Saturday, April 30, 2016

Shackamaxon moves up

Shackamaxon and Brick have a unique trade to announce, involving just-drafted players. Heading from the Brick organization to the Lenape's Delaware Valley rookie league team is LF Elwood Bolden, a recent 2nd round pick by Brick. In return, Brick will receive SP Rodrigo Padilla, himself a recent 3rd round pick by Shackamaxon. Bolden was selected nine spots before Padilla in the 2028 amateur draft.

"We actually rated Elwood as the #15 prospect in the draft," Shackamaxon GM Michael Weintraub stated. "So when Fred expressed interest in Padilla, whom we ranked 19th, it wasn't hard to make that swap.

"Padilla was also the 5th starting pitcher we drafted, and we didn't select any outfielders. Getting the #3 ranked OF on our board was a coup."

Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Draft's Done!

Next spring training sim:  Sunday night

Sunday, April 24, 2016

Draft Delay

I'm afraid that I have to delay the draft until tomorrow (Monday) night.

Monday, April 18, 2016

Sim's Done! Amateur Draft Is Here...

Game Date:  Mar 1 2028

The Amateur Draft is here and will be run next Sunday evening.

Please check the traded draft picks list to make sure that your team is credited with all the draft picks it should have.  I will be using that list when I run the draft and will not entertain any claims for missed picks that were not sent to Michael and myself before the draft.

Please upload your draft lists to the game by the draft.


Monday, April 11, 2016

Preseason Predictions !!!

Am I the only one who looks at these predictions before the season starts? Well I clicked on it thinking that when they finally post the new seasons predictions that all the hard work of shaping my team would pay off.  Well according to this my Norfolk team that was near .500 last year is now only going to win 67 games.... Wow, I thought it would say 82-87 wins but nope they think im going to be the second worst team in the league only to Highlands. They must think that without  L. Lozano that my team will will not score runs or something BUT... I made my team better in the field and made the relief pitchers better. Does anyone else look at there predictions and say wow? cause it seems all are looking better than mine. Just wondering

Sunday, April 10, 2016

Spring Training Is Here!

Game Date:  Feb 26 2028

League News:  The Ohio Buckeyes have relocated and are now the Appalachian Black Bears.

(As a side note, I find it very interesting how, in a twelve league team, a team whose city begins with a B would be *fifth* alphabetically!)

Also, please note that Rookie League teams have been created for all teams and, for those of you who provided nicknames, the teams have been named accordingly.

Next sim:  Saturday night.

Shackamaxon/Highland trade

The Shackamaxon Lenape and Highland Admirals have a trade to announce:

Shackamaxon sends pitchers Hun-Ho Pang (majors), Mike Jones (AAA), and Dwight Rowe (AA) to Highland in exchange for A-level outfielders Arnold Miller and Alejandro Garcia, 3B Greg Ray (A), and $5 million cash.

"This wasn't a tough deal to make," Shackamaxon GM Michael Weintraub announced. "While we had high hopes for Mike and Dwight, we had acquired a number of promising young pitchers lately, and we needed to get some batters in the low minors."

Monday, April 4, 2016

Name your Rookie League team!

With the new Rookie League being created in the next sim or two, if you want to name that team (or, rename any of the other teams in your organization), please email Zev and myself your selections.

I am planning to name my rookie league team the Delaware Valley Vagabonds.

Also, the draft is coming up soon. Don't forget to set your Draft Lists.

Sunday, April 3, 2016

Sim's Done!

Game Date:  Feb 21, 2028

Highland signed C Lawrence Richardson (Antelope Valley) 2 yrs/$2.4m
Highland also signed 1B Roberto Benitez (4 yrs/$4.8m) and C Albert Soto (3 yrs/$2.3m) to contract extensions.
Brick signed CL Carlos "Meat" Placeres to a 5 yr/$14.6m extension.

Next sim (taking us to the start of Spring Training):  Saturday night.

Saturday, April 2, 2016

Shackamaxon/Ohio trade

The Shackamaxon Lenape have acquired AA pitching prospect Brian Powell from the Ohio Buckeyes. In exchange for Powell, Ohio will receive two AAA players, reliever Juan Lara and outfielder Evan Martin.