Sunday, November 29, 2015

August I Sim Done

Game Date:  Aug 15, 2027

Adams:  Atlanta holds  a one game lead over London.
Zotti:  Seattle by nineteen.
Signorino:  Antelope Valley is eight games ahead of Maui
Wild Card:  Brick is nine games ahead of London.

Awards & Accomplishments:
Maui CF Ernesto Salcido was named Rookie of the Month.
Antelope Valley's Jim Walton was named Pitcher of the Month
Seattle CF Yvon Settignino named Batter of the Month (3rd career award, 2nd this season)
Houston 1B Nigel Bryant named Player of the Week (8/2, 15th career award, 2nd this season)
Highland 1B Manuel Hidalgo named Player of the Week (8/9)

Significant Injuries:
Highland will be without 3B Max Price for five weeks with a sprained ankle.
Atlanta starter Brad Buckley's season is over with a partially torn labrum.
Shackamaxon will have do without the services of CF Abel Stephens for three weeks as he has a herniated disc.
Shackamaxon reliver Bernardo Franco is finished for this year and will likely miss next year as well with a torn UCL.
Ohio starting pitcher Scott Loman's going to miss three weeks with a fractured foot.

Two Maui players reached 400 home runs on back-to-back days.  On 7/30, Raul Ortega reached 400 dingers, becoming the 13th player to do so.  On the next day, David Seibel joined the club.

Trivia Question:
Last Week's Question:
Who was the only player to play in a major league game while missing a leg?

The only player to do so was Bert Shepard, who played his only major league game on August 4, 1945 for the Washington Senators.

Shepard was a minor league pitcher who spent the 1940-42 seasons pitching in class D and C ball for the Cardinals and White Sox.  When he entered service in World War II, Shepard became a fighter pilot.  He was shot down on his 34th mission east of Hamburg and lost his leg in a POW camp. While there, he learned to walk and then to pitch again.  Back in the United States in 1945, he was placed on Washington's roster.  On Saturday, August 4th, the Red Sox knocked Washington starter Sandy Ulrich out of the box by scoring seven runs against him in three and a third innings.  The Senators brought in Joe Cleary, a native of Ireland (and, to this date, the last Irish born native to play in the majors).  Clearly faced nine batters and only retired one.  By the time he left the game, the score was 14-2 Red Sox.

Shepard came into the game and got the last batter of the inning out on strikes.  He then proceeded to pitch the remainder of the game, limiting the Red Sox to only one more run over the remainder of the game, which the Sox won 15-4.

That was Shepard's (and Cleary's) only game in the majors.  Once the regular major leaguers came back in 1946, Shepard was sent back to Class C ball.

He pitched again in 1949 where he played in 20 class C ball games and again in 1955 when he made three appearances with the Yankees class C ball team in Modesto.

This Week's Questions:
We all know that sometimes players get attached to their uniform numbers.  For some, it's just an affectation, for others, it has personal meaning.  For one player, however, it had particular meaning.

Who is the only major league player to wear his birthday on the back of his uniform?

Next sim:  Thursday night.

Saturday, November 28, 2015

Brooklyn Trades!

The Brooklyn Wolves today completed their first trade in... well... to be truthful, I can't remember (it's been that long).  Today the Wolves sent reliever Joan Palha and a second round pick to the Brick Barracudas in exchange for pitcher Victor Galavan, outfielder Bill Love and minor league pitcher Lawrence Floyd.

Palha came to the Wolves in the 2020 amateur draft, where he was selected in the fourth round.  He rose steadily through the minor leagues, cracking the big league club out of spring training in 2024.  Since then, he's appeared in 265 games, with an ERA of 3.46 and a WHIP of 1.24.

Galavan was selected by as a last-round pick by the Saskatoon Amigos back in 2016.  He reached the majors in 2022 at the age of 23 and has served as a swingman for the franchise ever since, producing a 34-33 records with an ERA of 4.99.

Bill Love was a first round pick for Ohio in 2021.  At one time named the #10 prospect in the league, Love has never quite lived up to his potential.  He's currently serving as a backup outfielder for Brick.

Floyd was selected in the 8th round of the 2025 amateur draft.  Currently pitching in for the Moose Jaw Rumrunners, Floyd is 5-8 with a 5.83 ERA.

Monday, November 23, 2015

I can't believe I'm suggesting this

I'm a baseball purist. I am a fan of one of the oldest franchises in MLB (the Philadelphia Phillies), love small ball and 4-6-3 double plays (and, attempts by baserunners to break up double plays). I loathe American League baseball, and became a fan of the Royals during the past two post seasons because they play like a NL team.

And I absolutely hate the designated hitter in MLB and think we should discuss adding it in the SDMB League at the major league level.

We currently have the DH in the minors, but it's not used in the college or high school leagues. Allowing the DH at all levels will allow position-less batters a chance to play, and save teams from possibly having an albatross contract.

I don't know if this is a good idea, and if it will help non-Seattle teams to compete better, but I think it is worthy of discussion.

Any thoughts?

London, Shackamaxon announce trade

LONDON -- The London Dragons continued their drive for the playoffs, trading another blue-chip prospect in Single-A closer Leonard Christopher for another player ready to contribute right now. It's hard to blame the Dragons for going 'all-in' - flags fly forever, as they say. And the Dragons have a solid team with a (reasonably) young core; if everything breaks right they could have a two- or three-year window. But there is no denying the Dragons are taking a high-risk, high-reward approach in selling off their future to try and win now.

The deal sends Christopher and fellow Marietta Mammoths team-mate, second baseman Montrel Luttazi, to the Lenapes. In return the Dragons get Bartolo Olivarez and a 5th round draft pick. Olivarez is a veteran right-hander that can be very effective when he's able to limit the number of free passes he gives batters. According to sources, Olivarez is likely to replace Victor Rivera in the rotation. Rivera, the promising rookie from the Dominican Republic, has shown flashes of brilliance but has been struggling of late, and management seems reluctant to force him to work through his issues in the midst of a pennant race pressure cooker.

Christopher was the Dragon's 1st-round draft pick last year and the 7th pick overall. A hard-throwing righty with excellent movement and command, the Marietta Mammoths closer has picked up 15 saves this year already despite missing seven weeks to back spasms. He's struggled a bit since coming off the DL, giving up 5 earned runs in his last three outings (two blown saves and a loss), yet for the season he's still striking out more than a batter per inning with a 60% ground ball rate. Scouts have long touted Christopher as a future shut-down closer, although he'll need to add a second pitch to go along with his fastball.

Luttazi, a 17th round draft pick two years ago, is a 21yr old mid-tier prospect that originally caught attention for his glove more than his bat. He has been a pleasant surprise so far this year, hitting over .300 across Single- and Double-AA, although a somewhat low BB% (5%) and high K% (19% in an admittedly small Double-A sample) suggests points of concern - points that could be alleviated by his above-average glove.

"Giving up Christopher is disappointing; we think he has a very very promising future. But our focus now is on winning now", said Urista. The Dragons have made a plethora of trades in the last few weeks to bolster the team's pitching and defense, and Urista noted that the added depth gave them more options as the season moves into the last third of the season. "We have six quality starters for a five-man rotation. Yes, having to figure out who gets moved to the bullpen is a problem, but as far as problems go, it's a nice one to have".

Friday, November 20, 2015

Seattle's "Secret Sauce" for Success

In response to Scott's post, Zev asked me if I were willing to share some of the ideas that I've used to build the Seattle evil empire. I quickly agreed, and so here's my post on what I have done to be successful and some of the things I've learned playing the game for the last dozen or so years (real-time).

To the extent there is a secret to my success, it’s an extremely scaled down version of what I understand makes people routinely successful in daily fantasy sports and the like. I spent a lot of time, years ago, studying the game and testing things to try to find out what correlated with success. Which of the hitting ratings better correlated with a hitter's OPS? What information for draft eligible players correlated best with their later success? How important are the OSA rankings versus my scout’s rankings? 

When I had far more time than I do now, several versions of the game ago, I created test leagues where I could test various hypotheses and see what worked best. The end result of the work was a series of Excel spreadsheets and formulas that I use as shorthand for player value. Now, I just take reports from the league, copy and past the numbers into my spreadsheets, and let Excel do the work. Earlier today, I counted the total number of inputs into my formula for ranking hitters in the draft and found that 25 separate pieces of information feed into my ultimate “SCORE” formula. That’s the raw number that I use to create my draft boards, although I don’t slavishly follow it.

I still tweak the formulas from time to time, but I don’t have the same free time available now and I wonder if the changes between versions of the game are eroding the fidelity of my research. I do know that there are some blind spots in my formulas, and I try to adjust around those. One example is that my formulas underrate the negative impact of someone who has absolutely no home run power. But those formulas are the essential “secret sauce,” to steal a phrase from Zev.

Based on what I've learned over the years, here is a list of tips. I can’t vouch that these things are actually true, and many of them are not original ideas, but they are principles that I use when making decisions for my OOTP teams.

·         Contact is the most important hitting skill, by far.
·         Avoiding K’s is the least important. I don’t even factor it in when evaluating players or prospects.
·         The current version of the game overvalues speed and gives it too much weight in assigning star ratings.
·         Don’t ignore defense in evaluating major league players. Check their ZR stats. A great hitter can give back half or more of his value if he’s terrible on defense.
·         Elite defense at shortstop and center field can really, really help your team.  
·         Use the minor leagues to teach your top hitting prospects to play as many positions as possible. Once they stop improving their defensive ratings at one position, start teaching them another. You never know when positional flexibility is going to come in handy. It's going to hurt your minor league pitchers' stats, but focus on their FIP instead of their ERA and you should be ok.
·         Check to see if a pitching prospect has at least three different pitches and an endurance rating of at least 30 (or so). If pitching prospects can’t check both those boxes, then they’re probably relievers masquerading as starters. If relievers do check those boxes, then give them a try as a starter.
·         In evaluating pitchers for the future, FIP and WAR are way more important than ERA and wins.
·         All other things being equal, I prefer pitchers with higher endurance, who throw hard, and/or who generate groundballs.
·         The draft is important, but the most important part is to study the draft class on your own and to avoid relying on the computer’s evaluation. I’d rather have the #12 pick in a draft I’ve studied than the #3 pick in a draft where I just let the computer choose. The computer's not terrible, but it's not very good either.
·         In drafting players, I give a little weight, just a little, to the following random ratings: leadership, work ethic, and intelligence. I also give bumps to players who have nicknames and who are rated durable from an injury perspective. (The nickname thing doesn’t hold as true now as it did in prior versions of the game, but better prospects still tend to be more likely to be given nicknames by the game.)
·         Beware of prospects where your scout has a really good rating and the OSA rating is significantly lower. Your scout is probably wrong. I had to learn that lesson repeatedly before it sank in.
·         Try to track when your older stars start declining. Better to move on from someone a year too early than a year too late.
·         Identify areas of surplus on your team and then look for teams that have needs in that area. The best trades occur when you can make the other team better, while getting something useful for yourself.
·         Similarly, look for areas of surplus on other teams. If a team has two good prospects at one position, they’re usually more willing to part with one of them than if they only have one good prospect at that spot.
·         Try to forecast your roster a few years out. It will help with deciding what players to resign, what free agents to pursue, and what trades to make.
·         Don’t be afraid to ask if a player is available and to try to make a deal, even if it’s a long shot. As long as you make reasonable and fair offers, the other owner isn’t likely to get upset even if you don’t complete a trade.
·         Don’t be afraid to spend a lot of money in free agency on the right player, but make sure it’s the right player.
·         Don’t overvalue any one player. Injuries and other crap happen and you can’t bet the farm on one guy.

So, there's the basics of what I've found and what I try to do. If anyone else has tips they would like to share, please do so.

July II Sim Done -- Trading Deadline

Game Date:  Jul 30 2027

Adams: London has a one game lead over Atlanta
Zotti:  See Scott's recent post
Signorino: Antelope Valley has a nine game lead over Maui
Wild Card: Brick leads Atlanta by four games

Awards & Accomplishments:
Maui CF Ernesto Salcido named Player of the Week (7/19, 2nd award this season)
Seattle CF Yvon Settignano named Player of the Week (7/26, 3rd career award)
Brooklyn SP Kevin Kepner pitched back-to-back five-hit shutouts (7/24 & 7/29)

Significant Injuries:
Shackamaxon RF Juan Arroyo will miss 2-3 weeks with a sprained ankle.

Maui's Raul Ortega recorded his 2000th hit (7/25)

Commissioner's Note:
This week is the trading deadline.  I'm giving a few extra days before the next sim to allow for extra trading and because of Thanksgiving.

My primary email account is a Yahoo! account.  I also have a Yahoo! Small Business account where I keep the izev domain.  For years, I simply had all the email from my izev accounts flow into the regular Yahoo! mailbox.  I set up filters to catch the OOTP mail and have it put into a special folder.

For whatever reason, as of last month, the forwarding from the izev account just stopped.  As a result, my izev email remained in my Small Business mailbox.  This meant that, aside from now having to check my email in two places, the filtering was no longer working (since it was set up only on my primary account).

I saw that Yahoo! acknowledged this as a problem.  Their status page gave me the old "we're working on this" status and so, being the patient sort, I left it alone for a while.  Unfortunately, this sometimes caused me to miss league emails -- something I should have been more vigilant about.

Yesterday, I finally got fed up with waiting for Yahoo! to fix the forwarding from the Small Business account and decided to take matters into my own hands.  The steinhardtfamily domain (as well as a few others I own) are hosted by a different service (not Yahoo!).  So, I set up an email there and set it up to forward to my primary Yahoo! mailbox.  I tested it out and found out that it was not forwarding.  I found it odd that both Yahoo!'s forwarding and this other services would *both* be broken, so I decided to do a little testing.

I changed the new email address to forward to my izev address instead of my primary Yahoo! mailbox and, lo and behold, it worked.  So it seems that the problem isn't as much that the Small Business account isn't forwarding to my primary email box, it's that my primary email box isn't accepting forwards!  Has anyone ever had this sort of problem before?

I'm going to try to contact Yahoo to get this resolved.  It's so frustrating, I'm considering switching to another service, even though I've had this Yahoo! address and used it as my primary address for the last seventeen years.

For now, if you're going to send me a league email, please make sure it has OOTP in the subject line. I set up a filter on my Small Business account to catch those, so that, until I get a more permenant solution in place, this should catch league emails.

I'm sorry for the long winded explanation and for the problems this has caused for all of you.  Thank you for being patient while I work this through.

Trivia Question:
Last Week's Question:
Since the dawn of the expansion era, who is the only person to start the inaugural game for more than one franchise?

Answer:  Diego Segui who was the Opening Day starting pitcher for both the Seattle Pilots in 1969 and for the Seattle Mariners in 1977.

This Week's Question:
In some other baseball universe, World War II pulled many able-bodied men from their jobs to the armed services to fight in the war.  Baseball players were not excused, as many of the games stars and everyday players were drafted.

This left teams sometimes scrambling for talent and almost anyone who could play half decently got a shot.  Probably the most famous of these "wartime players" was Pete Gray, who played 77 games for the St. Louis Browns in 1945, despite not having a right arm.  Brown, however, was not the only person who played that year despite missing a limb.

Which player played in the major leagues during the war years, despite missing a leg?

Next sim:  Saturday night, Nov 28.  Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

A Modest Proposal

Apologies in advance, because I suspect that this might ruffle some feathers. Please understand that I’m not writing this in anger – I’m writing this precisely because I love the game and love the league.

There’s having a strong team, there’s having a dynasty, and then there’s Seattle.

Seattle has been in the finals 11 years in a row, ‘only’ winning 6. Seattle has been in the finals 20 of the last 22 years. 
Over the last 14 years, Seattle has averaged 110 wins a season. The lowest win total in any season in that span? 96. 
So they’ve been strong in the past. We can ignore that, history is history.

What about present day? Ho-hum, Seattle is on pace for another 120 win season – in line with the pre-season prediction, btw – and their pitching staff has an average ERA almost 2 full runs better than the league average. Seattle’s team batting average is 30 points higher than the league average, OBP is 40 points higher, OPS is almost 100 points higher. Seattle has the top closer, top reliever, top starting pitcher, top RF, top CF, top 2B, and top 3 in a bunch of other positions.

That’s all to say that yeah, Seattle’s really really good. 

Here’s the thing: That pitching staff? Also the youngest pitching staff in the league. Overall potential for Seattle’s pitchers and batters is waaaaay ahead of any other team. Oh, and they also have – by far - the top farm system.

At this point Seattle is so strong, they’ve lapped the field – which means they will pretty much never come back to the pack. 

Normal teams when they see a window to contend – like London this and last year – need to sacrifice some prospects and such to fill a hole or fill a need. 

Well, guess who has a bunch of good players – so many, in fact, that they can trade a solid player here and there, and barely miss him, while constantly getting back yet more high draft picks and prospects to continue filling out the farm system with high-end guys.

Seattle never needs to rebuild - they’re basically always re-loading.

As an owner of a team that is in first place and in reasonable position to be a ‘winning’ team (over .500) for the next couple of years, this isn’t just whining about a strong team. This is about the league as a whole.

My almost-certainly controversial suggestion is that we blow up the league after the season and start over. We have some new owners – and let’s face it, drafting is always fun; we could do a slow draft via email to build our teams and start a brand new league.

As a team that’s moved his chips into the middle for a ‘win now’ mode for the next few years, blowing up a team that’s in its best position to win is painful…but necessary, I believe.

Let me repeat again - I’m not writing this in anger – I’m writing this precisely because I love the game and love the league. I have nothing but mad respect for Seattle; he clearly has put the time in – especially early on, I suspect – and I’ve also found that my relative success in the league seems to be closely correlated to the amount of time I’m able to spend on it. But at this point, I suspect that the gap is simply too great to overcome.

There’s every chance that Seattle might end up building another dynasty again – more power to ‘em. And I'm not quitting the league even if we don’t blow it up, of course – as I said, I love this game and love the league. But I’d like us to have a serious discussion about rebalancing the league. Come on Seattle - wouldn't you find trying to rebuild a dynasty more enjoyable and more of a challenge? :-)

Monday, November 16, 2015

Email woes....

I've had some issues with my email of late.  Yahoo made some behind the scenes changes to their small business emails and whereas, in the past, all my mail used to come to one mailbox, now I have to search in multiple mailboxes.  In addition, because my emails aren't being forwarded to my main box, the filtering I set up for them has not been working.

There were two owners who sent me instructions on roster moves for this past sim that I missed.  I'm not looking to blame Yahoo for this... I should have looked more carefully for the emails.  I missed them and that is my fault.  

I'm probably going to set up a new email address for league matters and, hopefully, that will help to make sure that I catch them all.  I will be apologizing to the owners individually by email, but I also want to make sure that this is something the league is aware of as well.

For now, continue to use the same email that you have... it will probably be another day or two before I get a new email address and filter set up.  When it is set up, I'll let you know.

As always, if anyone has any questions or comments, please feel free to ask.


Sunday, November 15, 2015

July I Sim Done

Game Date:  Jul 16 2027

Adams:  London leads Atlanta by four games.
Zotti:  Seattle is seventeen games ahead of Brick
Signorino: Antelope has a three game lead lead over Maui
Wild Card:  Brick is four games ahead of Atlanta.

Awards & Accomplishments:
Antelope Valley CF Petero Hokualohi named Player of the Week (7/5, 3rd career award)
Maui's Juan Alvarez named Player of the Week (7/12, 2nd award this season, 3rd career award)

Significant Injuries:

  • Shackamaxon CF Benjamin Anderson has a fractured thumb and is out for four weeks.
  • Brooklyn 1B Andy Robertson is done for the year with broken bone in his elbow.
  • Highland LF Mike Minty is done for this year and the beginning of the next with a ruptured MCL.  He'll be out until May 2028.
  • Seattle with be without 3B Sung-heun Hwa for four weeks due to a fractured foot.
  • Houston RF Jesus Barcello has an oblique strain and will miss four weeks.
  • Norfolk RP Pedro Caro has a ruptured finger tendon and is done for the year.
  • Brooklyn 3B/SS Katsuhiko Jouda has a sprained ankle and will be out for five weeks.

Norfolk SP Nicholas Vargas recorded his 2000th strikeout.

Trivia Question:
Last Week's Question:
Which player (who has a much more well-known claim to fame) was the last former St. Louis Browns player to still be active as a player?

The last former St. Louis Browns player to play on the field was pitcher Don Larsen, who played his last major league game on July 7, 1967, 13 1/2 years after the Browns fled St. Louis for Baltimore.  Larsen, of course, is better known as the only person to throw a perfect game in the World Series.

This week's question:
Since the beginning of the expansion era, fourteen teams have been added to the major leagues.  Who is the only person who was the first starting pitcher for more than one of those teams?

Next sim:  Thursday night, where we will go to July 30, thus giving an extra week before hitting the trading deadline.

Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Adams Division Leaders Make a Deal

Today London and Atlanta have made an unprecedented deal between the two division leaders.

Atlanta sends 2 of their top starters 2B Toshinobu Mizutani and CF Jorge Gonzalez across the pond in exchange for 2 prospects a draft pick and a ML OF.

The key of the entire deal is AAA SP Bill Petersen who is just coming off the DL and should be ready for the ML rotation in a season or two. Atlanta also receives AA 3B Greg Osborne and London's 4th round pick in 2028 and current ML LF Guillermo 'Captain' Martinez.

This deal came together quickly and both GM's seem happy with the result.  When asked, Jeremy Goldman, the Atlanta GM said "I always wanted a Guillermo on my team and now my life in the SDMB is complete."

Shackamaxon/London trade

In order to receive back the 4th round pick previously traded by London to Shackamaxon, the Dragons and Lenape have agreed to the following trade:

Shackamaxon sends the 4th round pick previously acquired in the Adam Hone trade and AAA IF Hernando Albacete to London for AA SP P. J. Booker.

"This allows us to get another young pitching prospect," Shackamaxon GM Michael Weintraub announced. "And, it allows the trade London agreed to with Atlanta to proceed."

Friday, November 6, 2015

Jun II Sim Done

Game Date:  Jul 1 2027

Adams:  London has a two game lead over Atlanta
Zotti:  Seattle has a commanding fifteen game lead over Brick
Signorino:  Antelope Valley is three games up on Maui
Wild Card:  Brick is one game ahead of Atlanta

Awards & Accomplishments:
Ohio C Guillermo Medina named Player of the Week (6/21, second award)
Brooklyn 3B/SS Katsuhiko Jouda named Player of the Week (6/28, 7th award)
Seattle 2B Norman Kuhn named Batter of the Month (3rd award)
London SP Matt McDonald, the subject of three trades this season and the author of a no-hitter, was named Pitcher of the Month.
Seattle 3B Sung-heun Hwa named Rookie of the Month.

Significant Injuries:
Shackamaxon SP Joseph Macaluso is done for the year (and, at his age, maybe his career) with an elbow bone spur.
Brick SP Kevin Lambert has a shoulder inflammation and is out for two months.
Highland will be without CF Cale Page for about three weeks due to an intercostal strain.
Norfolk RF Stephano Gomez strained a back muscle (his second injury this season) and will miss three weeks.
Highland C Carlton Whaley has an oblique strain.  Highland will need a new backup catcher for the next seven weeks.

Trivia Question:
Last week's question:
In some other baseball universe, in 2008, Carlos Zambrano had a thirteen game hitting streak, tying him with Jonny Sain for the second longest hitting streak while pitching.  Who has the longest?  (Hint... the person won at least 200 games -- that should narrow it down a bit).

The excellent hitting pitcher was Wilbur Cooper of the 1924 Pittsburgh Pirates who, from June 23 to September 3, put together a 16 game hitting streak as a pitcher.  Cooper, who pitched fifteen years in the majors, finished with a record of 216-178 and an ERA of 2.89.  His 202 victories with the Pirates is still, to this day, the franchise record.

This sim's question:
In some other baseball universe, there was a woe-begotten franchise named the St. Louis Browns.  For fifty years, they pretty much signed a lease to occupy the bottom spot in the American League standings.  It was rare, indeed, when they had an opportunity to escape from the second division and it took World War II to actually get the team to their only World Series in 1944 (which they promptly lost to their cross-town rivals, the Cardinals).  The team eventually went broke and was sold to a group who moved it to Baltimore.  It's past is so shameful that, unlike other franchises that celebrate and honor their past histories and stars from before relocation, the Orioles have pretty much ignored their Browns history.

Which player (who has a much more well-known claim to fame) was the last former St. Louis Browns player to still be active as a player?

Ronald Quijada Leaderboard Watch:
Runs: Quijada has passed John Hukill and is now the all-time leader in runs scored with 1870.
Hits: Quijada has 2591 games, third to Dong Lutz (2653) and Brian Frison (2658)
At Bats: Quijada's 9649 is second to Luis Jeon who has 10119.
Games: Quijada is at 2822, second to Luis Jeon's 2888.
Walks: Quijada's 1844 walks is still second to Luis Jeon's 1878.
Singles: Quijada now has 1711 singles, second to Gregorio Marzano's 1759.

Next sim:  Saturday night, Nov 14 (note deviation from normal schedule).

Pitchers For Have

I have decided to see if anyone is interested in these three starting pitchers of mine?

1st is Jesus Garcia
9-0 3.38 in 13 starts

2nd is Nicolas Vargas
6-5 4.72 in 16 starts

3rd is Bruce Roughley
1-4 5.40 23gms/10starts

Looking for young players or picks or both


June II Sim Done

Sim's done... I'll write up the report tomorrow.