Thursday, October 18, 2018

More Signings - And HOF voting has begun

Game Date:  Nov 22 2032


Brick - CF Logan Francis (resigned) 7 yr/$124m
Appalachian - 2B Art Whitaker (Highland) 2 yr/$2.8m
Mepkin Abbey - 1B Nigel Bryant (Appalachian) 1 yr/$950k
Antelope Valley - RF Ray Lewis (Atlanta) 1 yr$500k
Mepkin Abbey - SP Wesley Dutton (Atlanta) 1 yr/$1.27m
Mepkin Abbey - C Albert Soto (Highland) 2 yr/$3m

Also, please note that Hall of Fame balloting has begun.  Feel free to fill out your ballots and see who gets elected to our Hall of Fame.

With that, your commissioner is off for a few days of shooting.  Michael will handle the next two sims.

Tuesday, October 16, 2018

Free Agent Signings!

Game Date: Nov 15 2032

Brick - CL Carlos "Meat" Placeres (extension) 3 yr/$38.6m
Mepkin Abbey - LF Sergio "Candyman" Solis (free agent from Cuba), 6 yr/$108m
Brick - LF Todd Lambright (resigned), 1 yr/ $1.15m
Highland - SP Victor Rivera (Mepkin Abbey) 7 yr/$135m

Next sim:  Thursday night.

Tuesday, October 9, 2018

Award Season, Part II

Game Date:  Nov 1 2032


Outstanding Batter:
Salvador Velasquez, Brick
Ramon Nieto, Brooklyn
Steve Jones, Seattle

Outstanding Pitcher:
Chris Williams, Seattle
Kieran Rose, Brooklyn
Toyoshige Takahashi, Seattle.

Next sim:  Sunday night.

Saturday, October 6, 2018

Hardware Awarded!

Game Date:  Oct 18 2032

Awards were given out this week!

Outstanding Newcomer:
Steve Lee, C, Brick
Victor Gonzales, RF Appalachian
Sherman Powers, SP, Brooklyn.

Reliever of the Year
Juan Garcia, Seattle
Ralph Turner, Philadelphia
Claudio Alvarez, Appalachian

Platinum Stick
C - Steve Jones, Seattle
1B - Hector Valera, Seattle
2B - Thomas Lyons, Maui
3B - Darryl Fuller, Houston
SS - Ramon Nieto, Brooklyn*
LF - Tomas Fernandez, Brick*
CF - Armando Burgos, Atlanta
RF - Don Jones, Maui*
DH - Salvador Velasquez, Brick

Slick Fielder:
P - Chris Williams, Seattle
C - Fred Kennedy, Brooklyn
1B - Luis Rosales, Maui
2B - Michael Lambert, Appalachian
3B - Antonio Venet, Maui
SS - Ramon Nieto, Brooklyn*
LF - Tomas Fernandez, Brick*
CF - Chris Pace, Highland
RF - Don Jones, Maui*

* Indicates won both Platinum Stick AND Slick Fielder

Next sim -- More awards!  Tuesday night

Tuesday, October 2, 2018

Welcome to the Offseason!

Game Date:  Oct 18 2032

Next sim:  Thursday night.


Thursday, September 27, 2018

Seattle Does It Again!

The Seattle Monarchs defeated the Brick Barracudas by a score of 8-7 (with a thrilling ending where the tying run was picked off first to end the game) and won the 2032 Cecil Cup.

We'll give Mack some time to celebrate his victory.  We will resume next Tuesday night.

Wednesday, September 26, 2018