Monday, August 31, 2015

Shackamaxon/Norfolk prospects and picks trade

Update: For clarification, ignore the 2028 pick from Shackamaxon, and Benjamin Anderson's participation in this trade. There will be a separate announcement after the upcoming 2027 draft.

On the eve of spring training, and the 2027 amateur draft, the Shackamaxon Lenape and Norfolk Tides have completed a trade that has both teams eyeing the future. In a classic prospect-and-picks trade, the teams dealt five prospects and four draft picks this afternoon.

Shackamaxon receives:
  • A CL James Ferguson
  • AA OF Benjamin Anderson *
  • 2027 2nd round pick (#10 in round, originally from Brick)
  • 2027 3rd round pick (#3 in round)
  • 2027 3rd round pick (#12 in round, originally from Seattle)
Norfolk receives:
* As the 2027 draft hasn't happened yet, Anderson and the 2028 pick will be swapped immediately after this season's draft is completed.

The Tides initiated the trade discussions, looking to get young infield help. "When Norfolk asked for both of our top shortstop prospects, we knew this was going to be a big deal," Lenape GM Michael Weintraub stated. "We think Ferguson and Anderson are both is a top-flight prospects, and were willing to part with them in exchange for Rodriguez and Gordon. Gomez was expendable since we re-acquired Juan Arroyo from Norfolk."

Tides GM Thomas Carrano plans to have Rodriguez compete for the major league second base spot in the Norfolk lineup. "We wish Angel well, he wasn't in our major league plans because of Miguel Martinez and Ieyasu Suzuki as our double-play pair," Weintraub said. "We're also going to convert James Ferguson back into a starter, where he excelled in high school."

Sunday, August 30, 2015

Sim's Done! Spring Training Is Here...

Game Date:  Feb 25, 2027

Antelope Valley:  3B Ronald Quijada (Maui) (1 yr/$1.56m)

Spring Training is here!

The Amateur Draft is coming up.  Please be sure to check the Traded Draft Picks list to make sure that your team is credited with all the traded picks it should have.

Next sim:  Monday night.

Thursday, August 27, 2015

Sim's Done

Game Date:  Feb 22, 2027

Ohio:  SP Charlie Newell (Shackamaxon) (1 yr/$600k)
Ohio:  SP Scott Loman (Shackamaxon) (1 yr/$3.3m)
Hickory:  SS Alex Alvarez (int'l free agent) (minor league contract)
Maui:  RP Mark Blur (extension) (5 yr/$4.6m)

Next sim (where we start spring training):  Saturday night

Sunday, August 23, 2015

         Norfolk-Brick makes another trade

Apparently not finished Norfolk and Brick complete  another trade...Norfolk send to Brick the following players: Hector Estrada pitcher  Mccullough left fielder  Ramiro Martinez pitcher triple a
Going to Norfolk: Luis Santiago left fielder Vargas pitcher Perkins pitcher  triple a

Brick also receives Norfolk's 5th and 6th round picks in the upcoming draft

Norfolk's General Manager was totally excited to have such a good player like Santiago in left for his team, greatly improving his offense and Vargas will lend veteran leadership to a starting rotation in flux..Perkins adds depth

Brick's General Manager also was excited to add  a stud pitcher like Hector Estrada to the list of young and very good pitching to the organization . Mccullough well compete for the starting job with Swanson and Reed. Martinez replaces Perkins in triple a

Sim's Done and Hey, Check out the Draft Pool

Game Date: Feb 15 2027

Houston:  1B Andreas Martinez (int'l free agent) (minor league contract)
Houston:  P Eden Torres (Atlanta) ($860k)
Norfolk: C Manny Murillo (Atlanta) (2 yrs/$10.7m)
Maui:  1B David Seibel (Shackamaxon) (2 yrs/$46.6m)
Seattle:  SP Enrico Hernandez (extension) (3 yrs/$39m)
Seattle: RP Kazuhiro Morita (extension) (5 yrs/$8.7m)
Antelope Valley: P Jose Sanchez (int'l free agent) (minor league contract)

Draft Pools:
The player pools for the upcoming amateur draft have been published.  Check them out:

Batters   Pitchers

In addition, please check out the Traded Draft Picks page and make sure that your team is correctly credited with all the draft picks it should have.  When I run the draft, I will be using that sheet and will not entertain any claims of missed draft picks after the draft.

The draft order will be:

  1. Houston (54 wins in 2026)
  2. Hickory (56)
  3. Norfolk (63 as Philadelphia)
  4. Maui (73)
  5. Atlanta (79)
  6. Ohio (81)
  7. Brooklyn (85)
  8. Shackamaxon (87)
  9. Antelope Valley (90)
  10. Brick (99)
  11. London (Cecil Cup runner-up)
  12. Seattle (Cecil Cup Winner)

Next sim:  Wednesday night

Thursday, August 20, 2015

Norfolk GM's Crazy Week

Norfolk GM Thomas Carrano has had what you would call a crazy first week since taking over the Norfolk Tides origination. Not only has he looked over his team and saw major flaws in the personal but he also got rid of the players who he thought were either over paid or under performing. He was asked by the local sports writer why he traded for young unproven players and his respond was great. He said "That changing the culture from losing to winning you need to start over, so with these young players coming over from other teams who don't know the losing mentality that has been in Norfolk for some time can give them and the origination a fresh start". The reporter also asked why trade most of your draft picks and he said" I'm not a big fan of drafting a player and waiting 2-3 years for them to MAYBE turn into a star or not, I feel that some teams have the patience for that and do a good job, but I can trade the pick and get a player or two that will help my team now".  

Sim's Done

Game Date:  Feb 8, 2027

SS Adam Lee (London) (minor league contract)
SP Stan Lowry (Brick) (1 yr/$850k)
SS Jose Duarte (Brooklyn) (minor league contract)

SP William Lawrence (re-signed) (1 yr/$840k)

RP Edgar Trevino (extension) (2yrs/$2.1m)

1B Masahide Ueda (extension) (3yrs/$25.5m)

2B Arturo Pena (int'l free agent) (minor league contract)

RP Yoshihide Narita (int'l free agent) (minor league contract)

For all those people who acquired players in trades, please remember to remove them from the Designated For Assignment list.

Next sim:  Saturday night

Edited to add:  Some of the trades with Norfolk this week had to be split up into two trades, since OOTP only allows you to trade five players at a time.  This doesn't affect anything in-game, but just in case you're looking at the trades and wondering why they were split up, well, that's why.

Maui - Norfolk Trade

The last few days have been like a whirlwind for new Norfolk GM Thomas Carrano.  In yet another move to improve the depth of Norfolk's minor league system, the following trade with inter-division rival Maui was announced today.

In exchange for veteran SP Luis Salazar, young reliever Mark "Blur" Richard, and SS Pedro Rivera, Norfolk will receive the following players from the Maui organization:
AAA 2B Carlos Gomez
ML MR Al Dougan

To complete the deal, Norfolk will also send Maui the 4th round draft pick it recently acquired from Seattle in a previous trade.

And there was much rejoicing.  *yay*

Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Seattle-Norfolk Trade II: Electric Boogaloo

The owners of Seattle and Norfolk just kept talking after making their first deal. Soon enough, another trade was hatched. Seattle agreed to send AAA reliever Carlos Rivera, AAA OF Pierre Gilbert, and a fourth-round pick to Norfolk in exchange for Norfolk's first-round pick.

"Carlos is a good, young arm who's looking for his shot," said Seattle Owner/GM Mack Shultz. "And Pierre's an outfielder with a lot of speed, a lot of smarts, and a great work ethic. It's great that they will now have a chance to show what they can do on a bigger stage."

Is that it for Seattle-Norfolk deals? Time will tell ... but yeah, probably.

Shackamaxon/Norfolk trade

Fresh off improving their rotation with the signing of Qing-Hua Tso to a massive free agent contract, the Shackamaxon Lenape have a trade to announce with the Norfolk Tides that will pluck two starters from their rotation.

Heading to Norfolk in this nine player trade are:

SP Bruce Roughley
SP David Clark
OF Antonio Gonzales
AAA SP Andres Manuel
AAA MR Alfonso Reyes
AAA SS Juan Chavez
AA SP Dwight Rowe

In return, Shackamaxon receives two draft picks (2nd and 4th round), and two young players, OF Juan Arroyo and pitcher Alejandro Baez.

"We approached the Tides when ownership changed, and immediately expressed our interest in re-acquiring Arroyo," Shackamaxon GM Michael Weintraub explained. "He has the potential to be a difference maker, and is still only 23 years old. As the Tides gave us the list of players they were interested in, we saw that every single one was expendable, and not a part of our team's plans."

Norfolk asked for established starting pitching, and Shackamaxon was eager to include Roughley in the deal, as Baez was added to the return coming to the Lenape.

"Overall, this trade sets us up for the new season, and allows both Arroyo and Baez to compete for roles on the team," Weintraub concluded.

Trade between Seattle and Norfolk

Early this afternoon a trade between Seattle and Norfolk took place where Seattle gets a proven MR in Morita who had 27 saves last year. In Return Norfolk gets 3B Feliciano, SP Harrington, and minor league players  SP Ryan Pennington and  3B Charles Cluett.  GM Carrano gets more youth and more options to evaluate for seasons to come.

Tuesday, August 18, 2015

trade between Brick and Norfolk....Gm Fred Goldfarb called a news conference  without warning to announce the following trade ....Sending to Norfolk is the following players....Pedro Caro pitcher, Alejandro Lopez pitcher ...with the following triple a players Jaime Sanchez ,Lan-Fang-SU ,and Guillermo Perez all three are pitchers...the last player is Angel Trujillo second basemen from double a.........Brick receives back Joseph Brown and Derek Hanson ..both starting pitchers on the Norfolk roster...Brick also receives the 12th pick in the second round and the ninth pick in the third...GM Goldfarb expressed the need to make the starting staff stronger after last years  playoff disaster..Tom the GM from Norfolk was  very happy with the trade because of the need  to add depth to a depleted minor league system  ...both shook hands and smiled for the cameras

Sim's Done. Welcome to the pre-sesaon!

Game Date:  Feb 1, 2027

Shackamaxon:  CF Jason Hunter (no prev team) (minor league contract)
Atlanta:  CF Augustin Dondale (int'l free agent) (minor league contract)
Maui: RP Jose Martinez (extension) (5yr/$5m)
Brooklyn:  SP Porter Kent (no prev team) (minor league contract)

The preseason has begun.  This is the time to adjust your scouting and player development budgets!

Next sim:  Thursday night.

Monday, August 17, 2015

Sim Update

It looks like Thomas is up and running, so the next sim will be run on Tuesday night.


Friday, August 14, 2015

Sim's Done

Game Date:  Jan 25 2027

Shackamaxon:  2B Bernardo Morales (Brooklyn) (minor league contract)
Brick:  SP Min-chin Tang (int'l free agent) (minor league contract)
Atlanta:  2B Hector Montes (int'l free agent) (minor league contract)

Next sim (and the official start of the preseason:  Tentatively scheduled for Saturday night, although I may push it off a day or two.  I'll keep you posted.


Tuesday, August 11, 2015

New to blogging and online OOTP

My name is Thomas Carrano and I live in Norfolk,Va with my wife and three girls. I have OOTP 15 and saw on facebook that you had an opening so I responded to it and talked to the Comish and he had me set up this Blog. I love playing GM and Coach on my and trade all the veterans for prospects and play them early. I love Baseball and my favorite team is the San Diego Padres. Thanks for allowing in the league and hope to have fun playing with you guys.


Monday, August 10, 2015

Sim's Done

Game Date:  Jan 18, 2027

Shackamaxon, SP Qing-hua Tso (Ohio), 3yrs/$65m
Brick, SP Cesar Martinez (int'l free agent) (minor league contract)
Houston, MR Patrick Beene (Hickory) (4 yrs/$31m)

Next sim:  Thursday night

Friday, August 7, 2015

Sim's Done; We Have A Vacancy

Game Date:  Jan 11, 2027


Int'l Free Agents, all to minor league contracts

  • Shackamaxon, SS Jose Escobar 
  • Maui, SP Angel Meave
  • Antelope Valley, 3B Yoshifumi Hatsutori
  • Seattle, LF Jose Navarro 

As we change the calendar to 2027, a number of players have retired.  Significant players who have retired include:

  • Longtime Brooklyn Wolves SP Dennis Durand, 153-142, 3.99
  • Hickory starter Donald Hunnicutt, who spent his entire 16-year career with the team, compiling a record of 178-196, 4.69 and 3117 strikeouts.
  • Left fielder Santiago Salazar, .788 OPS, 242 HR over 14 years.
  • Houston 3B John Lebouf
  • New York/Maui SP Michael Friday
  • Slugging 1B Gregorio Marzano .306/.409/.468 and exactly 300 home runs.
  • Seattle/Hickory backstop Alberto "Nitro" Granado, .783 OPS, 192 HR
  • Brooklyn 2B Luis Cedeno
  • Maui CF Reijiro Kondo 
  • Houston/Shackamaxon C  Jorge Clemente
  • 3B Kenneth Lea 
  • Maui 3B Octavio "Grandpa" Cabrales -- .317/.373/.480, 211 HR
  • LA/Shackamaxon/Hickory SP Tuan Olmstead 69-89
  • 3B Bruce Parker, .280/.370/.470, 306 HR
  • SS Jonathan "Sabertooth" Hukill, .292/.413/.564, 618 HR (2nd all time), 1868 runs (1st all time), 2508 hits (7th all time), 186 SB

In addition, Chris has retired as the owner of the Philadelphia franchise.  We'll begin searching for a new owner immediately.

Next sim:  Saturday night.

Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Shackamaxon's 25th Anniversary Team (Part 2 of 3)

(This is part two of a three part series. Here's part one.)

The early dynasty was fueled by the initial league draft, where eight of the players on this 25th Anniversary Team joined the nascent Stockholm Sluggers. Since that initial draft, only two first round draft picks by the franchise have made the Anniversary Team, infielder Bill Turek (2005) and closer Junior Cuomo (2003).

The four outfielders selected for the 25th Anniversary Team are:

Outfielder Christopher Hartsell (2002-2008)
Selected in the 15th round of the initial league draft, Hartsell was an established 28-year-old veteran on the Sluggers team, and helped the team win its four consecutive Cecil Cups from 2004-2007. In 2005, he hit a walk-off two-run homerun to complete the four-game sweep against hated rival Seattle and win the franchise’s second Cecil Cup. During his time with the team, he hit a respectable .287 batting average and an .808 OPS.

Outfielder Joseph Denn (2002-2005)
Joseph Denn was the second player selected by the team in the initial draft, and entered the league as a 35-year-old slugger in the twilight of his career. While there was a requirement for the 25th Anniversary Team that a player was on the team for five seasons, an exception was made for Denn. In three and a half seasons, before the wheels fell off, Denn was a slugger non compare. He hit 123 homeruns, with a .282 batting average and a .848 OPS. He won the 2003 Outstanding Batter award and helped the team win its first two Cecil Cup titles in 2004 and 2005.

Outfielder Sherman Evanoff (2014-2024)
A solid player for eleven seasons (second most in franchise history, behind Ricky Peppers), Evanoff was acquired in 2009 for another Anniversary Team member, Troy Nelson (more about him tomorrow), and slugged his way through the minor leagues before debuting in 2014. He holds the one offensive record that Peppers does not, for most walks in team history, and he hit 320 homeruns with a .857 OPS during his time with the team.

Outfielder Sean Arant (2004-2008, 2014-2016)

During two stints with the franchise, Arant was a solid outfielder and a consistent hitter (.308 batting average) and base stealer (209 stolen bases), Arant won the 2006 Outstanding Newcomer award, and won two Cecil Cups with the team, in 2006 and 2007.

Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Sim's Done

My apologies, everyone... I ran a little late last night.

Sim's done.  I'll post the summary with the next sim.

Next sim:  Thursday night

Monday, August 3, 2015

Shackamaxon's 25th Anniversary Team (Part 1 of 3)

After twenty-five seasons in the SDMB OOTP League, the now-Shackamaxon Lenape look back on their history and recognize the great players in the franchise’s history. Over twenty-five seasons, the team has a record of 2205-1845, a .544 winning percentage. The team won a record four straight Cecil Cup championships (from 2004-2007), but early glory has been hard to reclaim, as the below chart shows.

The team has had recent success, with playoff appearances in three of the last five seasons, including two trips to the Cecil Cup finals, with a gut-wrenching loss to arch-rival Seattle in the final game of the 2025 series. The letdown from being one strike away from the team’s 5th title extended into 2026, the 25th season, as the Lenape slipped back into third place in the Zotti Division, but hope in the young stars on the team provide promise for the next 25 seasons.

Historically, the team has moved a lot, starting in Stockholm (as the Sluggers), and then a few seasons in Florida (as the Mighty Manatees of Florida Baseball Club), then in southern California (as the South Bay/Los Angeles Scorpions), until the team reached its new home in the Philadelphia area after the 2018 season.

Let’s start with the 25th Anniversary Team by going around the infield:

Catcher: Gerardo Herrera (2012-2021)
While never a superstar, Herrera was a solid contributor for nine seasons. He had a .263 batting average, and a .740 OPS in his time with the team, worth 10.2 WAR. He was a solid backstop, with a career 35.3% runners-thrown-out rate, and he won the 2020 Slick Fielder award.

First Base: David Seibel (2017-2026)
Over ten seasons with the club, Seibel was an offensive force for the team. He hit 381 homeruns, had a .917 OPS, and 34.2 WAR. He tied a SDMB League mark, and set the franchise record, for most home runs in a season (56) in 2026. He’s a solid defensive first baseman (+7.4 zone rating), and will be missed by the franchise as he moves on this offseason.

Seibel ranks second in most offensive categories in franchise history.

Second Base: John Grondin (2019-2026)
One of the greatest players in franchise history, and the first $200 million man, Grondin arrived as a free agent after an intense bidding war before the 2019 season. In his eight seasons, and counting, with the club, Grondin has been an offensive force, tallying 290 homeruns, a .299 batting average, .943 OPS, and 25.8 WAR.

Third Base: Jose Rodriguez (2002-2006)
Arriving as an original Slugger in the 2002 league-starting draft, Rodriguez was a 33-year-old veteran when he manned the hot corner for the expansion Stockholm franchise. In his five seasons with the club, he helped win three Cecil Cup titles (2004-2006), and was the league’s Outstanding Batter in 2006.

Shortstop: Ricky Peppers (2007-2021)
Simply put, Ricky Peppers was the franchise’s greatest player over the first 25 seasons. Acquired in 2004 as a throw-in during a trade, Peppers came on as the starting shortstop in the middle of the 2007 season, winning the Cecil Cup as a rookie at the tail end of the franchise’s dynasty. He won his first two Outstanding Batter awards the following season, 2008, and again in 2010, as he became one of the premier players in the league. In 2019, as his career was starting to wane, he lit up the league’s pitching again to win his third Outstanding Batter awards.

Peppers leads the franchise in nearly all offensive categories, including hits (2264), doubles (382), triples (71), homeruns (455), total bases (4239), and stolen bases (338).

Utility Infielder: Bill Turek (2006-2010, 2015-2016)
A first-round pick in 2005, Turek was a solid star for the late-dynasty franchise. He won two Cecil Cup titles in 2006, as a rookie, and in 2007, and became the young star Ricky Peppers’ double play partner at 2B. He won the 2009 slick fielder award, and returned for two solid seasons at second base in 2015 and 2016.

I’ll be back on Tuesday to review the team’s draft history and announce the outfielders on the 25th Anniversary Team.