Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Minor trade between frequent partners: So long, Soh!

The Shackamaxon Lenape have traded AA IF Soh Hayagawa to Brick for AA OF Adam Thompson.

"This deal was all about our 2030 rosters," GM Michael Weintraub said. "That's about all that's to be said about it."

Friday, January 27, 2017

Lenape add power

With the trading deadline fast approaching, the Shackamaxon Lenape have worked out a trade to add a slugging young batter, Javier Ortiz, formerly of Antelope Valley's AA team, to their lineup. Ortiz has slugged 18 home runs this season for the Sacramento Falcons, including 7 so far in July 2029.

"We had been seeking more power all season, and had identified a few potential additions," Lenape GM Michael Weintraub stated. "With the trade deadline here and Ben Turner out for a few weeks, I reached out to Bill to see if we could make a deal.

Fortunately, he was willing to trade Javier and wanted a young starter in return. While we didn't originally want to give up Paul Gilbert, Bill persisted and a deal was quickly struck."

There were no other players or draft picks involved in the prospect-for-prospect trade.

Thursday, January 26, 2017

Jul II Sim Done. Trading Deadline is Here!

Game Date:  Jul 30 2029

Who Uploaded:
Antelope Valley
Mepkin Abbey

Adams:  Mepkin Abbey leads Atlanta by 7.5 games
Zotti:  Seattle is nine games ahead of Brick
Signorino: Maui is a half game ahead of Houston
Wild Card:  Brick is thirteen games in front of Appalachian.

Awards & Accomplishments:
Seattle 3B Sung-heun Hwa named Player of the Week (7/23, 3rd career award, 2nd this season)
Brick LF Ken Reed named Player of the Week (7/30)

Significant Injuries:
Appalachian SP Joong-guen Yi has a shoulder inflammation and is done for the year.
Norfolk SS Dmitr Radzilowski has an oblique strain that will cost him eight weeks.
Brick SS Javier Chalen fractured his thumb.  He's gone for four weeks.
Norfolk LF Carlos Ortega has a torn labrum.  His year is finished.
Brooklyn RF Alajandro Aurelio torn a ligament in his thumb.  He's out for four weeks.
Highland SP Adam Hone tore his knee.  He's out 2-3 months.
Brick 1B Martin Cox fractured his foot.  He'll be on the bench for 3-4 weeks.
Seattle LF George Hendricks fractured his finger.  He's going to be out for six weeks.

Batting Line of the Sim:
Seattle's Luis Lozano went 4-5 with 2 HR, 7 RBI and four runs scored vs. Brooklyn (7/19)

Pitching Line of the Sim
Brooklyn's Brendan Divine pitched a two hit complete game shutout with seven strikeouts and three walks vs. Maui (7/28)


Next Sim:  Wednesday night.

Please note that the next sim will take us past the trading deadline.

Lenape and Barracudas re-announce trade

The trade between Brick and Shackamaxon that was announced previously has been reworked. Enemy of the People Jesus Flores refused a trade to Shackamaxon, and will forever be booed and shunned by the Lenape fans.

The new trade also features Tomas Kalakay, but is much larger.

LF Tomas Kalakay, AAA SP Jake Glenn, AA SP David Torres, and $5m cash head to Brick. In return, the Lenape will receive AAA SP Ron Hill, Rookie league 3B Ken Turner, Brick's 1st round pick in 2030, and a 3rd round pick in 2030 that originally belonged to Highland.

The second sim of July 2029 can now proceed.

Sim Delay

An issue arose regarding the trade in the last sim, so I'm holding the sim until tonight to give the two teams a chance to work it out.


Sunday, January 22, 2017

July I Sim Done

Game Date:  Jul 16 2029

Who uploaded:
Antelope Valley
Mepkin Abbey

Adams:  Mepkin Abbey is 5.5 games up on Atlanta
Zotti:  Seattle is six ahead of Brick
Signorino: Maui holds a slim half-game lead over Houston.
Wild Card:  Brick is eleven games ahead of Appalachian

Awards & Accomplishments:
Brick RF Salvador Velasquez named Player of the Week (7/2, 3rd career award, 2nd award this season)
Seattle CF Yvon Settignano named Player of the Week (7/9, 5th career award)
Brooklyn LF Bill Love named Player of the Week (7/16)

Significant Injuries:
Atlanta 1B Roberto Gonzalez fractured his foot.  He's out for four weeks.
Atlanta LF Mike Peoples fractured his thumb.  He'll miss 3-4 weeks.
Highland RF Ivan Alvarado is done for the year with a broken kneecap.

Batting Line of the Sim:
Brick's Gene Reynolds went 3-3 with 3 walks, 2HR, 3RBI and 4 runs scored on 7/2

Pitching Line of the Sim:
Antelope Valley's Yorikane Kichikawa pitched a complete game, 2 hit shutout, with two walks and 14Ks on 7/1

Seattle C Steve "Sinner" Jones reached his 1000th run scored (7/10)

Next sim:  Wednesday night.  Please note that the next sim will only go to July 30, to allow an extra week before the trading deadline.

Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Rain Delay

I put tonight's sim on hold, as there were a few teams with roster violations that needed to be sorted out.

Please remember the following items:

  • You cannot have more than 35 players on a minor league team (and, of course, no more than 25 on a major league team before September 1).
  • Players with 1 or more years of pro service cannot be on a Rookie League team.  Mack provided a quick way to find those players in a comment earlier this week.  The steps to do so are illustrated below:

1.  Go to your Rookie League Team 

2.  On the view selector, choose Customize

3.  In the Customize View dialogue box, choose "Financial Info" and then check the Pro Years box

4.  The Pro Years will be added to the view.  Anyone with anything other than a 0 needs to be promoted/released.

I will resume the sim on Sunday morning.

If anyone has any questions, please feel free to ask.


Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Jun II Sim Done

Game Date:  Jul 1 2029

Who uploaded:
Antelope Valley
Mepkin Abbey

Adams: Mepkin Abbey leads Atlanta by 4.5 games.
Zotti:  Seattle has taken a three game lead over Brick
Signorino:  Maui leads Houston by half a game.
Wild Card:  Brick is eleven games ahead of Appalachian.

Awards & Accomplishments:
Seattle 3B Sung-heun Hwa named Player of the Week (6/18, 2nd career award)
Maui's Luis Salazer struck out fifteen batters (6/21)
Seattle 2B Norman Kuhn named Player of the Week (6/25, 6th career award, 4th award this season!)
Seattle's Sung-heun Hwa hit three home runs (6/27)
Atlanta 1B Roberto Gonzalez named Rookie of the Month
Brick RP Carlos Placeres named Pitcher of the Month (2nd career award)
Seattle 2B Norman Kuhn named Player of the Month (3rd career award)

Significant Injuries:
Houston SP William Lawrence sprained his ankle and will miss three weeks.
Norfolk LF Luis Santiago separated his shoulder.  He'll be out for 4-5 weeks.
Norfolk RF Lucio Muniz sprained his ankle.  Doctor's orders are four weeks bench time.
Mepkin Abbey SS Luis Romano bruised his wrist.  He's out for 2-3 weeks.

Seattle's Enrico Hernandez reached 200 wins.
Mepkin Abbey's Larry McCormick scored his 1000th run.

Batting Line of the Sim:
Brick's Salvador Velasquez went 3-4 with 2 walks, 2 HR, 4 runs scored and 5 RBI (6/25)

Pitching Line of the Sim:
Maui's Luis Salazer pitched a complete game four-hitter allowing only one run while whiffing 15 and walking no one (6/21)

Commissioner's Note:  
There were several players in the rookie leagues who are not in their first pro year.  I decided to let it go for this sim since I did not mention it in the previous blog post, but you have now been warned.  :)  Please move them out (or I will! :)  )

Next sim:  Next Wednesday.

Thursday, January 5, 2017

Brick and Highland complete trade

Brick and Highland complete trade.....Brick sends to Highland the following Will Walker Closer AAA Brian Hunter SP AAA Jose Salazar SP #75 Prospect second and fifth round picks...Highland sends to Brick Roy Herbert 1B AAA# 23 Prospect and Jesus Hernandez  CF Rookie League and third round pick...GM Goldfarb expressed the need for Walker and Hunter to make the next step and there was no room on the Major League roster and moving them to Highland gives them that opportunity .Receiving  Herbert and Hernandez upgrades the farm system at those positions

Highlands willing to trade all players

All players are for had if any teams are interested just let me know

Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Jun I Sim Done

Game Date:  Jun 16, 2029

Who uploaded:
Antelope Valley

Adams:   Mepkin Abbey leads Atlanta by seven games.
Zotti:  Seattle is three games up on Brick.
Signorino: Antelope Valley's lead over Maui is 2.5 games.

Awards & Accomplishments:
Maui RF Don Jones named Player of the Week (6/4, 2nd award this season)
Seattle 2B Norman Kuhn named Player of the Week (6/11, 5th career award and 3rd award this season)

Significant Injuries:
Highland SP Alejandro Lopez will be out 2-3 months with a torn triceps.
Atlanta LF Armando Burgos has a strained shoulder that will cost him 4-5 weeks.
Atlanta SP Bill Petersen tore his UCL.  He'll be out until about July 2030.
Shackamaxon RP Jorge Villegas has a torn labrum and is done for the year.
Highland RP Salvador Soto has a torn meniscus.  His season is finished.
Antelope Valley's Ray McJannett will miss four weeks with a fractured rib.

Batting Line of the Sim:
Atlanta's Roberto Gonzales went 3-4 with 2 home runs, 6 RBI and two runs scored against Maui (6/2)

Pitching Line of the Sim:
Maui's Luis Salazar pitched a nine-inning one-hit, 10K shutout against Antelope Valley (6/6)

Seattle's Steve Jones reached 300 HR (6/7)

Next sim:  Wednesday night.

Shackamaxon announces two arrivals

The Shackamaxon Lenape and its GM Michael Weintraub have the following acquisitions to announce:

First, from the Houston Armadillos, the Lenape are receiving star CF Jesus Barcello in exchange for AAA pitchers Todd Davis and Mark St John, as well as AAA OF Kinnon Tomlinson.

Second, GM Weintraub and his wife Jennifer are pleased to announce the arrival of Madeleine Devorah Weintraub, the granddaughter of arch rival Fred Goldfarb, the GM of Brick.

Little Madeleine Weintraub was acquired at 10:28am EST on January 3rd, 2017.

The Lenape have already announced that Madeleine will take over the team's marketing division when she turns 18, which is only five seasons from now in game time.

Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Brick Takes Advantage of Seattle

Due to the ineptness of Seattle's front office, the Monarchs today traded their seventh-round selection, infielder Pat Miller, to Brick in exchange for Brick's eighteenth-round selection, reliever Miguel Ortiz.

When asked why Seattle didn't just draft Ortiz if they liked him so much, Seattle Assistant Director of Player Personnel William Shultz began a 20-minute rambling soliloquy on Seattle's draft processes that put all of the reporters to sleep, effectively leaving the question unanswered.

Sunday, January 1, 2017

Brick and Antelope Valley swap relievers

Brick announces the following trade: Brick sends reliever Al Dougan RP to Antelope Valley for Glen Carlton RP. GM Goldfarb decided that  a lefty reliever was needed and acquired Carlton to be the lefty specialist on the staff..The Brick GM felt that a shut down lefty was needed citing the hi numbers given up to lefty batters...The GM of Antelope was happy to receive a capable reliever for his pen

First trade of the New Year

The first trade of the 2017 "real world" year, as well as the first to involve draft picks from the 2030 draft, occurred today between the Brick Barracudas and Shackamaxon Lenape. Brick acquires three prospects from Shackamaxon in exchange for two prospects and two draft picks.

Heading east across the Delaware River are 3B Tzu-Hsia Wang, AAA RP Esteban Valenzuela, and A 2B Donald Helton. In return for the trio, the Lenape will receive AAA CF Julio Quintana, A RP Jeff Pearson, and Brick's 3rd and 4th round picks in the next season's draft.

Shackamaxon's Trade List

I'm at the point of this season where I want to make some promotions in my minor leagues, and I have players I'd like to trade to make those moves possible. There isn't a real star in here, but some of these players can play useful roles on a team (like a 5th infielder, or a platoon starter):

  • 3B Tzu-Hsia Wang - still only 22 years old, he's a former top prospect that hasn't found a role on my team. I'm currently using him as a DH against LHP, but he can probably start in AAA for a few more seasons until he blossoms into a major league regular.
  • OF Jeremy McCullough - veteran making under a million dollars this year (and arbitration eligible). He's absolutely mashing the ball this season (305 ISO!) and can play either corner outfield position. He's good enough to be a starter, or an excellent 4th outfielder or DH.
  • AAA IF Tokuma Kanno - currently starting at AAA at shortstop at age 25. Has done nothing but hit well and play all over the infield since I picked him up. Can probably be a utility IF right now, if you need a cheap 5th infielder.
  • AA OF Jason Graham - a 24-year-old former first round pick from the infamous class of 2025 just hasn't clicked for me, and probably needs a change of scenery to finish developing. 
  • A OF Carlos Maldonaldo - 20-years-old and beloved by the OSA (but not my scout). After a dreadful 2028, he's mediocre so far this year, but there's a lot of time ahead of him to develop into a major league regular.
Some pitchers I wouldn't mind trading:
  • AAA SP/RP Esteban Valenzuela - I've tried him as a starter, closer, swingman, and setup reliever. He just hasn't clicked in my system, but I think he can provide value to someone else's team. Currently closing at AAA, this 25-year-old has major league experience.
  • AAA SP/RP Todd Davis - possibly a failed starter, as he has pitched very well as a setup reliever in AAA for me this year. He's also 25 and can develop into a starter or swingman.
  • AAA RP Bernardo Franco - one-time top prospect has been reborn as a LOOGY this year -- I'm sure your team could use one.
  • AA SP/RP Subaru Ono - only 22-years-old, and pitching great at AA this year. I don't think he's a prospect, but he's excelled both in the bullpen and in my rotation. I just want to make room for a prospect to get promoted. 
  • AA RP Angel Hernandez - 20-year-old setup reliever at AA. Can be a future closer or late-innings lefty (he's probably too good to be a LOOGY). 
If one of those guys interests you, let me know and we can work out a deal. For the most part, I'm not asking for too much for them, but perhaps we can package two or three together for something that will improve my team's chances, both this season and in the future.

(Starting Tuesday, the 3rd, I'll be rather incommunicado for a while. I'll try to respond to any offers or trade discussions when I can.)