Monday, February 29, 2016

OOTP 17 Pre-order

To All:

We plan on upgrading to OOTP 17 after the 2028 season.  If you want to pre-order it, it is available at a $5 discount from Out of the Park Developments at the link below.


Sunday, February 28, 2016

Sim's Done

Game Date:  Jan 17 2028

Maui:  3B Mauro Ocasio (London), 1 yr/$805k
Norfolk: 1B Pedro Gonzalez (resigned), 1 yr/$1m
Maui:  RP Greg Jenkins (extension), 5 yrs/$10m

Next sim:  Saturday night

Finances: A Proposal

OK, I've given this a bit of thought and came up with the following idea.

I believe that success should be rewarded and failure should have its consequences.  On the other hand, we don't want to see one team get so far ahead that it's impossible to catch them ever again, nor do we want to see a team fall so far behind that they become the St. Louis Browns of the league.

I decided to focus on the media revenue in my proposal for two reasons:  (a)  It's the bulk of the money a team has in its budget and (b) its not under a team's control (unlike gate revenue which, to a degree, is under a team's control).

My thought was that teams should be rewarded for winning.  As such, I figured we could set the media revenue to a base number for the league (I used the current league median in the example below) and then increase or decrease that amount based on the team's performance the previous year, with the proviso that no team (no matter how well you do) can go above 20% over that base figure and no team (no matter how poorly they do) can go below 20% under the base figure.

The current league median for media revenue is 95,833,332, so the highest anyone's media revenue could reach (with that figure) would be about $115m and the lowest it could get to would be $76m.  The figure for each team would be adjusted based on the number of wins the team has.  So, the more games you win, the higher your media revenue will be the next year and the fewer games you win, the less your revenue will be (subject to the +/- 20% league median maximum and minimum).

Another thing I wanted to make sure of was that a team's previous successes weren't wiped out because of one bad year (or that a team is unduly rewarded for one good year).  So, if a team won 98 games one year and then, due to injuries or other bad luck dropped to 60 the next year, I didn't want to see their revenue simply plummet to the floor.  To counter this, I calculated a team's performance as a weighted average of the previous three seasons (weighted 50/33.33/16.66).

I also figured that if a team has a .600 winning percentage, that would be considered a "fully successful season" and a .400 winning percentage would be a "fully unsuccessful season."  A .600 winning percentage is about 97 wins and a .400 winning percentage is about 65 wins.  So, no team would receive extra revenue for anything over 97 wins, nor would a team be penalized for anything under 65 wins.  This would also put a brake on runaway success or failure affecting the revenues.  A team with 81 wins (a .500 record) should, by definition, be neither rewarded nor penalized - their revenue should stay the same.

By dividing the revenue range by the range of wins where performance matters, we come to a total of about $580k per win.  So, for every win between 81 and 97 in the weighted average, the team would gain an additional $580k in revenue.  For each loss between 65 and 81, they would lose the same amount (again, subject to the minimum and maximum).

Have I completely confused you yet?  I thought so.  Let me give you an example.

Take a look at the spreadsheet linked here and go to the 2028 tab.

The median revenue for last year was about $95.8m (cell E2).  The amount per win is about $580k (cell C10).

Brooklyn, for example, had 69 wins last year, 85 the year before and 82 the year before that.  When weighted, that gives an average of 77 wins.  Since that's four games below .500, their revenue would decrease by 4*$580k, giving them a revenue for the next year of about $93.5.

Highland's average is only 57 wins, but since we're not penalizing below 65, they are treated as if they had 65 wins, which is 16 games below .500.  Likewise, Seattle is at 115 victories, which is 34 games over .500.  However, they are treated as if they had 97, which is the maximum amount, so they gain 16*$580k (about $13m).

The new revenue totals are carried forward to the next year and recalculated based on the median value for that year.  And so on.  I created tabs with made up win totals for the next few years, just to illustrate how this works.

Also, take a look at the 2031 tab.  For that season, I created a collapse for Seattle, where they only won 67 games.  Because we're using a weighted average, Seattle's revenue is not going to suddenly plummet.  They still have the strength of the previous two seasons to keep them at the maximum revenue.  However, if they were to have another bad season (see 2032), then they would start to see their revenue drop.

Likewise, I created a spike for Highland in 2032, going from 60 wins to 99.  This brought their weighted average up to 79 (from only 57 the year before).  As a result, their situation improves, but they don't end up suddenly end up flush with cash, because they still need another good season to bring their average up over the .500 mark.

To summarize:

  • At the beginning of each year, the median media revenue is calculated and, based on that, a ceiling and floor of 20% in each direction are created.
  • Team records for the three previous seasons are weighted to get a win total and revenue is added or subtracted based on that win total (with a floor of 65 wins and a ceiling of 97 wins).
  • If a team's revenue would fall below the floor or above the ceiling, then the totals are adjusted for those teams.

Any questions?  I don't want to make this a formal vote, just a session for getting input.  I'll also make my Excel spreadsheet available to anyone who wants it (just email me) so that you can play with the numbers yourself.


Friday, February 26, 2016

          The following players are available for  trade. Triple a  1.Glenn Tate ..he can play all 4 infield positions  and left. 2.Jose Velasquez outfield  3.Duncan Swanson outfield . 4.Jung-hoon Kim reliever.. Single a i have Donovan Lewis first base and Jesus Souza shortstop he is listed at 4and half star potential by OSA and with Chalen locked up for 7 years i can afford to trade him...i am looking for prospects at either second or third   or starting pitcher email me if interested

Thursday, February 25, 2016

Sim Delay

My apologies about the delay.  I began running the sim tonight, but found that there is a roster issue with one team that needs to be resolved.  We'll continue on Saturday night.

Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Sim's Done

Game Date:  Jan 10 2028

Atlanta:  CF Steve Keo (Antelope Valley), 4 yrs/$47.25m
Maui:  CF Guillermo Martinez (Atlanta), 1 yr/$1m
Brick:  SS Javier Chalen (extension), 7 yrs/$47.1m

Next Sim:  Wednesday night.

Sunday, February 21, 2016

Sim's Done... And a note on Rule 5 Drafts

Game Date:  Jan 3, 2028

Highland: SP Kevin Kepner (Brooklyn), 2 yrs/$24.7m
Highland: RF Raul Ortega (Maui), 2 yrs/$31.1m

With the flip of the calendar page, there were the customary wave of retirements.  Among the players who retired are:

  • 2B/SS Timothy Mendiola, played 15 years with Houston, Saskatoon and Maui, .283, 100 HR, .770 OPS, 305 SB
  • SP Timothy Conroy.  Perhaps the oldest Rule 5 selection ever (age 35), taken by Brooklyn in 2025 to fill an emergency hole in the rotation.  It didn't work out, as he went 7-17 with a 5.70 ERA.
  • 3B George Labarre, played 15 years, all but one with Hickory.  .282, 335 HR, 1133 RBI, .828 OPS.  Holds franchise record for games, at-bats, hits, runs, total bases, triples, RBI and stolen bases.  Second in franchise history in home runs and doubles. 
  • SS Jeff Wardlaw.  Played 15 years, all but two with Brooklyn.  .247, 300 HR, 1025 RBI.
  • SP Fernando Estrada.  Pitched 17 years with several teams.  205-149, 3.59, 2479K, 1.21 WHIP
  • LF Rufus Murray.  Played 15 years, all with the Saskatoon/Barstow/Brick franchise.  .308, 351 HR, 1299 RBI, .913 OPS, 303 SB.  Franchise leader in games, at-bats, runs, hits, total bases, singles, doubles, home runs, RBI and walks.  Two time winner of the Outstanding Batter award (2016, 2018). (Why do I feel like I just wrote his Hall of Fame plaque?)
  • RP Timothy Regis.  Played 12 years with various franchises.  655 games, 29-36, 43 SV, 4.98 ERA
  • SP Joseph Macaluso.  Played 17 years, with a seven year stretch at the start of his career with Seattle.  196-157, 4.02, 2523K, 1.32 WHIP.
  • 2B Miguel Rodriguez.  Played seven years with the New York/Philadelphia franchise.  .285, .731 OPS, 53 SB
  • CF Luis Ramon.  Played 10 years, most with Saskatoon/Barstow/Brick.  1054 games, .285, .781 OPS,  88 HR192 SB
  • 2B Fransisco Perez.  Played 10 years.  1007 games, .278, .737 OPS, 62 HR.
  • 1B Lindsay Walker.  Played 11 years with River Cities/Monck's Corner and Maui.  .311, 178 HR, .865 OPS.  Winner of Outstanding Newcomer Award for 2017.
  • RP Fei-hsien Bao.  Played 8 seasons with Seattle, Atlanta and London.  368 games, 20-18, 5 SV, 5.27 ERA, 1.51 WHIP.
  • RP Luis Gonzalez.  Played 7 seasons with Seattle, Shackamaxon and Ohio.  244 games, 8-5, 4.67 ERA, 1.57 WHIP.
  • LF Maximo Rodriguez.  Played 9 seasons with Saskatoon/Barstow and Maui.  1016 games, .294, .828 OPS, 68 HR, 77 SB.
  • C Daryl Smith.  Played 4 seasons with Hickory. 263 games, .273, .789 OPS. 
  • LF Jimmy Kratz.  Played 2 seasons with Monck's Corner.  99 games.
  • CF Luis Soto.  Played 5 seasons with New York and Seattle.  347 games. 

A note about Rule 5 Drafts.

Rule 5 drafts work slightly differently in OOTP than they do in the real world.  This is indicated in the game manual.  The main difference between the real world and OOTP is that, if you do not want to keep the drafted player on your roster, you can return him to his original team.  That does not exist in OOTP.  In OOTP, you *have* to keep the player on your roster.  As such, there is no trading for his "full rights" (such as the right to send him to the minors).  I made an exception for one team with this sim, but please be aware of this for future reference.

Next sim:  Monday night

Friday, February 19, 2016

Trade: Brick and Ohio

Apparently, Ohio GM Brian Hockin is in a trading mood...

Ohio agrees to trade SP Brian Hunter to Brick in exchange for Brick's 4th round draft pick in the upcoming draft.

With this trade, Brick has traded away its 2nd-6th round draft picks in the upcoming draft, but gotten a good haul in return. Ohio had a number of good pitchers all ripening at the same time, so the draft picks should help even out the Ohio minor leagues.

Trade: Norfolk and Ohio

The Buckeyes and Tides have come to an agreement to allow Wang Lam, who was recently stolen drafted from the Buckeyes in the Rule 5 draft, to stay with the Tides and be assigned to AAA.

Norfolk will trade the 5th round pick that they received from Brick in an earlier trade to Ohio for the full rights to Wang Lam.

Ohio GM Brian Hockin was sad to see the hard-throwing Lam leave, but the Buckeyes still have a large cache of quality pitchers in reserve. Norfolk GM Thomas Carrano was reportedly excited to add Lam his massive rebuilding effort.

Thursday, February 18, 2016

Sim's Done

Game Date:  Dec 27 2027

Shackamaxon:  P Edgardo Rodriguez (Houston) 2 yrs/$11.4m
Shackamaxon:  P Dylan Robinson (London) 4 yrs/$50.4m
Shackamaxon:  SS Jaimie Bunch (Maui), minor league contract
Brooklyn:  P Vernon Cipriani (Maui), minor league contract
Highland:  2B Artie Buchanan (London) 2 yrs/$1.8m

Next sim:  Saturday night.

Also, look for the voting thread on Finances and the next discussion thread in the next day or so.

Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Sim's Done

Game Date:  Dec 20 2027

Highland:  MR Will Ingram (Ohio), 1 yr/$800k
Shackamaxon:  P Walter Henricks (Maui) 1 yr/$450k
Shackamaxon:  P Scott Loman (Ohio) 1 yr/$650k
Highland: 2B Terry Hubbard (Maui) 2 yrs/$4.5m

Next Sim:  Wednesday night

Monday, February 15, 2016

Trade between Brick and the GM'S  John and Fred completed another trade ...Brick sending Paul Reed starter triple a to Highland for Craig  Clayton infielder  and Miguel Hernandez closer at triple a....both teams were excited about what they got

Sunday, February 14, 2016

Sim's Done and Nigel Bryant Goes To....

... the computer controlled team.  :(

Game Date:  Dec 13 2027

Atlanta:  OF Eric Halliwell (Brooklyn), 1 yr/$5.5m
London:  1B Nigel Bryant (Houston), 5 yrs/$131m
London:  SP Armando Lopez (Brooklyn), minor league contract

Next sim:  Monday night.

Anybody Want Some Data?

As we all know, Mack has been the success story of the league.  His teams have dominated the league almost since the beginning.

One of the things that he's done is use data to identify players that will be high-performers in the league.  I've always felt that the best way to try to bridge the gap between Mack and the rest of the league is through education and giving other players the ability to try to replicate what he's done and develop their own insights between data and player performance.

To that extent, I've created a test league and generated data for 86 years.  I'll be adding additional years to the data set as time goes on, but, for now, we have 86 years, running from 2014-2099.  I'll be running analyses on the data as time goes on but, for now, I just wanted to make the data available to everyone.

I created a page where you can download the data.  I'll add this page to the Links section.  As time goes on, I will add additional raw data and aggregations to this page.  Analyses of the data will be posted here on the blog.

For now, you can download the raw data dumps for the league for every year from 2014 to 2099 (grouped together by decades).  These are in csv format and can easily be imported into Excel or Google docs.

In addition, I've upload an aggregation with the lifetime stats of all players (pitchers and hitters on separate tabs), the major talent (potential) ratings of those players in their draft years, their draft position and the lifetime major league stats of those players.  This data is in Excel format.  If you don't have Excel, you can always upload it to Google docs and play with the data there.  If you'd like it in some other format, please let me know and, if possible, I'll upload it for you.

Please bear in mind that, for now, I just aggregated the data.  I have not (yet) run any analyses on it.  I'll do that in time and, in the mean time, if you're so inclined, you can do so as well.  I encourage everyone to share whatever discoveries they make.

If there are any aggregations or data relationships that you'd like me to explore, please feel free to ask.

As always, if you have any questions, please feel free to ask.


Seattle Trades Legends to Norfolk

The Seattle Monarchs today announced a trade with Norfolk. In exchange for young first baseman Luis Lozano, Seattle sent away OF Lucio Muniz, pitcher Yoshifumi "Wolverine" Tanaka, prospect shortstop Art Whitaker, and $2,000,000 in cash.

"It's a tough day for the Monarchs family," said Owner/GM Mack Shultz. "Lucio and Yoshi have been key parts of the success we've had. Yoshi stepped up big for us last year as a starting pitcher, finishing 12th in the league in WAR. He was great."

"And Lucio," Shultz continued, "where would we have been without him? He's been the perfect leadoff hitter and the best defensive right fielder in the game. He's been first or second in WAR four of the last six years. He gets on base, steals bases, scores runs, just does it all. We've won five titles since he came up from our minors, after being drafted first overall a decade ago. Muniz is and always will be a fundamental figure in Monarchs history."

Organization insiders suggested that the problems that current first baseman Masahide Ueda had last year, plus the adoption of the designated hitter, led the team to be aggressive about upgrading at first base this season. Once Seattle was priced out of a deal for long-time All-Star Nigel Bryant, the club's attention turned to Lozano. The development of prospects Roy Watts and Manuel Jaimes enabled the team to consider trading Muniz and Tanaka.

A bit late to the ban trading draft picks party, but I thought I would chime in

I know that we have already closed the trading draft picks vote and thread, but I thought I would give in my 2 cents even if it means nothing. I had some major issues with my restaurant (yes during Super Bowl week, which is not good for a wing restaurant), and did not have any time to make a post about why I think that we should have enacted the ban on trading first round picks.

First, I do agree with many of the points that Mack made in his well put together post. I do think this is being paternalistic, I do think this hampers some teams ability to put together a team and to a lesser extent, it will delay trades (which I do not think is a big deal at all).

I think the bigger point above all of these is for the betterment of the league. In this game, more than most other types of games out there, it is so very easy for the experienced owner to take advantage of new owners, and I think that the ban of first round picks would have helped curb this just a little bit.

Mack (and I am just using him as an example, not trying to single him out) knows more about this game than someone who just rolled up and fired up the game for the first time. Therefore, he knows that sometimes you need to give up on this season so you can get to win 9 Cecil Cups in the following 15 seasons.

A new owner might think how can I get this 120 loss team into the playoffs next season, which is next to impossible. He might trade away his next 3 first round picks (probably going to be in the top 5 or better) to get that aging superstar who is signed for the next 6 seasons for loads of money, but most of the rest of the league that has been around knows that there is only 1 season max of usefulness. Or, we might get someone in the league who does not care. And therefore he is going to trade everything off because he/she does not care and leave the league in a worst place, but they don't care they stopped checking or updating their team seasons ago.

Now I know, you are thinking that this does not happen that often, but it does, over and over and over again. I know I have benefited from this and so have others in the league. So while I do agree with some of what Mack said in his post. I think that the better interest of league and just to give new owners time to get up to speed before they trade all of their draft picks away we should have enacted the rule. It takes a while to get up to speed and this rule would have helped that.

Ok, I know I am late to the party, but I thought I would give my thoughts anyways and you guys can ignore it or read it if you like.


Saturday, February 13, 2016

Minor Shackamaxon/Norfolk trade

The Shackamaxon Lenape have re-acquired pitching prospect Dwight Rowe from the Norfolk Tides in exchange for minor league pitcher Bill Campbell.

Rowe was originally drafted by the Lenape franchise and traded to Norfolk in the massive 9-player trade before the previous season. He spent 2027 mostly relieving at AAA Jersey City as a 20-year-old, but the Lenape plan to use him exclusively as a starter at AA Kalmar.

Friday, February 12, 2016

Sim's Done

Game Date:  12/6/2027

Signings:  None

Next sim:  Sunday

Thursday, February 11, 2016

Discussion: Finances

Next in our series of offseason discussion topics is the league finances. I really don't have a lot to suggest, but I want to get folks talking. So, here are some ideas:

  • Do we do anything about the budget disparity in the league? Right now, Seattle's budget is $264m, nearly $100m more than Brick's. Four teams (Norfolk, Atlanta, Houston, and Highland) all have less than $130m in their budget. 
  • Should we enact a salary cap, or have revenue sharing or a luxury tax to even out the budget disparity?
  • The media revenue per team also has a large spread, with Seattle making about $76m more than Brick (and over $100m more than Atlanta, Norfolk, and Highland). Should we do something about this?
If anyone has any suggestions or topics related to finances we should talk about, feel free to speak up in the comments.

Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Voting: Trading Draft Picks

OK, so we've had some discussion on the issue of limiting the trading of draft picks.

There was an initial discussion here and then Mack wrote a counter-argument here.  I urge you to read both before voting.

The rule we are voting on is a follows:

Teams may not trade their first round draft picks.  Players selected in the first round cannot be traded until one year after they are drafted.  

Please note that since the 2027-28 offseason has already begun, you may trade first round picks for 2028 (and the players selected with 2028 first round picks) whether or not the rule passes.

Please vote in the comments.  Please make sure to vote here, even if you made your position clear in the previous threads.


Rule 5 Draft Done

Game Date:  Dec 2, 2027

Rule 5 Draft Results:

Highland:  1B Roberto Benitez (Seattle)
Highland: RF Enrique Moreno (Maui)
Norfolk: MR Wang Lam (Ohio)
Norfolk: MR Ralph Atkinson (Brooklyn)
Brick:  CF Ramon Gonzalez (Maui)
Brooklyn:  SP Anastasio Estrada (Ohio)

Next sim: Thursday night.

Also, please keep an eye out for the voting post for the draft pick trading rule, which should be later today.


Sunday, February 7, 2016

Rule 5 Draft

Game Date:  Dec 1 2027

The Rule 5 Draft is here.  Please be sure to upload your team draft lists.

The draft will be run on Monday night.


Friday, February 5, 2016

Want a Hall of Famer?

The recent introduction of the DH has created new opportunities for aging batters whose defense has suffered. For those teams in need of a DH, I would like to offer future Hall of Famer John Grondin for trade.

He's actually not going to be my primary DH this season (Tomas Kalakay will have that honor), and I planned to have him share 1B with a prospect. But, if someone wants to make him their DH, I would gladly trade him.

This is the final year of his contract, where he's due to earn $20,410,000, and he has asked for $8 million a year for an extension. Let's say he's worth $5m this year. So, I'll include $15m cash (or take on that much in a salary dump) in order to get a decent return for him.

The first home run he hits next season will be his 500th, and he's only 10 RBI from a career 1,500. Wouldn't it be great to have him accomplish that in your team's uniform?

Seattle's Thoughts on the Proposed Ban on Trading Draft Picks and Prospects

Yeah, I know. Nobody wants to hear from me on this issue. I've accepted the fact that there is overwhelming support for the rule. I accept that there is no chance I could convince a majority of owners to vote against the proposal. Some of you may immediately dismiss any argument I might make simply because I am the one who made it. Some of you may say I am arguing against the rule because I believe allowing people to trade draft picks offers me a competitive advantage. That’s not true, but if you believe that, there's nothing I can write in a blog post to change your mind.

That said, there are a few things that I want to say before we vote on the rule. I've gone back and forth on saying anything at all. In the end, probably due to an internal personality defect, I decided to go ahead and set out my position before the vote.

I am against the rule, for three main reasons.

First, I fundamentally disagree with the concept behind the proposed rule. A rule against trading draft picks and certain prospects is, in my opinion, inappropriately paternalistic. The underlying motivation is a lack of trust in other owners to make intelligent assessments about the value of draft picks and prospects. We’re telling teams, in essence, that we don’t trust your judgment about what is best for your team. And that’s kind of insulting.

Second, I don't think the rule should be adopted because it restricts the already limited set of actions that owners can take. There’s so much that we can’t do in this game. We can’t control line-ups very well. We have almost no control over in-game decisions. We obviously can’t control player performance during games. The only things we get to do are sign contracts, draft players, and make trades. That's pretty much it. Imposing additional limits on what we get to do in playing the game seems to me to make the game less fun.

Third, I think the costs of the proposed rule outweigh its benefits. In many situations, the only effect of the rule will be to delay the announcement of a trade. In others, it may stop a trade but only at the cost of creating hard feelings between owners. 

If the rule is implemented, I expect that some people will make deals involving prospects ineligible to be traded and simply delay announcing the trades until the one year has passed, or whatever the ban on trading newly drafted prospects ends up being. Even if the commissioners won’t enforce a deal until that deadline passes, that doesn’t mean that there won’t be situations where one owner makes a deal involving prospects that can’t yet be traded, thinks later that he doesn’t really like the trade, but then goes through with it to avoid poisoning the future relationship with the other owner. Maybe some people will back out of prearranged deals, but my expectation is that most secret handshake deals will go through, with only a delay. And if teams are going to be making trades and the only effect of this rule in most situations is to cause a delay in announcing it, then why bother having the rule at all?

In those instances where the rule does have an effect, where handshake deals are made but one owner later backs out, then the rule will have "succeeded" in preventing a trade, but only at the cost of bad feelings between those owners. The owner who wants to go through with the trade will be angry at the owner who does not go through with it. A rule that, when it does work, ends up creating enmity between owners does not seem wise to me.

And that's why I think the proposed rule is a bad idea. I recognize this will likely sway exactly no one. The fact that I oppose the proposal may even make some of you more eager to vote in favor of it. But I do think it's a bad idea.

Rule 5 Draft Ahead

I completely forgot (until Michael reminded us with a comment on the last sim report) that the Rule 5 Draft was coming up.  I want to make sure that everyone has an opportunity to protect the players they want, so I'm going to hold the sim until Saturday night, when we will advance to Dec 1.

Please make sure to protect any players that you wish to protect with this sim.  After this sim, I will advance the game to December 1, the date of the draft.


Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Winter meetings and players to be had

I am letting teams know that some Veterans who will not make the MLB team can be had if they think they can help your team.

2B Bill O'Neil (31) has a lifetime avg of .284
1B Eduardo Rodriguez (32) has a lifetime avg of .331
MR Dave Drew (30)
LF Kel Nelson (24) has power...
CF Pierre Gilbert (27)
LF Tony Gabriel (23)

If you see anyone else you have interest in just ask


Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Sim's Done

Game Date:  Nov 29, 2027

Brooklyn:  P Waldo Solleveld (Brick), minor league contract
Brooklyn:  P Emilio Romero (Maui),  2 yrs/$2.6m
Norfolk:  1B Howard Rogers (re-signed) 2 yrs/$6.5m
Shackamaxon:  RF Lawrence Gould (re-signed) 1 yr/$700k
Highland:  P Arturo Zavala (Brooklyn) 2 yrs/$2.5m
Shackamaxon: P Sadao Azuma (Brick), minor league contract
Highland:  2B Toshinobu Mizutani (London), 1 yr/$1.6m
Shackamaxon: P Ulste van Egmond (free agent from the Netherlands), minor league contract
Norfolk:  P Lucas Sweeney (Antelope Valley) 4 yrs/$21m
Norfolk: P Alan Blessing (London) 1 yr/$3m
Maui:  C Aaron Hampton (extension) 3 yrs/$24m
Highland:  P Pino Pontoni (Brooklyn) 3 yrs/$21.7m
Norfolk:  LF Angel Banuelos (Maui)  2 yrs/$4.1m
Highland: P Jermaine Earp (Atlanta) 2 yrs/$6.5m

Next sim:  Thursday night.

No Sim Last Night

Sorry, everyone, but life got in the way.  We'll do the sim tonight.