel Bryant slugged his 300th home run (5/31)

Next sim:  Sunday evening.