Thursday, September 29, 2016

Sim's Done!

Game Date: Nov 27 2028

Shackamaxon:  RP Mark St. John (Houston), 1 yr/$550k
Seattle:  C Norman Bouchard, minor league contract
Seattle:  RF Jack Mendez (Houston), minor league contract
Atlanta:  RP Sachi Nackamura (Atlanta), 2 yrs/$1.38m
Antelope Valley:  2B Rodney Bauer (Brooklyn), minor league contract
Highland:  RP Adam Hone (London), 1 yr/$2.5m
London:  CL Juan Guerrera (Maui), 5 yrs/$32.5m
Brick:  2B Jesus Alvarez (extension) 4 yrs/$8.2m

Next sim:  Saturday night

Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Trading block

As much as this is going to sting me short term I am putting my best player on the BLOCK.... 1B Manuel Hidalgo  25y/o signed to cheap 2 year contract. In his 2 years as a starter he's only avg  a .333 20.5 hrs 90 rbi's  and he had 73 doubles last year and he can play good defense. If interested email me.

Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Sim's Done!

Game Date:  Nov 20 2018

Highland signed RP Alejandro Lopez (London), 2yrs/$9.4m
Antelope Valley re-signed LF Ray McJannett, 6yrs/$153.9m
Houston signed 1B Luis Rodriguez, 1 yr/$520k

Next sim:  Thursday night

Monday, September 26, 2016

Brick gains some draft picks

In two separate trades, the Brick Barracudas cleared some salary and roster space and picked up mid-round picks.

First, with the Highland Admirals, the Barracudas traded utility infielder Hector Castillo for a 9th round draft pick. Then, in order to obtain an 8th round pick, they traded reliever Yasushi Mochizuki and outfielder Jeremy McCullough to Shackamaxon.

Saturday, September 24, 2016

Sim's Done...

Game Date:  Nov 13 2028

Shackamaxon:  3B Ernesto Martinez (minor league contract)
Maui:  2B Eric Hurst (minor league contract)
Norfolk: RF Jesus Alvarez (extension, 1 yr/$470k)
Brick: RP Alejandro Cruz (extension, 6 yr/$29.9m)
Houston: RF Jorge Moya (Seattle, 2 yr/$1.18m)

New Version:  The next sim will use the newest version of the game.  Please download the new version from OOTP Developments.

Next sim:  Tuesday evening

Friday, September 23, 2016

Sim Saturday Night

I'm sorry, everyone, but I was unexpectedly pulled away from my computer last night.  The next sim will be Saturday night.

Thursday, September 22, 2016

Nice to see you

Hey guys, I'm back!

What'd I miss over the last five years?

Shackamaxon and Highland swap backup catchers

The Highland Admirals have traded backup catcher Tony Cannon to Shackamaxon in exchange for Anthony Powers.

Additionally, Highland picks up AAA reliever Nathan Gibbs, and sends a 5th round draft pick to the Lenape to finish the deal.

Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Shackamaxon/Brick trade

Fresh off learning to hit again from a 12-year-old kid in his hometown, Jesus Alvarez is on the move to Brick in a trade between the Barracudas and Shackamaxon Lenape.

"We had a glut of good, young middle infielders," GM Michael Weintraub of Shackamaxon stated. "After being hurt last season, a few of our youngsters stepped up and made it easy to shop Jesus this offseason."

Returning to the Lenape franchise are a carload of young pitchers, headlined by Lenape 2028 draft pick Rodrigo Padilla, who was drafted by Shackamaxon in the 3rd round this past offseason and flipped to Brick after the draft. Due to his injury, Padilla may be a relegated to Player to be Named Later status.

The presently-healthy arms accompanying Padilla on I-195 west are Roger Alder and Weldon Dunham.

"Now we have too many infielders," Brick GM Fred Goldfarb announced. "We're making Larry McCormick available for prospects and draft picks."

New Owner for London Coming Soon...

The London franchise has a new owner... consider this a teaser until the new owner makes an introductory post.  :)

Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Attention Ladies And Gentlemen... Free Agents Are Available on Aisle Five...

Game Date:  Nov 6 2028

Free Agent season has begun!  Begin shopping!

Next sim:  Thursday night


Tonight's sim is going to be delayed until Thursday to allow Michael and I to help a team owner with a game issue.


UPDATE (5:07pm EDT):  The owner got the issue resolved.  The sim *will* happen tonight as scheduled.

Sunday, September 18, 2016

Sim's Done -- Awards Season (Part II)

Game Date:  Oct 30 2028

Seattle C Steve Jones named Outstanding Batter of the Year.

NOTE:  This sim is the last chance you have to tender offers to your potential free agents.

Next sim:  Tuesday night.

Thursday, September 15, 2016

Time For the Hardware -- Awards (Part I) given out

Game Date:  Oct 24 2028

Outstanding Pitcher:  Toyoshige Takahashi (Seattle), 20-5, 2.53  ERA, 258K, 0.99 WHIP
Outstanding Newcomer: Benjamin Anderson (Shackamaxon), .290, 32HR, 126 RBI, .861 OPS
Reliever of the Year: Carlos Placeres (Brick)

Slick Fielders:
P Erik Moore (London)
C Fred Kennedy (Brick)
1B Martin Cox (Brick)
2B Rodrigo Negron (Atlanta)
3B Esteban Ordonez (Antelope Valley)
SS Martin Costa (Appalachian)
OF Enrique Moreno (Appalachian)
OF Petero Hokualohi (Antelope Valley)
OF Jose Molina (Shackamaxon)

Next sim:  Sunday night

Norfolk and Highlands news

Halfway through last season we had told Zev that we would not be returning to the league but as of yesterday we have decided to return but will not be getting the game for at least another two days. I don't want the league to stop due to us but wanted to let all know in case you wanted to trade with either of us.

Ernest Metcalf on the market

Atlanta is contemplating going into rebuild mode. It is not 100%, but if I can get some good offers for my top players including the #2 ranked SP in the league, Metcalf.

If you want to be in on the sweepstakes, let me know.


Monday, September 12, 2016

Sim's Done

Game Date:  Oct  2028

  • Game advanced
  • Trades processed
  • Revenue amounts adjusted to match the amounts from our vote last season
  • Cuomo and Placencia inducted to the Hall of Fame

Administrative note:
Last season, due to an error on my part, I accidentally gave Seattle's first round pick in the amateur draft to Norfolk.  Matt, Michael and I discussed what to do about it -- we didn't want to take a first round pick away from Norfolk this coming draft, but we didn't want Mack to lose out on a first round pick he deserved either.

One of the features of OOTP 17 is that the draft is much more flexible.  I can actually insert supplemental picks in between rounds, something I could not do in previous years.  As a result, we agreed that the best solution would be to give Mack a supplemental first round pick in the coming draft, between the first and second rounds.

Next sim:  Wednesday night.

Saturday, September 10, 2016

Shackamaxon trades with two rivals

The Shackamaxon Lenape have started spending their prospect capital in acquiring players for the next franchise dynasty. In two separate, but linked, deals with division rivals, the team traded two pitching prospects.

First, the team acquired infield prospect Jesus Mejia from Brick in exchange for starter Brian Powell. The teams also swapped 3rd and 4th round picks originally belonging to Norfolk. Going from Shackamaxon to Brick is the 3rd round pick (#2 in the round), while the oft-traveled 4th round pick (#2 in round) returns to Shackamaxon (but not for long...).

In the second trade, this time with hated division rival Seattle, the Lenape and Monarchs have created a blockbuster seven-player trade. Highlighting that trade is former Monarch catcher Steven Broadbent, who was stuck behind superstar Steve Jones in Seattle, and will get a chance to start in Shackamaxon. Also heading to the Lenape organization are A level prospects SS Soh Hayagawa and SP David Torres. The Lenape also acquired Seattle's 2nd round pick (#12 in round) in the deal.

Heading across to the Pacific Northwest is a bounty featuring top prospects 1B Elwood Kerr, SP James Ferguson, C Juan Davila, and SS Ernesto Gallegos. Seattle also will receive the 4th round pick (originally belonging to Norfolk, #2 in the round) that the Lenape had just re-acquired in the trade with Brick.

"Without hurting our stock of good young starters, we were able to add an impact player at catcher, and a very promising young infielder," Lenape GM Michael Weintraub stated.

Thursday, September 8, 2016

Sim Done

Game Date:  Oct 11 2028

Sim completed and upgraded to the newest version.

Next sim:  Monday night, which will cover one week.

Note:  I am aware that, in the rollback and upgrade process, the new Hall of Famers were uninducted.  I will be manually re-inducting them in the next sim.


Tuesday, September 6, 2016

New Version Notice... But We're NOT Using It Just Yet.

Please note that OOTPDevleopments has updated their version of OOTP 17  (see the attached link on the bottom).

We are NOT going to upgrade this sim, so please use the version listed in the previous post.  We'll probably upgrade to the newest version in the sim or two following (don't worry... I'll give you all a "head's up" before we do).


Monday, September 5, 2016

Upgrade Complete!

Thanks to Michael's hard work, we have upgraded the league file and are now using OOTP 17.  Specifically, we're using version 17.10 Build 67.  If you're not using that version, please be sure to download it from Out of the Park Developments.

A couple of administrative points:

  • We've changed the draft to include 25 rounds.  This was done to allow owners to fill the rookie rosters (since we're limiting them to first year players).
  • In the new version, the main award is truly an MVP type award.  However, we've limited the award to position players and retained the name of "Outstanding Batter Award."
  • The Outstanding Pitcher Award CAN be won by relievers (and, in his testing, Michael found that it does happen).
  • The new version supports opt-out contracts, but for now, I have disabled them.  If you want them, let me know and we'll discuss.
  • There is a manual Hall of Fame voting system, and I'd like to implement something like that in the future, but I don't want to hold up the sims because of it.

Please take a few days and download the league file.  Look over your team and make sure that everything is as it should be.  If you can, please post in the comments any problems you've had or (if you don't have any) that you're good and ready to move onward.  I'd like to move forward with the first sim of the new version on Thursday night.


Edit:  Of course, we discovered an issue after uploading.  :)  A new file was uploaded.  If you downloaded the league file before 11:00AM, please discard and use the new file.


Thursday, September 1, 2016

New GM

My name is Larry.  I am the new GM of the London team.  I hope to move the team to Hamilton in the near future.  Very shortly I will be reviewing my entire organization's rosters.  I am making this a younger team which means that many of my older veteran players, both on the major league roster and Triple A roster, will be available for trade for younger players or draft picks.  Looking forward to trading in the future.  My gmail address is:  Thanks for the opportunity to join this league.