Wednesday, February 28, 2018

Game 2 - Maui Ties Up Series, Philadelphia Takes 2-0 Lead.

A little late, but it's done.

Game 3:  Thursday night
Game 4:  Saturday night

Monday, February 26, 2018

Rain Delay

I'm sorry, everyone.  When I scheduled tonight's sim, I forgot that I had something planned tonight.

Game 2 -- Tuesday night
Game 3 -- Thursday night
Game 4 -- Saturday night.

Sunday, February 25, 2018

Thursday, February 22, 2018

Schedule Change -- Game 1 on Sunday Night

I just realized that I will be out of town on Saturday night, so the first post-season game will be on Sunday night.


Wednesday, February 21, 2018

On to the Postseason!

Game Date: September 23, 2031


Only four teams matter at this point: Adams Division champion Brick, Zotti Division champion Seattle, and the winner of the Wild Card.

Heading into the sim, Maui had a magic number of one, owning a six-game lead over Brooklyn with just six games to play. Brooklyn had to win out, and Maui had to lose out, for a one-game playoff to be a reality. However, while Brooklyn won their first game of the sim, and Maui lost its, Maui clinched the Wild Card on September 19th.

So, the playoff matchups are a repeat of last season: Seattle hosting Maui and Philadelphia hosting Brick.

The first eight draft pick slots are set, too:

  1. Atlanta (56 wins)
  2. Highland (62 wins)
  3. Appalachian (67 wins)
  4. Houston (71 wins)
  5. Antelope Valley (72 wins)
  6. Wilmington (77 wins)
  7. Mepkin Abbey (80 wins)
  8. Brooklyn (84 wins)

Only one injury this sim affects a playoff team: Seattle lost Mike Minty for the post season with a strained back.

Next Sim:

Zev's got the controls through the postseason. Games One of the Seattle/Maui and Philadelphia/Brick series will be on Saturday night, February 24th! Good luck to Mack, Matt, and Fred!

Trivia Answer:

Brian was closest to guessing that David Ortiz holds the record for most home runs in a final season, breaking Dave Kingman's record (nice try Tom!) in 2016.

Wednesday, February 14, 2018

Sep I Sim Done

Game Date:  Sep 16 2031

All the divisions have been clinched.
Brick has won the Adams Division, Seattle the Zotti Division and Philadephia has won the Signorino Division.

The Wild Card slot is the only thing left up for grabs, and there are only two teams in contention:  Maui leads Brooklyn by six games with six left to play.

Awards & Accomplishments:
Atlanta's Roy Herbert named Player of the Week (9/7)
Philadelphia's Tomas Fernandez hit 3 HR 9/8
Maui's Don Jones named Player of the Week (9/14, 3rd career award)

Significant Injuries:
Brick, Ron Hill, torn labrum, 10 months
Maui, Keith Waters, ruptured finger tendon, 4 months
Philadelphia, Julian Roman, shoulder tendinitis, 6 weeks

Batting Line of the Sim:
Brooklyn's Ron Nieto went 4-5, 2 HR, 3 R, 7 RBI vs. Wilmington 9/1

Pitching Line of the Sim:
Appalachian's William Brooks pitched a two-hit, one-walk shutout with 8 K vs. Wilmington 9/5

Last Week's Trivia Question:
Who are the only players to hit home runs both as a teenager and after the age of 40?

Of the four people who have accomplished this feat, three were correctly guessed.  Ty Cobb (answered by Fred), Alex Rodriguez (Brian) and Garry Sheffield (Matt) are three of the four.  The one that remained was Rusty Staub.

Hank Aaron, the other player guessed, hit his first home run (off Vic Raschi)  on Apr 23 1954 -- two months after his 20th birthday.

This Week's Trivia Question:
Who holds the record for hitting the most home runs in his final season in the majors?

Next Sim:  Next Wednesday, when we will bring the regular season to a close.

Thursday, February 8, 2018

Aug II Sim Recap

Game Date:  Sep 1 2031

Adams: Brick leads Brooklyn by a commanding fifteen games. (Magic Number:  6)
Zotti:  Seattle has clinched the division
Signorino:  Philadelphia is nine games ahead of Maui (Magic Number:  12)
Wild Card:  Maui is five games ahead of Brooklyn (Magic Number:  16)

Awards & Accomplishments:
Seattle LF George Hendricks named Player of the Week (8/18, 5th award, 2nd this season)
Brick LF Salvador Velasquez does it again -- Player of the Week (8/25, 8th career award -- 5th this season!)
Philadelphia 1B Javier Ortiz named Player of the Week (9/1, 2nd career award)
Philadelphia LF Julian Roman named Rookie of the Month
Antelope Valley's Derek Hanson named Pitcher of the Month
Brick RF Ken Reed named Batter of the Month

Significant Injuries:
Brick 3B Larry McCormick, calf strain, 3 weeks.
Philadelphia RF Arnold Miller, strained abdominal muscle, 3-4 weeks
Antelope Valley RP Fernando German, shoulder inflammation, done for the year
Antelope Valley SS Mario Silva, strained oblique, 3-4 weeks
Highland RP Jesus Gonzalez, shoulder inflammation, done for the season.

Batting Line of the Sim:
Seattle's Hector Valera went 4-4, with 3 HR, 3 R and 5 RBI vs. Mepkin Abbey, 8/29

Pitching Line of the Sim:

Answer to Last Week's Trivia Question:
There are four ways in which a batter can be awarded first base and cannot be put out.  What are they?

As correctly deduced by Fred & Mack, the four ways are:

1.  Walk
2.  Hit by Pitch
3.  Catcher's Interference
4.  Batted ball hits an umpire (or a baserunner).

This Week's Trivia Question:
Most people do not play in the major leagues as teenagers.  Most also do not play after the age of 40.  To do both is certainly a sign of longevity in the game.  Who are the only players to hit home runs both as a teenager and after the age of 40?

Commissioner's Note:  It's September -- time to expand those rosters.

Next sim:  Next Wednesday.

Wednesday, February 7, 2018

Sim's Done

The Aug II sim is done.  However, I'm up against a hard deadline, so the write up will have to wait until tomorrow night -- unless, of course, someone else wants to do it. :)