Wednesday, August 15, 2018

August I Sim Done

Game Date: August 16, 2032

  • Adams: Brick leads Brooklyn by 9 games
  • Zotti: Seattle leads Antelope Valley by 23 games
  • Signorino: Philadelphia leads Maui by 7 games
  • Wild Card: Brooklyn leads Maui by 2 games
  • Philadelphia 2B Norman Kuhn - 4 weeks, sprained ankle
  • Brick LF Tomas Fernandez - 2 weeks, bruised elbow
  • Appalachian 2B Michel Lambert - 1-2 weeks, intercostal strain
  • Philadelphia SP Tien-Bai Chen - 3 weeks, strained forearm
  • Appalachian SP Jorge Gomez - 4 weeks, oblique strain
  • Seattle 1B Hector Valera was the Batter of the Month for July
  • Brooklyn SP Fernando Mendoza was the Pitcher of the Month for July
  • Appalachian 1B Junior Bowden was the Rookie of the Month for July
  • Brooklyn RF Lou Sharp was the Player of the Week (8/2)
  • Brick 3B Larry McCormick got his 2000th career hit (8/2)
  • Brick RF Ken Reed was the Player of the Week (8/9)
  • Brooklyn SS Ramon Nieto was the Player of the Week (8/16)
  • Go ahead and download the new OOTP 19 update! Be sure to do so before uploading your next team file before the next sim.
  • We need new owners. If you know anyone, please let Zev or me know!
Next Sim: Next Wednesday night, 8/22/2018. This will take us to the start of September and roster expansion


There's a new update to OOTP 19 that is important that everyone update their installation with it.

When you start up the game today, you should see this message:

Click the read more link to go to the OOTP forum, and then download and install the update. If you're too lazy to read the release notes for the game, here are the direct links for non Steam/Origin/App Store users. If you use one of those services for OOTP, then you'll have to wait for them to be updated before downloading the league file from tonight's sim.

Download link for PC:
Main server: PC Installer

Download link for Mac:
Main Server: Mac OSX Installer

Download link for Linux:
Main Server: Linux Installer

Please upload your team changes for the sim with the old version of the game before applying this update, and then update your version of the game before downloading the new league file.

I plan to start tonight's sim around 8:30pm EDT, so if there are any last-minute trades in the works, I can delay things a bit if an owner makes a request. My plan is to download the team update files with the old version of the game, update my version of the game, and then process the sim.

Any questions?

Sunday, August 12, 2018

Philadelphia flips Wright to Brick

The Philadelphia Hornets have traded recently-acquired prospect Davey Wright to Brick. "Fred really liked Davey, a lot more than we did, to be honest," Philadelphia GM Michael Weintraub explained. "He also needed a lefty in his bullpen, and we got a guy we have liked since he was drafted one spot before we could have picked him in 2028."

Heading to Brick with Wright is lefty bullpen mainstay Joe Younger. In return, the Hornets receive AAA RP Simon Beers and Brick's 4th round pick in 2033.

Saturday, August 11, 2018

Philadelphia and Highland continue the trade deadline frenzy

After trading SS Dewey Wilson to Philadelphia, Highland GM John Carrano realized he didn't have a shortstop to replace him. And, after acquiring Dewey Wilson from Highland, Philadelphia GM Michael Weintraub realized he needed to unload incumbent SS Jonathan Locker.

Just like their original deal, a new trade was quickly agreed upon:

Philadelphia will acquire AA SP Davey Wright in exchange for Locker, AA OF Carlos Maldonado, and Philadelphia's 7th round pick in 2033.

Thursday, August 9, 2018

Philadelphia and Highland start the trade deadline frenzy

The Philadelphia Hornets have traded backup catcher George Robinson to Highland for shortstop Dewey Wilson.

Both players fill a need for their new team: Robinson will get a chance to start behind the plate and rebuild his free agency value, while Wilson will become the new Hornets starting shortstop and get a chance for his fifth Cecil Cup championship.

Wednesday, August 8, 2018

July II Sim Done! The Trading Deadline is Here

Game Date:  Jul 30 2032

Adams:  Brick leads Brooklyn by nine
Zotti:  Seattle is 25 ahead of Antelope Valley
Signorino: Philadelphia has a five game lead over Maui
Wild Card:  Brooklyn is three games ahead of Maui

Awards & Accomplishments:
Seattle 1B Hector Valera named Player of the Week (7/19, 6th career award, 2nd consecutive award)
Atlanta C Miguel Ramirez named Player of the Week (7/26,  4th career award)
Seatle's Chris Williams struck out 15 batters in a game (7/28)

Atlanta 3B Andres Velasco reached his 2500th hit (7/20)
Appalachian 1B Nigel Bryant hits his 500th home run (7/23)

Significant Injuries:
Brooklyn RF Alajandro Aurillio, strained oblique, two weeks.
Appalachian 1B Junior Bowden, strained MCL, 2-3 months
Antelope Valley 3B Tzu-Hsia Wang, fractured thumb, 4 weeks
Brooklyn SS Katsuhiko Jouda, strained ACL, 4 weeks.

Batting Line of the Sim:

Pitching Line of the Sim:
Brooklyn Kieran Rose pitched a five hit shutout with one walk and 11K vs Highland (7/24)

Trivia Question:
Who was the last pitcher to lead the league in both wins and losses in the same season?

We currently have two openings (Atlanta and Mepkin Abbey).  If you know someone who would be interested, please feel free to have them contact myself of Michael. 

Also, please note that next sim will push us past the trading deadline, so this is your last chance to make a trade this season.

Next sim:  Next Wednesday night.

Friday, August 3, 2018

Raptors Acquire AAA 1B Dave O'Brien

Looking to bolster their flagging farm system, the Antelope Valley Raptors shipped 4th and 6th round draft picks to acquire AAA All Star Dave O'Brien.  O'Brien is a former 2nd round pick and currently batting .300 with 10 HRs for the Warminster Warriors.  O'Brien will slot into AAA Las Vegas and probably get a call up in September.