Wednesday, May 27, 2015

September I Sim Report

Game Date:  Sep 15, 2026

Adams:  London leads Brooklyn by five games with seven to play.
Zotti:  Seattle has the division sewn up.
Signorino:  Antelope Valley has clinched.
Wild Card:  Brick has captured the wild card.

Awards & Accomplishments:
Brooklyn RF Jamie Vasquez named Player of the Week (9/7)
London 1B Carlos Ortega named Player of the Week (9/14)

Significant Injuries:
Houston RP Lu-fang Xiu is done for this year and just about all of 2027 with a damaged elbow ligament.

Brick SP Joseph Macaluso recorded his 2500th strikeout, the 10th player to reach that goal.

Next sim:  Michael will run the next sim (the final one of the regular season) on *Monday* evening.

September I Sim Done

Game Date:  Sep 15, 2026

Sim summary coming later....  :)

Monday, May 18, 2015

August II Sim Done

Game Date:  Sep 1 2026 -- Roster expansion time!

Adams:  London up by six.
Zotti:  Seattle up by twelve
Signorino:  Antelope Valley up by eighteen
Wild Card:  Brick up by eleven.

Awards & Accomplishments:
Seattle CF Yvon Settingnino named Player of the Week (2nd award this season) (8/17)
Ohio C Guillermo Medina named Player of the Week (8/24)
Hickory SS Pedro Campos named Player of the Week (8/31)
Antelope Valley LF Ray McJannett named Batter of the Month
Antelope Valley SP Dave Klien named Pitcher of the Month (2nd award this season)
Shackamaxon RF Gan Mah named Rookie of the Month

Significant Injuries:
RF Alexander Innes (Hickory), ruptured finger tendon, done for the year.
SP Harry Wagner (Shackamaxon), shoulder inflammation, finished for the season.
RF Juan Arroyo (Philadelphia), fractured ankle, season over.
RP Mark St. John (Houston), torn flexor tendon -- done for this year and likely for next year as well - out for 12 months.
RF Ed Weber (Ohio), strained bicep tendon, 3-4 weeks.
RP Seiji Masuda (Philadelphia), shoulder inflammation, done for the year.

Seattle's Raul Ortega reaches 1000 runs scored.

Next sim:  Tuesday night, May 26 (two days later than usual)

Sunday, May 10, 2015

August I Sim Complete

Game Date:  Aug 15, 2026

Adams:  London is up by three over Brooklyn.
Zotti:  Seattle leads Brick by nine.
Signorino:  Antelope Valley leads Maui by some really large number.
Wild Card:  Brick leads Brooklyn, Ohio & Shackamaxon by eleven games.

Awards & Accomplishments:
Atlanta 3B Mark Smith named Batter of the Month
Atlanta SP Ernest Metcalf named Pitcher of the Month (2nd award this season)
Antelope Valley C Lloyd Rideout named Rookie of the Month
Brooklyn LF Eric Halliwell named Player of the Week (8/3)
Ohio RF Ed Weber named Player of the Week (8/10)

Significant Injuries:
Hickory 3B George LaBarre tore his ACL and will be out for 9-10 months.
London RP Fei-hsien Bao tore a flexor tendon.  Not only is he done for this season, it looks like he's going to miss the entire 2027 season as well.
Houston 2B Pedro Tapia strained a groin muscle.  He's out for six weeks.
Shackamaxon 3B Matt Stokes has a knee inflammation.  He's out 2-3 weeks.

Ohio RP Robert Riddick recorded his 300th save, the fourth pitcher to reach that mark.

Next sim:  Next Sunday night.

Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Top Catcher Available

Are you trying to make a run for the post-season?

Well I have a soon to be FA Catcher that could help you get over the hump.  Manny Murillo has 20 HR on the season and has won a slick fielder award in the past.  He can help your team right away.

I will pay some of his remaining salary for the season and am only asking for a low level draft pick or a MR in return.

Your chance to get better is right now so come and make your offer today!!!

Monday, May 4, 2015

July II Sim Complete - Trading Deadline Is Here.

Game Date:  July 30, 2026

Adams:  London is two games ahead of Atlanta & Houston.
Zotti:  Seattle leads Brick by nine games.
Signorino:  Antelope Valley leads Maui by... ah, heck.  Does it matter? :)
Wild Card:  Brick is eight games ahead of Shackamaxon

Awards & Accomplishments:
Seattle LF Jonathan Anderson named Player of the Week (7/6)
Atlanta 3B Mark Smith named Player of the Week (7/13)
Hickory 1B Jesus Flores named Player of the Week (7/20 -- 2nd award this year)
Houston C Brian Walker named Player of the Week (7/27)
Salvadore Velasquez (Hickory) hits for the cycle

Significant Injuries:
Houston SP Arturo Lorenzo is done for the year with a torn back muscle.
London RP Alan Blessing tore his UCL.  He's out for 11 months.
Maui LF Kyung-hwan Pak tore his labrum and will have to retire.
Philadelphia RP Mark Richard tore his tricep. He's out for the season.
Seattle RF Lucio Muniz partially tore his labrum.  He's out for three months.
Hickory CF Cale Page sprained his ankle.  He's going to miss four weeks.
Hickory SP Dave Green has a shoulder inflammation.  He's out for three months.

Next Sim:  Sunday night.  This sim is the trading deadline.

An apology, and a trade correction

Sorry folks, it's the Gallardo trade that held up last night's sim. Since the key piece coming to Shackamaxon from Brick, outfield prospect Don Jones, was injured, Fred and I had to rework the trade.

The trade now is:

Shackamaxon sends SP Ivan Gallardo, MR Sergio Lujan, $1 cash, and a 5th round pick
Brick sends A 2B Carlos Madrigal, a player to be named later, and a 1st round pick

There's a strong rumor in the Delaware Valley that the PTBNL will be Don Jones, once he is healthy, but neither team will confirm that at this time. 

Again, I'm sorry that the sim was held up last night. I knew Jones was hurt when Fred and I made the deal, but I should have known that trading an injured player wouldn't be allowed by the game.

Sunday, May 3, 2015

Sim Delayed....

I put off the sim for one day as there was an issue with one of the trades submitted and I want to give the owners a chance to either rework the deal or cancel it.  I'll run the sim tomorrow night.