Friday, July 31, 2015

Sim's Done

Game Date:  Dec 21, 2026


  • SP Shoji Mochizuki (int'l free agent) (minor league contract)
  • MR Tomas Balderas (Antelope Valley) (1yr/$540k)
  • MR John Crabtree (re-signed) (1yr/$540k)
  • MR Victor Cantu (Ohio) (minor league contract)
  • MR Tomas Regis (Atlanta) (1yr/$690k)


  • SS Ellis Berry (Antelope Valley) (minor league contract + $1)
  • LF Brent McIntyre (Antelope Valley) (minor league contract + $1)


  • CL Juan Garcia (extension) (6 yrs/$41m)

Next sim:  Sunday morning

Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Sim's Done

Game Date: Dec 14, 2026

Philadelphia:  SP Raphael Rojas (Houston) (2yrs/$2.4m)
Atlanta: SP Sung-oo Yang (Houston) (4yrs/$50m)
Seattle:  RP Jesus Gonzales (extension) (4yrs/$4m)
Brooklyn: LF Bill St.George (no prev team) (minor league contract)
Brick: SP Manuel Silva (Houston) (1yr/$700k)

Next sim:  Thursday night

Monday, July 27, 2015

Sim's Done

Game Date:  Dec 7, 2026

Seattle signed two players to contract extensions:

  • SP Toyoshige Takahashi (7 yrs/$66.5m)
  • SP Teddy O'herlihy (1 yr/$1.9)

Brick signed SP Ivan Gallardo to an extension (1 yr/$6.6m)

Next sim:  Tuesday night

Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Sim's Done

Game Date:  Dec 2, 2026

Rule 5 Draft Results:
Atlanta:  2B German Morin (Ohio)
Antelope Valley:  MR Mark Fields (London)
Brick:  SP Todd Davis (Hickory)
Brick:  SP Juan Roman (Philadelphia)

Next Sim:  Saturday Sunday night

Edit:  The sim will be run on Sunday night, not Saturday night.  My apologies for the error.

Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Seattle/Maui Trade

Minor trade announcement:  Seattle sends 3B Terry Hubbard and MR Carlo "Basher" Humphrey to Maui in exchange for Maui's 2nd round pick in the next amateur draft.

Carry on!

Sim's Done -- Rule 5 Draft is Here!

Game Date:  Dec 1 2026

The Rule 5 Draft will be done on Wednesday night.  Send in your draft picks (preferably) through the game or, if not, then via email to both Michael and myself.

Sunday, July 19, 2015

Sim's Done

Game Date:  Nov 30, 2026

Antelope Valley:  MR Manuel Robles (Brick) (1 yr/$650k)
Philadelphia:  2B Pedro Duran (no previous team) (minor league contract)
Shackamaxon: 3B Esteban Ordonez (Hickory) (1 yr/$700k)
Maui:  SP Keith Waters (Hickory) (4 yrs/$39.5m)
Ohio:  SP Miguel Cardenas (no previous team) (minor league contract)
Maui:  1B Juan Gomez (Seattle) (1 yr/$800k)

Ohio closer Robert Riddick chose to retire.  He retires with 304 340 saves, third fourth on the all time list.

Next sim:  Monday night, which will bring us up to the Rule V Draft.

Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Sim Delay - Protect Players From the Rule V Draft

I've decided to hold off on the next sim for a few days.  The Rule 5 Draft is coming up and I want to give people every opportunity to protect players from the draft.  So, we're going to hold the next sim on Saturday night.


Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Sim's Done

Game Date:  Nov 23, 2026

Signings:  None

Next sim:  Wednesday night.

players available for trade

the following players are available ...Nicolas Vargas SP 12-12 last year 4.28 ERA...Free agent after this year...Rico Padua SP 2-0 1.74 ERA was injured most of season but healthy now also in last year of  contract...Cristobal Cordero  Catcher had a good year 4 Homers 60 RBI and 278 AVE ....Top of the line defensive catcher has won the slick fielding award...made expendable by  Catcher at Triple A I want to make the starter ....looking for prospects or picks...Cordero has a 2 year contract..none of these players have huge salaries

Seattle's Discount Bin

I don't really mind having extra depth next year, but I'm willing to swap some of it away if there's interest from other teams. Here's the list of this year's specials:

SP Teddy "Grave Digger" O'Herlihy: A quality starter who has had injury issues the last two years, when he should be entering his prime. Probably a 3-4 WAR pitcher when healthy. On a one-year, $3.18M deal for next season. I've always thought he'll be a very good pitcher, but I've got prospects coming up ready to take his spot. Plus, awesome nickname.

MR Carlo "Basher" Humphrey: A steady, excellent reliever. Posted a 9-2, 1.94 ERA season last year. Career 2.80 ERA over six seasons. 30 years old. Throws 100 mph. On a reasonable year-to-year deal with team options for the two seasons after this one. Again, I have young guys clamoring for his spot.

OF Maximo Rodriguez: 32 years old. Looking for a place to start. Probably better suited as a platoon bat or super sub. Career .315 hitter with a .826 OPS. Plays all three outfield spots. Hit .384 with a .999 OPS last season. Dirt cheap contract at $1.1M this year with a $1.3M option for next year.

OF Bas Bijkerk: Elite outfield defender with a solid bat. Five-time Slick Fielder award-winner in center field. Makes all your pitchers better. 31 years old. Expendable because of the Settignano acquisition. One-year deal for $8.5M with a team option for next year. Career .280 hitter averaging 20 home runs per season.

3B Terry Hubbard: Career .312 hitter who was put into a platoon for the first time last year due to the emergence of one of my top prospects. Has hit 30 or more home runs every year in the majors, including last season in his platoon role. 31 years old. Between 3 and 7 WAR every season. One-year, $8M contract with a team option for the following season. Can play every infield position, although he's not that good at first base due to a lack of experience.

If you're interested in these guys, send me an email. It will probably be easiest to make a deal for draft picks, but I'm willing to listen to any offers.

Sim's Done

Game Date:  Nov 16, 2026

Signings:  None yet.

Next sim:  Tuesday night.

Monday, July 13, 2015

AV Shopping Catcher Richardson

Anyone interested in C Lawrence Richardson?  Richardson is a former first round pick, a top defensive catcher (2024 Slick Fielder Award) and a decent offensive player.  With the emergence of Lloyd Rideout, he's been delegated to backup duty.  He is only 28 years old, a career .260 and slugged 31 homers for the Raptors in 2025.  Looking for bullpen help, bottom of the rotation starter or maybe a 3rd baseman.  Willing to package Enrique Martinez if necessary.

AV Raptors

Sunday, July 12, 2015

Attention K-Mart Shoppers! Special on Free Agents On Aisle Five!

Game Date:  Nov 9, 2026

The free agents are out on the market!  Let the bidding wars begin!

Next sim:  Monday night.

Friday, July 10, 2015

2026 Team Records

Time again for my annual list of team records set this past season. Now that we're 25 years in, its getting much harder to set records. But, here's the list:

Team batting average: Seattle, .310 (Seattle, 2022, .304)
Most hits: Seattle, 1782 (Seattle, 2013, 1733)
Most doubles: Seattle, 383 (Seattle, 2020, 373)
Most batting strikeouts: London, 1486 (Houston, 2025, 1440)
Team OBP: Seattle, .382 (River Cities, 2013, .373)
Worst team ERA: Houston, 6.51 (Atlanta, 2021, 6.07)
Most runs allowed: Houston, 1078 (Monck's Corner, 2022, 1075)
Most pitching strikeouts: Seattle, 1471 (Seattle, 2018, 1444)
Highest opponent's batting average: Houston, .311 (Monck's Corner, 2022, .303)*
Fewest complete games: London, 1 (ties six other teams)
Worst ERA+ (compared to league): Houston, 73 (Danville, 2017, 76)
Most double plays turned: Hickory 213 (Brick, 2025, 188)**

Many of these records aren't that impressive once you adjust for environment. For instance, six of the top 20 team totals in doubles all happened this year (BRK, ATL, OH, PHI, LON, SEA). This year also featured the most double plays, league wide, of any year before.

The only historically remarkable feature of this year (sorry, Will) was Houston's pitching staff, which really was dreadful even after adjusting for league environment.

*: This year's Hickory team actually posted the second highest opponent's batting average at .305.
**: The new second and third place teams in double plays are Shackamaxon (199) and Atlanta (197). All three broke Brick's record.

Thursday, July 9, 2015

Outstanding Batter Named

Game Date:  Nov 2, 2026

The league's outstanding batter was named this week, and it's Brooklyn's Katsuhiko Jouda.  Jouda is the first Wolves batter to win the award since Juan Melton won the award way back in 2006.

The runner up was Houston's Nigel Bryant and the third place winner was Antelope Valley's Ray McJannett.

Please note that this sim will be your last chance to make offers to your pending free agents.

Next sim:  Saturday night.

Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Next Sim

I see that I forgot to announce when the next sim will be... :: smacks forehead in frustration ::

Next sim will be Thursday night.

Awards Season!

Game Date:  Oct 26, 2026

Slick Fielders:
P   Kevin Kepner, Brooklyn
C  Brian Walker, Houston (2nd award)
1B Martin Cox, Brick (2nd consecutive award)
2B Toshinobu Mizutani, Atlanta
3B Larry McCormick, Brick (4th award, 2nd consecutive)
SS Mike Brown, Atlanta
LF Jesus Barcello, Houston
CF Matt Foster, Brick (2nd award)
RF Ray McJanett, Antelope Valley

Newcomer of the Year
Winner:  Javier Chalen, Brick
Runner-Up: Lloyd Rideout, Antelope Valley
Third Place:  Arthur Cain, Brooklyn

Outstanding Pitcher:
Winner:  Ernest Metcalf, Atlanta
Runner-Up:  Jim Knowles, Antelope Valley
Third Place:  Bruno Talamantez, Seattle

Sunday, July 5, 2015

Sim's Done

Game Date:  Oct 19, 2026

Next sim:  Monday night.

Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Onward To Season #26

Now that we have twenty five seasons in the books, it's time to move on to the next one.  Will Mack, on his second attempt, tie Michael's record of four straight championships?  Will the plucky upstart London Dragons return to the Cecil Cup for another chance at the crown?  Will other teams rise from the ashes of ruined seasons to compete for the title?   Tune in for our next season!

Next sim (covering one week) will be on Sunday night.