Tuesday, April 24, 2018

Trade: Brick and Philadelphia

Minutes after receiving back recent Rule 5 selection Todd Lambright, the Philadelphia Hornets have traded him to Brick Barracudas, the team that had selected him.

"It was a roster mistake," Brick GM Fred Goldfarb told reporters. "We don't have room on the 25-man roster to carry Todd all season and didn't mean to actually draft him in the Rule 5 draft. But, we really wanted him in our organization."

The Hornets were happy to oblige, as the team's depth allowed them to make a deal to help other areas of need. Along with Lambright, the Hornets are sending AA 3B Mike Stewart and a 9th round pick in 2032 to Brick for SA Closer Carlos Gomes.

Sim's Done

Game Date: December 15, 2031


  • Atlanta - CF Manuel Jaimes - 5 years, $46.5m (Seattle)
  • Highland - SP Kevin Lambert - 1 year, $640k (Antelope Valley)
  • Brick - RP Frank Carey - 1 year, $1.1m (extension)
  • Seattle - RF Mike Minty - 8 years, $134m (extension)
League Matters:
  • Remember, we're upgrading to OOTP 19 soon.
  • Two recent Rule 5 picks (Mepkin Abbey's Manny Murillo and Brick's Todd Lambright) were incorrectly assigned to the wrong rosters. That's been fixed. Additionally, I processed Brick's release of Lambright back to his last team, Philadelphia. (This is for a trade that Fred and I are about to announce).
  • We have not yet adjusted the media revenue. That'll be done in the next sim.
Next Sim: Wednesday (4/26) night. This will take us to 12/22/2031.


  • Brick trades Anthony Price 3B and 7th round pick to Highland for Juan Torres SS ...Both GM'S were looking to shake up rosters ... Price was blocked because of the signing of Julio Quintana and the recent trades would block Torres from  major league roster...After many starts and stops both GM's  completed  a trade together...

Monday, April 23, 2018

Trade: Highland and Appalachian

The Black Bears have agreed to trade former #1 prospect Jose Sandoval to the Admirals for recently acquired 3B Matthew James and SP Eric Hammond.

Highland GM John Carrano saw an opportunity to make a mutually beneficial trade and went with it. "I knew the Black Bears needed some immediate help on offense, and we needed an injection of pitching talent, so it was a great matchup."

From Appalachian GM Brian Hockin: "We're sad to see Jose go, but we've had such bad luck with third baseman the last few years that it was time to find a suitable, long term replacement"


If you haven't yet, I highly recommend buying OOTP 19 soon, as we are currently planning to upgrade our league in the next few weeks, once we flip the calendar to 2032.

I'm currently testing it, and expect a smooth transition. There is one major setting that we are planning to set (but we can leave open to discussion if anyone objects): Changing the injury frequency setting to Extremely Low (a new lower setting).

If you have any questions, ask them here, or if you have any setting suggestions: now's the time to discuss changing them.

Thursday, April 19, 2018

Sim's Done -- Hall of Fame Voting!

Game Date:  Dec 8 2031

Hall of Fame Balloting is open!  Cast your vote for who you believe belongs in our version of Cooperstown.

Next sim:  Sunday night.

Wednesday, April 18, 2018

Rule 5 Draft Results

Round 1:
Atlanta: RF Juan Garza (Philadelphia)
Appalachian: SP Eduardo Benitez (Brooklyn)
Antelope Valley: CF Juan Blanco (Wilmington)
Mepkin Abbey: C Manny Murillo (Philadelphia)
Maui:  SP John Knight (Houston)
Brick: LF Todd Lambright (Philadelphia)
Philadelphia: RP Jorge Gonzales (Seattle)

Round 2:
Atlanta: SS Ramon Macias (Seattle)
Appalachian: SP Jorge Gomez (Seattle)
Philadelphia: CL David Torres (Houston)

Round 3:
Atlanta: SP Jesus Gonzalez (Seattle)
Highland: Greg Ray (Houston)

Round 4:
Highland: 2B Mauro Parra (Appalachian)

Next sim:  Thursday night.

Monday, April 16, 2018

Sim's Done -- Rule 5 Draft Is Here...

Game Date:  Dec 2 2031

The Rule 5 Draft will be held on Wednesday night.


Minor Philadelphia/Highland trade

The Philadelphia Hornets have re-acquired IF Montrel Luttazi from Highland for a 12th round pick.

Sunday, April 15, 2018

Rain Delay

I'm sorry everyone, but I got back from a wedding later than I thought I would.

Tonight's sim will be done tomorrow.


Thursday, April 12, 2018

Revenue Adjustments

Matt pointed out to me after the last sim that I forgot to readjust the media revenue for next season.  While I told him in a comment that I was going to do so with tonight's sim, I also realize that not everyone reads the comments to the blog posts.

As such, I've decided to delay things for a sim.  I've calculated the revenue adjustments and will implement them with the next sim on Sunday.  To see the adjustments, choose the link on the right side and navigate to the 2031 tab.

Next sim:  Sunday night.

Tuesday, April 10, 2018

Sim's Done -- Rule 5 Draft Coming Up!

Game Date:  Dec 1 2031

Highland: RF Luis Lozano (re-signed) 1 yr/$700k
Highland: RP Claudio Flores 2 yr/$1.18m
Highland: SS Dewey Wilson (Brick) 2 yr/$4.1m
Highland SP Jack Kaiser (re-signed) 1 yr/$1m
Seattle:  3B Sung-heun Kwa (extension) 8 yr/$122m

The Rule 5 Draft is upon us.  The next sim (Thursday) will take us to Dec 2, the day of the draft.  The Rule 5 draft itself will be conducted on Sunday.

Monday, April 9, 2018

Sim's Done -- Slight Schedule Change!

Game Date: Nov 24 2031

Recent Signings:
Houston:  RP Jim Knowles (Philadephia) 1 yr/$590k
Houston: RP Folkert Parrel, 2 yr/$652k

Upcoming Schedule:
Tuesday night (new!)
Wednesday night
Thursday night
Sunday night

Please note that there is a slight change from the previously announced schedule.  The next sim will be tomorrow night and there will not be a sim on Wednesday night.

Remember -- Rule 5 is coming up!  Be sure to protect the players you want protected.


Sunday, April 8, 2018

Highlands in need of !!!

I am looking for starting pitching and long relief pitchers. What I'm looking for is starters who could be #3-5 pitchers with NOT long contracts that are priced high, I'm looking for innings eaters on one or two years left on contracts. Same goes with long relivers.... If you got some just email me please.

Sim's Done

Game Date:  Nov 17 2031

Recent Signings:
Maui signed CF Jorge Flores (independent league) 2 yr/13.4m
Maui signed LF Jose Gonzales to a 5 yr/$15.6m extension
Philadelphia signed 1B Manuel Hidalgo to a 3 yr/$26.2m extension
Houston signed 1B Howard Rogers (re-sign) 2 yr / $3.8m

Upcoming Sim Schedule for this week:

Monday night
Wednesday night
Thursday night.

I will post about it again with the next sim, but just as a "heads up," we will likely reach the Rule 5 Draft by the Thursday sim.

Highlands and Seattle make 5 player deal !!

Highlands and Seattle make a trade... Seattle will acquire back 3B Bailey who just two seasons ago was traded to Highlands. Highlands will get veteren SP watts who might float between starter and relief, also coming is MR Metcalf who will be set-up. Last are two prospects from AAA OF Carson who will get chance to start or be 4th outfielder and 3B James who has power and will get the chance to start off the bat.. Maybe these trades made will help change the culture that's been bad the last couple of years.

Friday, April 6, 2018

Highland and Philadelphia make trade

Highland owner John Carrano went shopping at the Philadelphia trade mart as the two teams completed a blockbuster trade this afternoon.

Heading to Highland are starters Will Hickford and Eric Hammond (AAA), as well as rookie OF Jorge Benavides. Philadelphia receives pitcher Harold Gregory, SS prospect Jose Garza, and Highland's 1st and 2nd round picks in 2032.

"We intend to use Gregory in the bullpen next season," Philadelphia GM Michael Weintraub stated. "We think he has late-inning potential."

Thursday, April 5, 2018

Philadelphia's Trading Depot

Wow, the free agent class of starting pitchers is very weak, right? Well, if you need an upgrade to your rotation, Philadelphia has three rotation-toppers up for trade:
  • John Ryan - former top 3 pick has turned into a dependable 4-WAR starter.
  • Will Hickford - shows top of the rotation potential
  • Yorikane Kichikawa - veteran ace coming off a "down" season where he had 4.25 FIP and 3.1 WAR
I have a few available starters at AAA:
  • Ivan Gallardo - dependable veteran 5th starter type.
  • Eric Hammond - top-20 prospect, forced his way from single A to AAA by the end of the season. Probably not yet ready for the majors, but will be a formidable starter when he arrives.
Do you need a 1B upgrade, and are afraid to give a contract to either of the 37-year-old free agents? Perhaps you want someone ten years younger, not even into their prime yet?
  • Javier Ortiz - steady hitter, just finished his age-24 season. 111 OPS+ in two-plus seasons.
  • Javier Cisneros - prospect who has torn up AAA the last two seasons. Ready for the majors.
  • John Dodds - not young, but absolutely destroys LHP. Can platoon or come off the bench for a big late-inning hit.
I have a glut of major-league caliber outfielders available, including:
  • John Willis - steady left fielder. Led off for me last season due to .382 OBP (.398 vs RHP!). Has 20-HR power and hits for average. What's not to love?
  • Jorge Benavides - 24-year-old came out of nowhere to force a promotion from AAA and then tore up major league pitching: .913 OPS, 140 WRC+. Finished 3rd in Outstanding Newcomer voting.
  • Jose Molina - Excellent 4th OF, can play anywhere with exceptional defense. 
More outfielders, currently in AAA, who can play in the majors now:
If one of those players, or anyone else on my roster interest you, don't hesitate to reach out.

Wednesday, April 4, 2018

Sim's Done!

Game Date:  Nov 10 2031

Let the Free Agent Signings Begin!

Next Sim:  Sunday.

Monday, April 2, 2018

Sim's done: Arbitration time

Game Date: November 3rd, 2031

Next Sim: Wednesday night. This will handle the arbitration hearings and sim the three days that lead to free agency. This is your last chance to sign your potential free agents!

OOTP 19: Any thoughts? We've had a few lukewarm comments, but no one has expressed a strong desire either for or against upgrading this offseason.

Saturday, March 31, 2018

Sim's done: Award season

Game Date: October 27, 2031


  • Slick Fielder:
    • Pitcher: Luis Salazar (Maui)
    • Catcher: Dave Cabral (Brooklyn)
    • First Base: Ben Turner (Highland)
    • Second Base: Brad Bowman (Brooklyn)
    • Third Base: Antonio Venet (Maui)
    • Shortstop: Ramon Nieto (Brooklyn)
    • LF: Antonio Barajes (Antelope Valley)
    • CF: Randy Dixon (Appalachian)
    • RF: Marcos Rodriguez (Appalachian)
  • Reliever of the Year: 
    • Antonio Marquis (Brooklyn)
    • Juan Garcia, second place (Seattle)
    • Ralph Turner, third place (Philadelphia)
  • Platinum Stick:
    • Catcher: Steve Jones (Seattle)
    • First Base: Hector Valera (Seattle)
    • Second Base: Tom Taylor (Maui)
    • Third Base: Antonio Venet (Maui)
    • Shortstop:  Ramon Nieto (Brooklyn)
    • LF: George Hendricks (Seattle)
    • CF: Yvon Settignano (Seattle)
    • RF: Ken Reed (Brick)
    • DH: Salvador Velasquez (Brick)
  • Outstanding Newcomer:
    • LF Tomas Fernandez (Brick)
    • 3B Tom Taylor, second place (Maui)
    • RF Jorge Benavides, third place (Philadelphia)
  • Outstanding Pitcher:
    • SP Chris Williams (Seattle)
    • SP Toyoshige Takahashi, second place (Seattle)
    • SP Ernest Metcalf, third place (Seattle)
  • Outstanding Batter:
    • 1B Hector Valera (Seattle)
    • C Steve Jones, second place (Seattle)
    • LF George Hendricks, third place (Seattle)
Next Sim: Monday night. This will take us to the arbitration hearings. Free Agency will follow!

Start thinking about protecting your eligible prospects from the Rule 5 draft. That'll be coming up in a few sims.

Friday, March 30, 2018

Trade between Brick and Antelope Valley....let the fun begin

                               Trade between Brick and Antelope                                                                               GM'S Fred Goldfarb and Bill Sauerwald called a hasty press conference to announce the following trade .....Antelope sends the following player 1. Simon Beers RP AAA and their first round pick to Brick for1 Jose Poli OF AAA  2. Jose Munoz 2B/1B ML 3.Gyu Hyum Im CF A 4.six round pick........ Brick GM expressed the glut of OF on all level of the farm system but needing to rebuild the lower part with potential prospects .....Antelope Valley GM was happy with gaining talent that could help the team now

Thursday, March 29, 2018

Sim Update III - It's done!

Okay, the owner issue is resolved. Everyone, welcome back Nate Wooley, original owner of the now-Mepkin Abbey Monks!

Game date is 10/20/2031. We are about two sims from the arbitration hearing and three or so from free agency.

The next sim will be on Saturday night, 4/1.

Sim Update II

Sorry, folks, but we are still delayed by an owner issue. I'm hoping it'll resolve itself in the morning, and if so, I'll run the sim then. Otherwise, I will run it on Saturday night.

While we're waiting, what does everyone think about upgrading to OOTP 19? I'm in favor, if only for the "Very Low" injury setting. It also seems like the rating system is upgraded, and hopefully more realistic.

That's the latest. More on Saturday, if not sooner.

Wednesday, March 28, 2018

Sim Update

Apologies for the lack of sim, folks, but we have a situation with an owner that caused the delay.

The first sim of the offseason will be tomorrow, Thursday night, with the following sims on Saturday and Monday nights.

Monday, March 26, 2018

Welcome To The Offseason!

Game Date:  Oct 13 2031

Welcome to the off-season!

A few notes...

First order of business is to check your inboxes.  Those of you who have players who have team options for next season will need to decide now whether or not to exercise those options.

Next order of business - Michael and I have been considering upgrading to OOTP 19.  Feel free to check out the new version at OOTP Developments and let us know what you think.

Also, as a note, I know that the revenue amounts need to be adjusted to the formula that we adopted a few seasons ago.  I have not yet had a chance to plug the numbers in -- hopefully I'll do that tomorrow and have it updated in the game.

Next sim:  Tuesday night.

Wednesday, March 21, 2018

Mashers Repeat!

Game Date:  Oct 11 2031

The Maui Mashers have won their second consecutive and fifth overall Cecil Cup with a 9-4 victory over the Brick Barracudas.

Congratulations to Matt on a his win and congratulations to Fred on another fine season. 

We'll give Matt a few days to celebrate his win and pick things up again on Saturday night.


Saturday, March 17, 2018

Game 4: Maui Defeats Brick, Takes 3-1 Lead in Cecil Cup Series

Upcoming Schedule:

Game 4:  Tuesday night
Game 5: Wednesday night
Game 6 (if necessary) Thursday night
Game 7 (if necessary) Saturday night

Thursday, March 15, 2018

Tuesday, March 13, 2018

Saturday, March 10, 2018

Maui Pulls It Out in 16!

It took 16 innings, but the Maui Mashers defeated the Seattle Monarchs 5-3 to advance to the Cecil Cup series.  It will be a rematch of last year's series, which was won by Maui 4-2.

Upcoming Schedule:

Game 1:  Tuesday evening
Game 2:  Wednesday evening
Game 3:  Thursday evening
Game 4:  Saturday night
Games 5-7 (if necessary): to be announced.

Good luck Matt & Fred! 

Thursday, March 8, 2018

Game 6: Brick Advances to Cecil Cup, Maui-Seattle Tied

Game Date:  Oct 2 2031

Game 6:  Brick defeats Philadelphia 3-2 to advance to the Cecil Cup series for the fifth consecutive season.  Maui beats Seattle 13-10 to force a Game Seven on Saturday night.

Wednesday, March 7, 2018

Game 5: Seattle, Brick Within One Win of Advancement

Game 5:  Seattle beats Maui 8-3, Brick shuts out Philadelphia 7-0

Game 6 on Thursday night.
Game 7 (if necessary) on Saturday night.

Saturday, March 3, 2018

Game 4: It's All Tied Again!

Game 4:
Maui defeats Seattle 6-4, Brick stings Hornets 12-2.

Both series are now tied 2-2, making it a best of three.

Game 5:  Wednesday night (sorry, folks -- I'm travelling without my computer for a few days)
Game 6:  Thursday night
Game 7 (if necessary):  Saturday night

Thursday, March 1, 2018

Game 3 Results

Maui defeated Seattle 7-4 to take a 2-1 lead.
Brick defeated Philadelphia 6-3.  Philadelphia has a 2-1 lead.

Game 4:  Saturday night

Wednesday, February 28, 2018

Game 2 - Maui Ties Up Series, Philadelphia Takes 2-0 Lead.

A little late, but it's done.

Game 3:  Thursday night
Game 4:  Saturday night

Monday, February 26, 2018

Rain Delay

I'm sorry, everyone.  When I scheduled tonight's sim, I forgot that I had something planned tonight.

Game 2 -- Tuesday night
Game 3 -- Thursday night
Game 4 -- Saturday night.

Sunday, February 25, 2018

Thursday, February 22, 2018

Schedule Change -- Game 1 on Sunday Night

I just realized that I will be out of town on Saturday night, so the first post-season game will be on Sunday night.


Wednesday, February 21, 2018

On to the Postseason!

Game Date: September 23, 2031


Only four teams matter at this point: Adams Division champion Brick, Zotti Division champion Seattle, and the winner of the Wild Card.

Heading into the sim, Maui had a magic number of one, owning a six-game lead over Brooklyn with just six games to play. Brooklyn had to win out, and Maui had to lose out, for a one-game playoff to be a reality. However, while Brooklyn won their first game of the sim, and Maui lost its, Maui clinched the Wild Card on September 19th.

So, the playoff matchups are a repeat of last season: Seattle hosting Maui and Philadelphia hosting Brick.

The first eight draft pick slots are set, too:

  1. Atlanta (56 wins)
  2. Highland (62 wins)
  3. Appalachian (67 wins)
  4. Houston (71 wins)
  5. Antelope Valley (72 wins)
  6. Wilmington (77 wins)
  7. Mepkin Abbey (80 wins)
  8. Brooklyn (84 wins)

Only one injury this sim affects a playoff team: Seattle lost Mike Minty for the post season with a strained back.

Next Sim:

Zev's got the controls through the postseason. Games One of the Seattle/Maui and Philadelphia/Brick series will be on Saturday night, February 24th! Good luck to Mack, Matt, and Fred!

Trivia Answer:

Brian was closest to guessing that David Ortiz holds the record for most home runs in a final season, breaking Dave Kingman's record (nice try Tom!) in 2016.

Wednesday, February 14, 2018

Sep I Sim Done

Game Date:  Sep 16 2031

All the divisions have been clinched.
Brick has won the Adams Division, Seattle the Zotti Division and Philadephia has won the Signorino Division.

The Wild Card slot is the only thing left up for grabs, and there are only two teams in contention:  Maui leads Brooklyn by six games with six left to play.

Awards & Accomplishments:
Atlanta's Roy Herbert named Player of the Week (9/7)
Philadelphia's Tomas Fernandez hit 3 HR 9/8
Maui's Don Jones named Player of the Week (9/14, 3rd career award)

Significant Injuries:
Brick, Ron Hill, torn labrum, 10 months
Maui, Keith Waters, ruptured finger tendon, 4 months
Philadelphia, Julian Roman, shoulder tendinitis, 6 weeks

Batting Line of the Sim:
Brooklyn's Ron Nieto went 4-5, 2 HR, 3 R, 7 RBI vs. Wilmington 9/1

Pitching Line of the Sim:
Appalachian's William Brooks pitched a two-hit, one-walk shutout with 8 K vs. Wilmington 9/5

Last Week's Trivia Question:
Who are the only players to hit home runs both as a teenager and after the age of 40?

Of the four people who have accomplished this feat, three were correctly guessed.  Ty Cobb (answered by Fred), Alex Rodriguez (Brian) and Garry Sheffield (Matt) are three of the four.  The one that remained was Rusty Staub.

Hank Aaron, the other player guessed, hit his first home run (off Vic Raschi)  on Apr 23 1954 -- two months after his 20th birthday.

This Week's Trivia Question:
Who holds the record for hitting the most home runs in his final season in the majors?

Next Sim:  Next Wednesday, when we will bring the regular season to a close.

Thursday, February 8, 2018

Aug II Sim Recap

Game Date:  Sep 1 2031

Adams: Brick leads Brooklyn by a commanding fifteen games. (Magic Number:  6)
Zotti:  Seattle has clinched the division
Signorino:  Philadelphia is nine games ahead of Maui (Magic Number:  12)
Wild Card:  Maui is five games ahead of Brooklyn (Magic Number:  16)

Awards & Accomplishments:
Seattle LF George Hendricks named Player of the Week (8/18, 5th award, 2nd this season)
Brick LF Salvador Velasquez does it again -- Player of the Week (8/25, 8th career award -- 5th this season!)
Philadelphia 1B Javier Ortiz named Player of the Week (9/1, 2nd career award)
Philadelphia LF Julian Roman named Rookie of the Month
Antelope Valley's Derek Hanson named Pitcher of the Month
Brick RF Ken Reed named Batter of the Month

Significant Injuries:
Brick 3B Larry McCormick, calf strain, 3 weeks.
Philadelphia RF Arnold Miller, strained abdominal muscle, 3-4 weeks
Antelope Valley RP Fernando German, shoulder inflammation, done for the year
Antelope Valley SS Mario Silva, strained oblique, 3-4 weeks
Highland RP Jesus Gonzalez, shoulder inflammation, done for the season.

Batting Line of the Sim:
Seattle's Hector Valera went 4-4, with 3 HR, 3 R and 5 RBI vs. Mepkin Abbey, 8/29

Pitching Line of the Sim:

Answer to Last Week's Trivia Question:
There are four ways in which a batter can be awarded first base and cannot be put out.  What are they?

As correctly deduced by Fred & Mack, the four ways are:

1.  Walk
2.  Hit by Pitch
3.  Catcher's Interference
4.  Batted ball hits an umpire (or a baserunner).

This Week's Trivia Question:
Most people do not play in the major leagues as teenagers.  Most also do not play after the age of 40.  To do both is certainly a sign of longevity in the game.  Who are the only players to hit home runs both as a teenager and after the age of 40?

Commissioner's Note:  It's September -- time to expand those rosters.

Next sim:  Next Wednesday.

Wednesday, February 7, 2018

Sim's Done

The Aug II sim is done.  However, I'm up against a hard deadline, so the write up will have to wait until tomorrow night -- unless, of course, someone else wants to do it. :)

Wednesday, January 31, 2018

Aug I Sim Done

Game Date:  Aug 16 2032

Adams:  Brick is twelve games ahead of Brooklyn
Zotti: Seattle is thirty games in front of Antelope Valley
Signorino: Philadelphia's lead over Maui is eight games
Wild Card:  Maui is two games ahead of Brookyn

Awards & Accomplishments:
Philadelphia's Jorge Benevides named Rookie of the Month (2nd award)
Seattle's Ernest Metcalf named Pitcher of the Month (3rd career award)
Seattle's Hector Valera named Batter of the Month (3rd career award)
Seattle's Steve Jones named Player of the Week (8/4, 7th career award, 2nd this season)
Brick LF Salvador Velasquez named Player of the Week (8/11, 7th career award, 4th (!) this season)

Significant Injuries:
Mepkin Abbey CF Joe Randall, concussion, 6-7 weeks.
Philadelphia:  2B Norman Kuhn, oblique strain, 4 weeks
Mepkin Abbey: RP Jesus Garcia, unspecified injury, done for the season
Brooklyn RF Lou Sharp, hamstring sprain, 3-4 weeks
Atlanta 2B Rodrigo Negron, fractured hand, 6 weeks

Batting Line of the Sim:
Seattle's Mike Minty went 3-5, 2 HR, 4 runs scored, 2 BB and 7 RBI vs. Atlanta (8/15)

Pitching Line of the Sim (three way tie):
Seattle's Chris Williams pitched a complete game, 4 hitter vs. Atlanta, allowing one run, no walks and striking out 12 (8/15)
Brooklyn's Brendan Divine pitched eight shout-out, two hit innings with 10K vs. Highland (8/1)
Brooklyn's Kieran Rose pitched a complete game, five-hit shutout with 10K and no walks vs. Antelope Valley (8/9)

Last Week's Trivia Question:
There are two players who have played at least one major league game after 1980, despite having received Hall of Fame votes in the past.  Who are those two players?

The first player, as was guessed correctly by Michael and Mack, is Minnie Minoso, who made a few post-career token appearances, the last being in 1980.  The other player is Jose Rijo.  Rijo pitched from 1984 to 1995, when injuries derailed his career.  Due to the injuries, he did not pitch at all in the major leagues between 1996 and 2000 and therefore became eligible for the Hall of Fame in 2001 and managed to snag one vote in that year's election. 

However, he managed to overcome his injuries and return to the diamond in 2001 with the Reds.  He appeared in 13 games in 2001 and 31 games in 2002 before hanging up the glove for good.  He once again became eligible for the Hall of Fame in 2008, but did not receive any votes that time around and was dropped from the ballot.

This Week's Question:
There are four ways in which a batter can be awarded first base and cannot be put out.  What are they?

Next sim: Next Wednesday.

Tuesday, January 30, 2018

Outfielders available

Do you need an extra outfielder? Perhaps you aren't sure if one of your starters is the right guy and want to challenge him? If so, I can help.

I'm offering experienced veteran (all of 28-years-old) Jose Molina, as well as all of my outfielders in AAA Arizona Bay for trade. Most of them are ready for the majors now, and can start in a pinch.

In return, I'm not looking for much, maybe a mid-round draft pick or a fringe prospect (preferably a reliever). Package deals are available.

Update: AAA OF Randy Pope has been traded to Wilmington for a 6th round draft pick in 2032.

Wednesday, January 24, 2018

July II Sim Done -- Trading Deadline!

Game Date:  Jul 30 2031

Adams:  Brick leads Brooklyn by twelve.
Zotti:  Seattle is 26 games up on Antelope Valley
Signorino:  Philadelphia is eight games up on Maui
Wild Card:  Maui is three games ahead of Brooklyn

Awards & Accomplishments:
Seattle 1B Hector Valera named Player of the Week (7/21, 4th career award)
Brick LF Salvador Velasquez named Player of the Week (7/28, 6th career award, 3rd award this season!)

Significant Injuries:
Houston RF Ed Weber has elbow soreness that will sideline him for 3-4 weeks.
Wilmington 3B George Horridge has a strained MCL.  He's out for six weeks.
Philadelphia closer Anthony White has a torn flexor tendon in his elbow.  He's done for this year and will miss most, if not all, of next year as well.
Maui SS Wang-fen Tsang has a torn PCL.  He's done for the year.

Batting Line of the Sim:
Seattle 1B Hector Valera went 4-4, 2 HR, 2 R, 6 RBI and a walk vs. Appalachian 7/19

Pitching Line of the Sim:
Brick's Joong-geun Yi pitched eight innings of four hit shutout ball, walking none and striking out eleven vs. Antelope Valley 7/29.

Answer to Last Week's Trivia Question:
Who holds the record for hitting the most home runs in their debut season in the majors?
(Please note that I said "debut season" not "rookie season."  Aaron Judge is not the correct answer.)

Frank Fred came up with Wally Berger, who hit 38 home runs in his debut season of 1930 for the Boston Braves.  However, Frank Fred was only half right.  Frank Robinson matched Berger's feat, hitting 38 home runs for the Cincinnati Redlegs in 1956.

This Week's Trivia Question:
Today, the BBWAA announced their selections to the Hall of Fame for 2018.  A player must now be retired for five years before being eligible, but that wasn't always the case.  Once upon a time, even active players were eligible -- Lou Gehrig, for example, received 22.6% of the vote in 1936, despite the fact that he played for another three years.  Eventually the rules were changed so that you had to be retired one year and later five years.  Even so, as late as 1958, active players were still getting votes -- Warren Spahn got a vote that year --  despite the fact that he continued playing until 1965!

However, there are two players who have played at least one major league game after 1980, despite having received Hall of Fame votes in the past.  Who are those two players?

Commissioner's Note:  The trading deadline is upon us.  Last chance to wheel and deal!

Next sim:  Next Wednesday

Edited 1/25/2018:  My apologies, Fred.  It was you who came up with Wally Berger, not Frank.  I must have been half-asleep when I typed it.

Wednesday, January 17, 2018

Jul I Sim Done

Game Date:  Jul 16 2031

Adams:  Brick leads Brooklyn by ten
Zotti:  Seattle is 21 games up on Antelope Valley
Signorino: Philadelphia has a four game lead over Maui
Wild Card: Maui is two games ahead of Wilmington

Awards & Accomplishments:
Atlanta C Miguel Ramirez named Player of the Week (7/7, 3rd career award)
Seattle C Steve Jones named Player of the Week (7/14, 6th career award)

Significant Injuries:
Atlanta, 2B Adrian Sanchez, strained hamstring, 5-6 weeks
Houston, RP Mark St. John, torn UCL, done for the season
Mepkin Abbey RP Jesus Garcia, radial nerve compression, done for the year
Brick, 3B Mark Swenson, sprained ankle, 7 weeks
Brooklyn CF Edgardo Collazo, bone bruise, 3 weeks
Houston LF Arturo Vasquez, sprained ankle, 6 weeks
Antelope Valley, 3B Andreas Velasco, ruptured Achilles tendon, doen for the season
Brooklyn RP Sancho Medina, tendinitis, 3 weeks

Batting Line of the Sim:

Pitching Line of the Sim:
Houston's Dave Chapa pitched a three hit shutout with 9 K vs. Atlanta (7/5)

Commissioner's Note:
Next sim will go to July 30.  It will be the final sim before the trading deadline.

Trivia Question:
Who holds the record for hitting the most home runs in their debut season in the majors?
(Please note that I said "debut season" not "rookie season."  Aaron Judge is not the correct answer.)

Next sim:  Wednesday night.

Seattle/Philadelphia trade

The Philadelphia Hornets, whose right-half of the starting infield was placed on the DL with season-ending injuries, have patched one of those holes with a stunning trade with rival Seattle Monarchs. Returning back to the organization that originally signed him is 2B Norman Kuhn, a potential free agent after the 2031 season.

"We may get Ieyasu Suzuki back for the playoffs, but first we need to qualify," Philadelphia GM Michael Weintraub explained. "Maui and Wilmington are hanging around a little too close for comfort. We hope Norman can help us score more runs and win a few extra games down the stretch."

Heading to Seattle are OF Benjamin Anderson, who recently lost his job in Philadelphia, and pitching  prospect Rodrigo Padilla.

Monday, January 15, 2018

Appalachian Fire Sale

Fire sale might be a strong term, but if you saw the last post regarding available players (and the recent trade from a few minutes ago), you'll know that the Black Bears are already looking to the future.

Team leaders Guillermo Medina and William Brooks are looking to build a strong core around them, and GM Brian Hockin is willing to make some talent sacrifices in the short term in order to build a contender. With young players like Cristobal Avila and Junior Bowden banging down the door, it's time to clear out the whiners and the slackers and make this a ball club worth playing for.

In addition to the folks listed in the previous post, nearly all of the major league roster is available for the right price. Arturo Sanchez is currently being shopped for a 6th round draft pick, so the prices are low!

Trade: Brick and Appalachian

No fancy alliterations this time - this one is all business.

In a trade involving players returning to their former teams, Miguel Archuleta is heading back to Brick, along with $4 million in cold hard cash, in exchange for former Black Bear Gustavo Melendez and 3 prospects: 1B/OF John Hamilton, 3B Jared Warren, and CF Alexander Mud.

Their were a lot of unhappy and downright angry players involved in this trade, so here's hoping they're all happier in their new situations.

Saturday, January 13, 2018

Trade between Brick and Atlanta

GM  Fred Goldfarb in front of a full house announced the trade............the injury to Larry McCormick our star third basemen and his recent history of injuries made it necessary to add more depth at the infield position which we accomplish with adding Felix Salgado SS/2B from Atlanta ...Tom Corrano the GM of Atlanta was happy to pick up the two 3rd round picks he got from Brick stating it would help in the ongoing rebuilding process for Atlanta....Both GM'S shook hands and then left the stage

Thursday, January 11, 2018

Need an OF?

I'm making CF Benjamin Anderson available for trade. He's only an average defender, but hits with power and has some speed. He's arbitration eligible and is very likely to break out in a new lineup.

If you're interested in him, let me know.

Wednesday, January 10, 2018

Jun II Sim Done

Game Date:  Jul 1 2031

Adams:  Brick up by 12 games over Brooklyn
Zotti:  Seattle is 13.5 games ahead of Antelope Valley
Signorino:  Philadelphia is 2 games in front of Maui & Wilmington
Wild Card: Maui & Wilmington are tied for the lead, six games ahead of Brooklyn and Antelope Valley

Awards & Accomplishments:
Brick LF Salvador Velasquez named Player of the Week (6/16, 5th career award, 2nd this season)
Houston LF Arturo Vasquez named Player of the Week (6/23)
Seattle's George Hendrick named Player of the Week (6/30, 4th career award)
Brick LF Tomas Fernandez named Rookie of the Month
Seattle's Chris Williams named Pitcher of the Month, 3rd career award)
Seattle's Steve Jones named Batter of the Month (4th career award)
Seattle's Chris Williams had 15 K vs. Mepkin Abbey (6/18)
Brick's Joong-guen Yi had 15 K vs Antelope Valley (6/23)

Significant Injuries:
Houston RP Julio Acosta, bone chips in elbow, done for the season
Seattle RP Jorge Aguilar, ulnar nerve irritation, season's over
Mepkin Abbey RP Juan Gurrera, shoulder inflammation.  3-4 months.
Appalachian SP Jose Sandoval, torn meniscus, 2 months.
Wilmington LF Lucio Muniz, pinched nerve, 3 weeks
Brick 3B Larry McCormick, fractured foot, 4 weeks
Philadelphia SP Tian-bai Chen, sprained elbow, 4 weeks
Wilmington 3B Ruben Noya, strained groin, 3-4 weeks
Wilmington RF Matt Young, sprained wrist, 3-4 weeks
Wilmington 3B Cesar Gonzalez, fractured foot, 3-4 weeks
Highland 3B Carter Bailey, strained hamstring, 5-6 weeks

Batting Line of the Sim:
Brooklyn's Edgar Collazo went 4-4, 2 HR, 4 RBI, 3 runs scored vs Houston (6/18)

Pitching Line of the Sim:
3 way tie:
Seattle's Chris Williams pitched a two hit shutout with 2 walks and 11 K vs Highland (6/28)
Brooklyn's Kieran Rose pitched a two hit shutout with 1 walk and 10 K vs Appalachian (6/28)
Brick's Ron Hill pitched a two hit shutout 1 walk and 10 K vs. Antelope Valley (6/22)

Next Sim:  Wednesday night.

Major Brick/Philadelphia trade

After completing a minor trade, the Barracudas and Hornets have joined together to announce a major trade, featuring four top prospects.

Heading to Brick are prospects AAA SP Paul Gilbert, AAA OF Alejandro Garcia, AA OF Elwood Bolden, and a 3rd round pick in 2032, in exchange for AAA OF Julian Roman.

Sunday, January 7, 2018

Minor Brick/Philadelphia trade

The Philadelphia Hornets and Brick Barracudas have a trade of minor league players to announce:

Brick sends AA 1B Duncan Adams to Philadelphia in exchange for A CL Dustin Scott.

Thursday, January 4, 2018

Important Commissioner's Note

After the draft, everyone's newly drafted players were placed on your A- team.  That means that your roster is likely over the 35 player limit.

Since that league is scheduled to begin play with the next sim, I will not be able to proceed if anyone's roster is over the limit.  So, please, be sure to have all your minor league rosters under the 35 player limit.


Wednesday, January 3, 2018

Jun ! Draft Done

Game Date:  Jun 16 2031

Who uploaded?:
Antelope Valley

Adams:  Brick leads Brooklyn by eight games.
Zotti:  Seattle is 6.5 games up on Antelope Valley
Signorino: Philadelphia is four games head of Wilmington

Awards & Accomplishments:
Brick SS Dewey Wilson named Player of the Week (6/2)
Houston RF Ed Weber named Player of the Week (6/9, 2nd career award)
Brick LF Salvador Velasquez named Player of the Week (6/16, 5th career award, 2nd this year)
Wilmington's Jamie Alvarez (6/1) and Atlanta's George Robinson (6/16) both hit 3 HR in a game.

Significant Injuries:
Seattle 3B Sung-heun Hwa will miss four weeks with a strained hamstring
Philadelphia 2B Ieyasu Suzuki is out for four months with a concussion.

Seattle's Norman Kuhn reached 300 HR
Houston's David Seibel reached 500 HR

Batting Line of the Sim:
Atlanta's George Robinson went 3-4, with 3 HR, 3 runs scored and 6 RBI (6/11)

Pitching Line of the Sim:
Appalachian's Will Hickford pitched a two-hit, no-walk shutout with 5K (6/1)

Previous Trivia Question:
Who is the only person to be inducted to both the Baseball and Pro Football Hall of Fame?

The answer, as correctly guessed, is Cal Hubbard.  Hubbard played in the NFL (mainly for the Green Bay Packers) between 1927 and 1936.  He is credited with being one of the inventors of the linebacker position.

While playing in the NFL, he began umpiring in minor league ball during the football offseason.  He started in 1928 and was called up to the majors in 1936.  He umpired until 1951 when a pellet from a shotgun during a hunting accident ended his umpiring career.  He was made an assistant umpire supervisor and, in 1954, was made a supervisor, a position he held for fifteen years.

He was inducted into the Pro Football Hall of Fame with the inaugural class in 1963 and the Baseball Hall of Fame in 1976 by the Veterans Committee. As if that wasn't enough, he was also inducted into the College Football Hall of Fame in 1962.

This Week's Question:
If you lined up all the Hall of Famers in order of birth, who would be first and who would be last.
Bonus:  While I certainly don't expect anyone to know who the median inductee was, feel free to take a guess as to what the median year of birth is for Hall of Fame inductees...

Next sim: Next Wednesday.